Jordan wants to commit suicide because of her mothers death. She meets two boys that understand her. But Jordan's BFF Raven is jealous of her! What will happen to Jordan? What will Raven do?
( the cover picture is of the character Jordan. She has tattoos �� )


3. ditching class

Harry's POV


I have my next class at 3:00 and i honestly dont wanna go. I hate Social Studies. Maybe i can get Jordan or Raven to come with me. Oh i know Jordan will! Her being the bad a** she is she wil come. Raven is to dainty but she is an amazing kisser. I run to Jordan's dorm and knock on the door. I see the door crack and see her beautiful green eyes, they are like mine. "Y-yes?" She studders. I can't help but smirk, she gets so nervous around me. "I was wondering if you wanted to skip class with me? But you seem like you are too scared." I stick with a smirk as my expression. " She opens the door all the way and then looks back at Niall, he nods for an unknown reason then she grabs her snapback. "Lets go" she says pushing past me.


( i will be adding onto this today. It is just the first part of the chapter -Maddy )


Jordan's POV


I leave stunned Harry at the door. "Are you coming?" I turn around with my hand on my hip. I have become way more comfortable around him. we begin to walk out of the building when he notices my gym bag. "What's the bag for?" I turn away to speak. "I am on the basket ball team and we have a game at 5:00" I pray in my head he wont wanna come. "Can I come? to cheer you on?" I think to myself "Oh S***!!! no please no!!!" "Y-yea" is all I manage to say. "alright it's settled, and if you don't mind I will bring the boy's as well." I turn to face him and nod. 


( Sorry about not updating like I said I would I have TONS of homework all of a sudden! will be posting more later -Maddy )

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