The Contract

Kylee is a normal girl , sure she has done a few rebellious things but who hasn't?
When she is hired by Modest to be Niall Horans girlfriend her life changed completely.She now has to be a picture perfect girlfriend.Will Niall like her? will they fall in love? what will happen when the contract is over?
Read to find out....


17. Chapter 16

Note : I'm not going by spcefic dates because i want them to fit into the story instead of dragging things on for too long which i already am there will be different times for tours and album releases Kylee's Pov Friday (tour) It's officially the day we leave for tour and to say i'm scared is an understatement , It's 5am and i'm currently on my way to Niall's house which isn't very far from here. As i arrive at the apartment block where the boys live i spot the tour busses parked in the car park , being the smart one i am i run onto the bus where the boys will be sleeping and claim top bunk on the right . Proud of myself i walk towards the building to get the boys up since i'm sure they're not up yet. Going to Niall's first i grab my spare key and let myself in. I noticed his bags were behind the door which is a good thing but i cant hear him anywhere which means one thing , hes alseep. I waled into his room making as much noise as possible , i started jumping on his bed. He started groaning and rolling over until he finally opened his eyes . "Wake up lazy arse , its tour time" i said happily. I ran out of the room and left the apartment to go wake up the rest of the boys. I was just at Zayn's door when I met Liam running too. "Waking them up too ? " i asked "Yeah , Zayn is the only one left though , You might want to claim a bed in the bus before the boys get there " Liam said to me. "One step ahead of you buddy" i said laughing I ran back to Nialls flat to see him by the door with his luggage. "Ready" he asked. "Ready" i replied. We walked briskly towards the bus , handed the bus driver all unnecessary luggage to put in the boot and off Niall went sprinting. I walked onto the bus to see Niall laying on the bed across from me grinning. "I see what you did there , Smart" He said "Why thank you" i said grinning. Hopping into my bunk i see a tv screen which is pretty awesome. "This is so cool" i say to Niall . "It is isint it , sometimes we stay here instead of the hotels because its more like home" "Thats pretty cool" Our conversation was interrupted by four tired boys bursting through the doors . "Call top bunk" Zayn and Harry said together. They both ran towards a bunk , Zayn ran towards the empty one and Harry ran towards Liams one. "Damn it!" Harry exclaimed. After settling into the bus we were off to the Modest buliding where we would meet the musicians and crew. We also had a meeting there to go through the saftey on the bus and Niall and I's plans. 2 hours later It's now 7:30 am and we just got out of the meeting. "They have alot planned for us"i exclaimed "Yeah , they do" Niall said. "I have to go to Mullingar with you aswell are you sure thats okay ? i dont want to intru-" I was interrupted by niall "Shhh its fine , i want to show you around and show you where i grew up, it would be cool , Maybe i could meet your family in Galway if we have time , we could fly your parents and brothers from London aswell to have a big family get together , it must be hard to have grown up so far away from your family" "Really ? you'd do that for me I said surprised. Then Niall mumbled something i couldnt hear and walked onto the bus me following closley behind. Niall's Pov. "Anything for you" I turned around and walked onto the bus. Hey lovelies , Its been awhile i know .. plaese Vote/ Comment Ava xx
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