The Contract

Kylee is a normal girl , sure she has done a few rebellious things but who hasn't?
When she is hired by Modest to be Niall Horans girlfriend her life changed completely.She now has to be a picture perfect girlfriend.Will Niall like her? will they fall in love? what will happen when the contract is over?
Read to find out....


8. Chapter 7

Kylee's Pov

As i was leaving emmas office I turn around and see Niall standing there smiling at his phone.He's so adorable with his shining blue eyes.I press the button on the eleavator waiting for it to come up.Minutes later and the stupid thing still has not come up! I hear footsteps behind me , i look back and see Niall smiling at me.

"Hey Kylee" he says

"Hey Niall long tome no see huh?" i say sarcastically

"Guess not umm .... do you uhmmm...."

"Do i what Niall?"

"The lads are having a movie night and i was wondering if you wanted to go?" he says rather fast.

"Uhmm i dunno , we just met , wouldnt it be wierd?"

"Not at all , their girlfriends will be there too" He says convincing me

"Do they know about the contract?"

"Yeahh , they do and they're fine with it"

"Okay i guess i can come , What time?" i ask

"Cool , and around 6pm if thats okay?"


There is still no sign of the elevator coming so i go for the staris.Round and Round i go until i get to the bottom floor.Finally , im so out of breath , i really need to get fitter.Rushing towards my car i get a text from Niall with the address of where the movie night was going to be.Quickly locking my phone i hop into the car and drive to starbucks.I run in the door and check the time 12:14 i'm on time whoop.Beth is working today so it wont be too bad.

"Hey Kylee" Beth says

"Hey" i reply

We chatted for awhile while serving people.I found out that she has a boyfriend named Calum and that shes originally from Austrailia and moved here because her Dad relocated.Her eyes started to glow when she talked about Calum.Suddenly the bell on the door started to ring signalling that a person has entered the shop.I turn around and put on the best smile i had and as i was about to greet them i realise that the one and only Liam Payne was standing in front of me.Oh my god! keep it cool Kylee keep it cool.

"Hello , how may i help you?" i say sweetly.

"Uhmm can i have 2 lattes 2 cappuccinos and 1 mango and passionfruit frappuchino please." He says

"To go or for here?"I ask

"Uhm here please " he replies

"coming right up" i  smile up at him.

As i was making the lattes a sudden amount of loud voices came into the coffee shop.I turn to look and see all five boys of one direction sitting at the corner booth.

"Oh shit" i mutter to myself.

I quickly carry on and start to make the cappuccinos and the frappuchino.As soon as they were ready i brought them down to their table and set the tray down.

"Kylee?" Niall asks

"Yeah" i reply

"I didnt know you worked here" he states

"Well you learn something new everyday" i say.

Handing them their order i ask do they want anything else.

" A cookie please" Zayn says

"Make that two" Louis says

" Three" Harry says

" Could i have a muffin please" Liam says

" hmm could i have a cookie and a muffin please" i chuckle.

I write it down on my notepad.I smile to them and say it will be here in about 2 minutes.Before i leave Louis speaks up asking  me a question.

"How do you know our Nialler?" he asks

"Uhmmmm .... " i say

"I'll tell you boys later" Niall says and the boys shrug it off. 

I gave Niall a look as in to say thank you.Telling Beth the order she brings the 4 cookies and 2 muffins over to their table.

Literally 30 seconds later a woman walks in.I dont recognise her behind the suglasses but when she takes them off i recognise her instantly.Emma! 

"Hello darling"she says

"Hi" i mutter

"I just thought of a brilliant idea"

"what is it?" i ask

"we can tell the press that you and Niall met here and that you hung out afterwards" she says proud

"well im hanging out with him later anyways" i state

"Really? Brilliant" she cheers

"Would you like anything?" i ask

"My usual" 

I quickly tend tho her beverage and hand it to her.She glances over to Niall who is staring intently at me as are the lads.So im guessing he told them who i am.Well this is gonna be awkward.Looking up at the clock i realise that its 4:00 pm so that means i can go home.FINALLY! 

Quickly grabbing my stuff i leave starbucks.I hop into my car and drive home.As soon as i make it home i am greeted by a lovely sight of Lily and her boyfriend Tom making-out on the couch.Scrunching up my face i run to my room not wanting to be scarred for life.

I make my way into the bathroom, I undress and make my way into the shower , doing my usual stuff like washing my hair.I turn the heat up and let the burning water soak into my skin.As im rinsing out my hair i think .. Will they boys like me? will they hate me? what if their girlfriends hate me? Ughh so many questions.

I turn off the shower and quicly exit it.I wrap myself in a towell and put my hair in a turban and rush to my room not wanting to be seen by Tom or Lily.Deciding on what im going to wear i decide to keep it casual , its not like its a party or anything , just a movie night.

I choose my skinnky jeans , Mickey mouse sweatshirt , light blue Converse and my silver bow neckalace.Happy with the way i look i apply some mascara and eyeliner.Finally im ready so i leave my room with my purse and phone.Walking into the living room i see that Lily and Tom have decided to watch tv instead of other activities.I walk by them and give a smile and leave the apartment.Turning on my car i leave for the supermarket.

Outfit :

Going down the isles i pic up a few things such as Crisps , chocolate , popcorn , sweeties , coke and some beer.When i get to the till the bill is £17.90 which is good considering i got beer with it.

When i sit into my car once again i type in the address Niall gave me into my phone and set off.10 minutes later i am stopped outside a very fancy looking apartment complex.Getting out of my car i grab the food and drink and make my way to apartment 22B.Travelling up stairs as the elevator wasn't working was probably the hardest thing i've ever had to do in my life! I'm not very fit , or healthy.Not to brag but its kinda easy for me to keep the weight off.Well enough about that i am currently standing outside apartment 22B and im really nervous too be honest.

I slowly knock on the door and im greeted by Louis.

"Hey" i smile "I bring food and drink" i say

"Kylee" he smiles "come in"

"Thanks" i say.

As i walk in i notice this apartment is really fancy.From what i can see everything in here is very much new looking and hi-tech.The walls are cream with a deep brown wooden floor.

I hear loud talking from the room Louis is walking towards so i suppose i should go there.When i walk into the room i am greeted by 8 people including Louis.I notice 3 girls are here.I recognise 2 of them but the third one im not sure of.

"Hey guys" i say unsure of what i should i actually say.

All the heads in the room snap towards me.Niall walks up to me and says : "Guys this is Kylee"

The room was filled with alot of "Hey kylee's"

I lift up the bag and say : " i have some food and some beer" 

"Awesome" Niall says .

"Okay so whos up for a movie?" Louis shouts

"How about a horror?" Harry says

Oh No!


So this one is really long :) Im proud

Thanks for reading


Bye lovelies


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