The Dancers

Rosa is a dancer. That's what she does, Dance. Lately Rosa has been rehearsing non stop and her bodies beginning to ache. it was lunch one day and normally Rosa and her Dance partner and best friend, Sienna, Would go to subway or something But your dance teacher, Mrs Redwood, told you to eat in the studio cafe because she didn't want Rosa and Sienna late for their afternoon Session. So you did and you weren't... late. You waited for Mrs Redwood to walk in when she said she had a surprise for Rosa, Sienna and your three other member on this 'Project', Lycia (Liss-ee-ya), Hanna and Rebekah (Rebecca), about five minutes later than Mrs Redwood, One Direction Strolled in. Rosa and the other girls favorite pop group. You all stood in amazement, 'Boys, these are your dancers... Choose Carefully' Mrs Redwood mumbled playing the music. the girls scrabbled into your places and began to dance the dance that left Rosa aching. when the music stopped the boys formed a huddle and whispered stuff.


1. Choose you Dancer...

Rosa's P.O.V

The boys formed a small huddle and whispered criticism and compliments about each one of us... they had finally made their decision... great. If you don't know...

I'm Rosa Rossiter and im a dancer... that's what i do... Dance. Me, Sienna Selway, Hanna Hibbets, Rebekah Riley and Lycia(liss-ee-ya) Londinson had all been selected from my academy to do a project... We didn't know what that was until The five jaw dropping gorgeous boys of one direction walked into our studio.  Our music played and we danced and then they huddled into a group and complimented and critisised us without us hearing.

'Please play the music once more so our decision is final.' Harry pleaded. Mrs Redwood did as Harry pleased. We danced once more. The music stopped as all the boys looked at each other and nodded their heads.

'Say your names from left to right' Louis asked. 

'Sienna Selway' Sienna sang.

'Hanna Hibbets' Hanna hummed.

Rebekah Riley' Rebekah recited.

'Lycia Londinson' Lycia lipped as she didn't have much of a loud voice... she was a fairly quiet person to be quite honest.

'And finally?' an Irish voice rang... Niall.

'Oh um, I'm Rosa... Rosa Rossiter.' I answered... I Could feel my cheeks burning up.

The boys looked at each other once again and nodded at each other once again.

'I'd like Hanna' Zayn pleaded. Hanna smiled with joy. Zayn was her absolute favorite boy out of the group.

'Lycia Please...' Liam asked. Lycia's face gleamed as Liam was her favorite.

'Rebekah for me!' Harry smiled. That guy was already getting flirtatious. 

'Sienna for me!' Louis Dazzled. She's lucky, apparently Louis gives off the bad boy look just to keep his bad boy clown look from school but he's meant to be a real sweat heart.

Great. was all i thought in my head. I Get the punk ass dude that's dark and mysterious, with his cracked phone screen and ripped jeans. Niall Bloody Horan. I Must admit though he is SMOKIN'. He's the only one i would dread having. 





Sorry if you guys don't like this but i though i'd try... if you like the introduction then comment to keep it if you don't then tell me to delete it.... i dont know whether to continue or not so i thought i'd give you a taster... if this continues then it will only be updated on Mondays!!! I've been getting kinda busy lately and i've got a few stories going... so they will have different days! Fan me please! Comment? Favorite... whatever you feel i need! thank you! :*


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