Supernatural love

*1D not famous* *Harry Styles Fanfic* Chloe Jane Nicole is just a normal seventeen year old girl in 6th form - coming to the end of year twelve. She thought her life was perfect but then she goes into the woods.... Meeting five supernatural boys her life suddenly becomes in danger and she endangers it even more by falling for the youngest of them.... Harry Styles.


1. Chapter One

I walked out of school, year twelve over - one more year of school and I'm free, no more school, grown up, moving out of my mums house and into my own one! I walked down the path staring at my phone, I phone 5c - pink. I was one of the most popularest girls at this school and I was waiting for Luke Smiley to text me saying he'll be by boyfriend. He said that he'd text later, later always means in a couple of hours with him! Suddenly eveything went quite and when I looked up I was in some kind of wood, I looked around, I hadn't seen this wood before. I looked around before walking back the way I came, I began to walk, still looking at my phone. I bumped into someone, I looked up getting ready to freak out at the person. "What the fuck! Watch where your going!" I yelled and looked up to see a curly haired boy that looked around eighteen or ninghteen. "Exuse me!" He barked as he looked at me, his eyes where a dark red, almost black, I looked at him - Scared. "I... I'm sorry.... I...I..." He looked at me confused before mumbling something under then lines of, 'Shit.' He looked at me and smirked, "Well at least I get a meal out of something this time," he said and smirked, I looked at him confused, what did he mean? That's when I saw it - two shiny white pointy fangs began to grow. I jumped back, scared for my life! "I.... I..... I'm sorry, I didn't.... mean to...." I wispered as I was to scared, he looked at me and it looked like he softned. His fangs dissapered and his eyes changed from a red to a beautiful green. He looked at me, he looked sad. Really say, "I'm sorry, love," he mumbled, "What are you doing here? No human ever comes here," he said, I looked at him and hesitated to shrug but I did,

"I don't know - One minute I'm walking home from school the next I'm in the woods.... Talking to you," I said in my small, delicate, voice. He nodded, "Follow me," he told me, I did as I was told; I didn't even have to ask him what he was, I already knew he was a vampire and vampires can run a heck of a lot faster than me! He brang me to a large house, what's a house doing in the middle of the wood? I looked at him but he just grabbed my arm and dragged me into the house. The house looked even bigger inside, it had lovely carpated flooring and I could tell that these people where rich just by looking at the walls in this house! The male brang me into a large bed room and threw me on the bed. "What the fuck!" I screamed at him - I don't care who or what he is no one treats Chloe Jane Nicole like that and gets away with it! "Shut it, bitch!" He snapped at me. I stood by and slapped him, "Don't you fucking dare call me a bitch!" I snapped at him. He grabbed my arm as I went for another slap, "And don't you dare slap me!" His eyes turned back to a red but I didn't really care. He still called me a bitch and no one gets away with that, "Now," he said and leaned in, "Say sorry," he wispered in my ear,

"No," I barked, he looked at me and pushed me on the bed.

"You don't know who your messing with, Chloe!" I was about to lose my temper but then relished that he just said my name. "How'd you know my name?" I asked, my voice softening. He threw a shirt at me,

"I just do now put that shirt on," he ordered,

"Why?" I back chatted, he gave me a death glare,

"I said put the fucking shirt on!" He ordered again, this time fangs growing so I did as I was told. "And if you must know why - you're staying here tonight," I looked at him,

"You wish," he looked at me,

"You know about me, can't have to going running and telling mummy now - can I?" He asked as if I was a little child,

"Don't talk to me like that!" I snapped at him,

"Do you really want to start that again?" He asked and sat down on the bed and pulling me closer towards him. I could feel his breath on my skin, I shook my head, "Good girl, now go to sleep," I looked at him. It was like three in the afternoon and he was telling me to go to sleep? "It's three..." He gave me a warning look and I shut up, I pushed my self back, closer to the back of the bed. I went under the covers and soon I heard the male lay down next to me. "My bed to," he wispred, obviously knowing what I was thinking. He turned me around easily so I was facing him. "Chloe?" He asked, I lifted my eye lids slowly, "I'm sorry," he mumbled, I shrgged, 

"It's OK....." OK, I still didn't know this kids name.

"Harry," he told me, I nodded,

"Harry, nice name," he smiled,

"Thanks - yours is nice to," I smiled and blushed a little bit. Harry wrapped his arms around me so me head was in his chest. "I can do this, right?" I nodded, he kissed the top of my head.

"Harry?" I asked,


"Shouldn't I tell my mum I'm at a friends or someting?" I asked, he nodded,

"Good idea," as I sat up Harry had my phone in his hand, "Speed," he replied - awnsering my qustion. I nodded and took my phone out of his large hand, I scrolled down to my mums name and clciked on it. (M - Mum, C - Chloe)


C-Hi mum, sorry I didn't text, can I stay at a friends? xXx


"Can you?" Harry asked, obviously reading my text, "Shouldn't you say you are?" I shook my head,

"If I ask my mum always says yes," he nodded,


M-OK, babe, stay as long as you want :-) x x x x x x


"And... I can stay as long as I want," I told Harry, I looked up at him to see him smiling.

"Awesome - I'm going to sleep now," he told me,

"Harry?" I asked,

"Do you stop with the god damn qustions?" He asked and laughed, I shrugged,

"I don't know, but anyway - I didn't think vampires slept?" Harry sighed,

"That's a myth one of you humans made up," he mumbled and wrapped his arms around me again, "Now go to sleep," he told me, I smiled,

"Night, Hazza," I don't know where the 'Hazza' bit came from but it came out.

"Night, Chlo," and with that I fell asleep with Harry cuddling me....



Hi, so this is my first book.

Tell me what you think about it, should I carry on? Like, Fav, Comment ect. :-D

Byzzz xXx

  - Chloe Jane Styles


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