The Dancers

Rosa is a dancer. That's what she does, Dance. Lately Rosa has been rehearsing non stop and her bodies beginning to ache. it was lunch one day and normally Rosa and her Dance partner and best friend, Sienna, Would go to subway or something But your dance teacher, Mrs Redwood, told you to eat in the studio cafe because she didn't want Rosa and Sienna late for their afternoon Session. So you did and you weren't... late. You waited for Mrs Redwood to walk in when she said she had a surprise for Rosa, Sienna and your three other member on this 'Project', Lycia (Liss-ee-ya), Hanna and Rebekah (Rebecca), about five minutes later than Mrs Redwood, One Direction Strolled in. Rosa and the other girls favorite pop group. You all stood in amazement, 'Boys, these are your dancers... Choose Carefully' Mrs Redwood mumbled playing the music. the girls scrabbled into your places and began to dance the dance that left Rosa aching. when the music stopped the boys formed a huddle and whispered stuff.


2. Rated...

'And I would like Rosa!' Niall smirked.

We ran to the boys sides as mrs RedWood taught us the dance... With the boys. The dance was slightly sexual considering it was for their 12 rated tour 'Where we are'. Us grinding on the boys, lifting their tops to show their HOT bodies.. If you don't mind me saying...

Niall's hands ran up my waist as part of the routine. 'Take 30mins for lunch' mrs Redwood practically screamed. I went for my bag when I felt hands cover my eyes... Niall's hands cover my eyes.

'Niall, move your hands, it's lunch and I'm going to get a salad.' I asked, his hands moved but down to arms, 'your coming to lunch with me!' Niall huskily whispered in my ear.

'I don't think I am Horan. I'm your dance partner, not your lunch partner. I'm pretty sure you could go and find a perfectly good cafe and eat.' I said edging more towards the mirror trying to escape his loosely tight grip.

'Woah, I probably can, I'm just... Asking you on a date...' His eyes saddened and his hands moved off of my body. He looked down and ruffled his hair.

'Well, then I guess I could, but you need to be a bit nicer next time you ask me out on a lunch date..' I smiled ruffling his hair even more. I grabbed my jacket and shorts, slipped them over my leotard and tights and swapped my ballet daps for my trainers. I grabbed my bag and slid out my hair tie, I smiled at Niall as his large hand grabbed mine and we walked out of the studio.

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