Arcania: Hero Rising

The lands of Arcania are now peaceful. Threat is rare and war is unheard of. But this was not as it always was. The Wizards and Elves are still old enough to remember the time of war. But a few centuries ago. An evil rose to overwhelm the world. An evil that threatened the complete destruction of everything and everyone. It was fought back. The war was won. But is the evil truly eradicated ?


2. The Prison

"A volcano" The woman muttered. "They had to put him in a volcano". The other human with her looked over. "what's wrong with a volcano ?" He asked. He eyes briefly glowed an icy blue. "I hate heat". The Man looked into the crater they stood at the edge of. "There's a lot of guards down there, This is going to be a tough job". She snorted and tipped her head towards The Elf stood silently at the very edge of the crater hole. "That's why we brought him". The Elf glanced at her. She nodded, giving him the signal. He stepped into the crater and plummeted towards the Lava. Twisting his body he swung his bow off of his shoulder and shot an arrow with a rope attached into the volcano wall. He swung towards one of the cliffs a group of guards stood on. They saw him at the last moment but it was too late. He slammed into the first guard and pinned him to the floor. Before any of them knew what was happening he slashed the guards throat with a dagger then flung it into the neck of the next guard. He jumped up and delivered a roundhouse kick to another guard with such force he was flung off the cliff and fell into the lava screaming. There were two guards left. One lunged at him with a longsword. He grabbed the guards arm, snapped it then twisted it round and forced him to plunge his own sword into his heart. The final guard to his credit didn't hesitate to attack. Brave, but foolish. Before the man had taken two steps towards him he whipped out his bow and fired an arrow into his heart. There were two more cliffs before the lava. Each with about fifteen guards on it. Easy. He slaughtered them all. Now there was only Lava. His job was over. It was her turn to play. Te woman jumped into the crater. She was a Frost elemental, Her job was to freeze the lava so they could break through it to reach... Him. She landed on the lava surface. Where her feet touched it froze immediately. She smiled as her eyes began to blow that icy blue again. She knelt down and placed her palms on the lava. The temperature dropped about a thousand degrees. The Lava froze completely solid. Her work also done she stood and smiled. Satisified. Now it was the mans job. He came from an ancient barbarian tribe. Which means he possessed an unnatural near-superhuman strength. He jumped from the crater and just dropped. He crashed into the frozen lava and smashed it into smithereens. The two of them dropped to the base of the mountain. It wasn't a real volcano of course. But a mountain that the angels had hollowed out and filled with lava. They had placed Maugen in there so he would burn for eternity. But that eternity had just been cut short. H knelt there in chains. His head bowed. His face covered by that sinister black mask. Shaped like a skull. The Frost elemental, Thalia, Took a hold of the chains and froze them until they cracked and smashed like glass. There was absolute silence, a pause. Then he slowly stood up. He lifted his head to look at these three who had freed him and beneath that black mask, He smiled.

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