The Contract

Kylee is a normal girl , sure she has done a few rebellious things but who hasn't?
When she is hired by Modest to be Niall Horans girlfriend her life changed completely.She now has to be a picture perfect girlfriend.Will Niall like her? will they fall in love? what will happen when the contract is over?
Read to find out....


6. Chapter 5

A/n just a warning that this chapter has a few "bad words" in it so be warned! see you at the end.

Niall's Pov

"I used to bite my tonge and hol-

Bleh its 6:30 am and i have to get ready for this stupid interview.They have to have the meeting early because they want those stupid contracts finalised by this evening.Why me? why cant they pick Harry or someone? I want to find my princess in my own time but no im gonna have to wait longer because of this stupid contract.I am beyond pissed at management.They said if i didnt co-operate that id be kicked out of the band.I told them to "fuck off"politely.They got so pissed that i had to be lectured for 3 hours on why i should have respect for the people who made us.

I rolled out of bed and casually walked into my own kitchen.Starving i took out some bread and made a chicken sandwich.Boring right? but i couldn't wait for anything.As soon as i finished i ran up the stairs skipping a few steps here and there.I ran to my wardrobe and took out some beidge Khakis with my free hugs t-shirt and my supras.I then checked my hair and styled it the way i liked it.Grabbing my keys i left the house.

Kylee's Pov

Oh My God!

This is it. This is technically my last day of being an official single woman.I feel so bad for poor Niall.I feel like im the reasin he's going to be unhappy for a year and a 1/2.

Standing in front of the mirror i check my outfit.I choose my Batman crop-top that showed only a little bit of my belly with highwaisted jeans and my white Vans.I applied only a little bit of make-up , i went for a natural look with a light layer of foundation , eye-liner and a bit of mascara.I think i look okay anyways.Leaving my apartment I took my keys to my shitty car and drove off.

few minutes later

I stopped outside the large Modest! building.The last time i was here it was near dark so i didnt see much of it but wow! it was huge and it looked like it was completely glass.I turned off my engine and got out of my car.I waled nervousley into the building.With a shakey voice i tell the woman at the desk that i had arrived for my meeting.She nodded and called Emma.I proceded to the elevators and pressed 8.The elevator was quiet quic today which was a bonous becaue i really hate elevators.I walked over to Emmas office with shakey hands and knocked on her door.

"Come in" she shouted.

As i turned the handle and opened the door i noticed a blond haired boy sitting at her desk with his head in his hands."Must be Niall" i thought.As i closed the door his head shot up and he stared at me.He wouldnt take his eyes away .. creep! 

"Now darling im glad that we can finally start up" she says.

I slowly nod and so does Niall.

"i'll be back soon so you two can get to know eachother"

WHAT? shes just gonna leave us.We dont even know eachother.What if he yells at me for signing the contract? i cant deal with people yelling at me it just makes me feel depressed and that im a failure.But to my surprise it was silent... and awkward silence.

"Umm well im Kylee" i say breaking the silence.No response.

"Look im sorry this had to happen.Im sorry that i just ruined your life but to be honest i really need the money.... we were close to being kicked out of our home and this would really help.... i really want to get to know you better and maybe we could be friends with some fake dating on the side... It would be easier for both of us" i finished with a sigh proud of my speech.

Finally he spoke up "im Niall"he says as his voice cracks."How are you ?" he then asks.

"Im good.. . you?" i ask "eh im okay .. What age are you??" he asks... "Im 18 you?"

"Same im turning 19 in september"

"Oh coo-" i was cut off by Emma entering the room with more paperwork? did i not already sign enough yesterday?

"These are just to finalise the contract then by law you are officially dating"

"just to run over a few things for both of you but mainly Kylee, So if you break the contract Modest! can sue you . if you refuse to do what you are told you will be punished and also if there is a family problem you must tell us in case we plan a date for you guys okay?"

"Yeah" i reply .. "okay" Niall says

"great so lets get signing" she says handing me a pile of papers.

After running through each page.I signed at the end and so did Niall .... So i guess we are dating now..

"Okay guys you are good to go... you wont have any proper dates just yet you will just have to be seen togeather here and there." she says

"Well .. i guess umm ill see you soon and we can get to know eachother better" i suggest

"Yeahh i'd like that"

"So see you ont out first date" i say putting emphasis on first date.

Yeahh see you then" Niall says ... Just looking into those blue eyes and hearing his heavenly voice i melt inside.

I better get used to this....


Hey guys,

Did you like it? oh and im doing a Nialls Pov of this chapter in the next one ( i dont know if that made sense)


Bye Lovelies

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