The Contract

Kylee is a normal girl , sure she has done a few rebellious things but who hasn't?
When she is hired by Modest to be Niall Horans girlfriend her life changed completely.She now has to be a picture perfect girlfriend.Will Niall like her? will they fall in love? what will happen when the contract is over?
Read to find out....


16. Chapter 15

Kylee's Pov.

Girls night was just as expected , movies , gossip , ice cream and full on acting wierd.

It's now 8am and I'm currently in the airport waiting for Alanna to come out of the arrivals door. Excitement was building up in me and Amy. Waiting was the worst thing ever. Soon the doors opened and revealed Alanna , we both ran towards her laughing , screaming and hugging her.

"Ahh , Hey guys" Alanna said .

We bombarded her with questions about everything in Ireland , my grandparents , her family and her other friends !

Quickly we walked towards my car and drove off to our flat.

*at flat*

Pulling out Alannas various suitcases I see Niall pulling in with Louis by his side in his range rover. 
Smiling I walked over to his car . 
"Hey guys , watcha doin here " I questioned.
"You told me about Alanna comin , thought I'd meet her " Niall said with Louis nodding in agreement !
"Follow me " I gestured .
Walking towards my flat , Niall grabbed Alanna's bag and continued walking , leaving Louis and I behind.
"Look , I'm sorry for the way I treated you , I shouldn't have acted that way without getting to know you first" Louis said .
"It's fine , if I were you I would have done the same" I said reassuring him.
"Start again ? " Louis suggested 
"Start again" I said hugging him.
Smiling to myself I walked inside setting Alanna's bags at the bottom of my bed.
I noticed all of my bags for the tour were scattered all around the room.



Shit !

I completely forgort about the tour . We have meetings all this week with plans for Dates ,then we have to discuss hotels , sleeping arrangements , how long we have iin each place and breaks. I will have no time to spend with Alanna at all because of this. 

Fuck how am i supposed to tell her.

Deciding now was the best time i walk into the living area where Niall , Louis , Amy and Alanna were seated.

"Uhm , Alanna?"

"Yeah" she said.

"You know the way im going on tour with Niall yeah ?" i said with a guilty face.

"Yeah you told me this ages ago , why the sad face ?" Alanna said.

"Well im leaving on Friday , 5 days from now and we have so many meetings this week , what im trying to say is i wont be around and im so sorry" i say breaking into a fit of tears.

"Hey dont cry you silly goose , its totally fine , ill be here when you get home okay? its only a month  from now " Alanna said hugging me.

I stopped crying and looked up to see Niall and Louis looking at me with sympathy in their eyes.

"Okay lets not let the tour bring us down , we have today at least so why dont we head off to Brighton for the day and have dinner afterwards ? " Amy suggested

We all looked at eachother and smiled really big.

"YES" i screamed .

"Leggo" Amy said

"I'll drive" Niall said

We all left the flat and climbed into Nialls car ready to set off on a long trip to Brighton. I was in the passenger seat with Amy , Louis and Alanna in the back with Louis in the middle. We turned the radio up loud and put the windows down. Smiling and laughing we made it to brighton in no time.

Its so beautiful here. We took Alanna to the Pier and the beach. We were currently sat on the beach admiring the beauty when suddenly 2 girls approached us.

"Hey" we greeted them.

"Um oh am Hi " one of the girls said nervously

They both turned to Niall and Louis and said "We love you so much can we get a picture with us ? "

Before they could reply I juped up and said "I'll take it for you guys"

"Thank you , we love you too because you make Niall happy"

"Aww thanks love" I said to them

"Now Smile" i said.

I took a few of them Smiling , funny faces and peace signs.

"Thank you so much" The girls said.

"No problem , bye girl hope to see you soon" The boys said waving.

"They were so sweet" i said smiling.

"Whos up for some lunch , on me" Louis said 

We all jumped up and decided that Graze would be the best place to eat so we headed off. 

After eating

Wewere currently walking down the lanes , me holding hands with Niall when suddenly a large group of girls approached us , which then turned into a huge group of girls.Lathcing on to Nialls hand we tried to get out of the crowd as quick as possible but we couldnt we were trapped. I pulled out my phone and dialled Preston. Explaining our situation he said he would get someone there asap.We were being pushed around and being screamed.

I hope help comes soon !

Hey , 

sorry its been long . 

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bye lovelies

Ava x

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