The Unexpected Ally

[6th year told from a different POV] A new addition to the Hogwarts family comes from North America. After being home-schooled, it's time to be reunited this visitor's last surviving family member and finish their schooling. A bond between the two family members causes havoc and unlikely friendships. This unexpected ally aids in the quest to rid the world of Lord Voldemort once and for all.

(All characters and ideas are by the talented J.K. Rowling, I own nothing.
Some aspects of this book aren't the same as the novels or movies, I tweaked a few things here or there)


6. Snowflakes and Squids

Doing homework in the common room with Hermione and Ginny became a regular, after-hours event. Holly spent the days in the library with Draco doing Charm and Potions then the rest of her classes with the two girls. On more than one occasion, Holly ate dinner with Hermione and Ginny as well, when Draco was busy doing “a job” as he called it. During one of the girl’s study sessions, Holly noticed that Neville Longbottom, who was sitting at the table beside theirs, was having difficulty with nonverbal spells. He was red in the face trying to make the toad in front of him larger. Taking a break from her studies, Holly went over and sat beside him.

“Hey Neville, I noticed you were having a little trouble with nonverbal spells. I don’t mind helping you, if you’d like?”

Neville let go of his breath; his face going his normal colour. He looked at Holly, “Uhm yes, actually. I don’t think it will help, I’ve tried everything, even went for some extra help with Professor Flitwick.”

“Ok well I’ll give it a try.” Holly said with a smile, “Now tell me, what do you feel when you try the spell?”

She was rewarded with a blank look from Neville. Holly chuckled, “Ok try the spell again and focus on what you’re feeling.” Neville’s face screwed up in concentration as he tried the spell again, to no avail. He looked at Holly with shrug. “Alright, let’s start fresh shall we? When you’re performing a nonverbal spell, every fibre of your being has to feel the spell’s power and will it to be performed. You can’t just think the spell in your mind, you have to feel it. Does that make sense?”

Neville nodded and stared at the toad again. Instead of his face turning red, it stayed its normal colour. The toad on the desk in front of him suddenly grew two sizes. Neville gasped! The students around Neville and Holly who were watching, all clapped, amazed by Neville’s sudden breakthrough and Holly’s extraordinary teaching. Holly smiled, “Now use a nonverbal spell to shrink it back to normal Neville.” A crowd formed around them, watching expectantly. Much to everyone’s pleasure, the toad shrunk immediately.

“Are you sure Neville is the one making this extraordinary magic?” A voice sneered from behind the crow. Harry and Ron had come back from dinner, Harry was very skeptical of Neville’s newfound talent. Holly held up her hands, “My wand is in my bag back at my table actually, nice to know how high you hold your friend’s magical abilities.” Holly got up without wanting to hear an answer and walked back to her table, careful to avoid anyone’s eye. She had just sat down and the crowd around Neville disbanded when a second year student, a girl named Avery Becket, came up to Holly.

“Uhm e-excuse me Holly-Ms. Peters, uhm I was just wondering if you could help me with this one spell.”

Holly laughed, “Ms. Peters?! Call me Holly please, Avery! Of course I can, let’s go over there for some more room.”

Soon, the Gryffindor common room became a place of security for Holly. Gone were the glares and looks of suspicion, they had been replaced with looks of apathy and if anything, respect. They also weren’t afraid to talk to her in the halls, ask her questions about her life in North America and invite her to sit with them at meals. Holly was happy for this acceptance but it also resulted in less time spend with Draco. His “job” took up most of his time and they actually had to schedule time to meet up. On one of these scheduled meetings, the pair was walking back from the library when Holly noticed something outside the window. She jumped a couple a stairs to get closer to the window. She let out a squeal of excitement and did a little jump in the air. Draco, who had never seen Holly squeal before let alone jump up with excitement, ran to her side.

“Snow! It’s snowing!”

Draco smiled at her, obviously amused, “Ah yes that is what that white stuff is called. It falls from the sky at about this time every year.”

“Oh my gosh!" Holly said suddenly embarrassed, "No sorry I should have explained. I haven’t seen snow in years! When I lived with Arthur Abbott, we always lived in warm climates. Cold weather meant thicker clothing which was heavier and harder to carry. Can we go for a walk in it? Please?” She added smiling. 

“Yes of course we can,” Draco laughed, “Meet you in the Entrance Hall in ten minutes?”

They separated, walking (running in Holly’s case) to their rooms to get warmer clothing on. After they met in the Entrance Hall, they started walking to their usual spot under the tree by the lake. Draco laughed, obviously entertained as Holly stuck her tongue out to catch snowflakes.  

“What?” She asked when she caught him staring.

“Oh nothing,” Draco said with a smile, “Most people hate the snow, but you enjoy the simple things. It's a nice change.” Holly smiled back. They reached the spot where the cement met the grass.

Draco groaned, “Ugh, the snow is really thick here. We’re going to have to magically make a path”

Holly held up a hand, “I have a better idea,” she said, “Let’s make a snowman and walk where we cleared the snow.” Draco agreed and they started rolling balls in the snow. Eventually they made their way to the bench, following the snaking pathway of the snowballs. Draco magically dried the bench and they sat down, talking about topics including Quidditch, Professor Slughorn’s Slug Club and Christmas break. At one point Holly stood up and grabbed a branch that bore most of her weight and she swayed slightly on it as she spoke. The topic of the upcoming Ball finally came up in conversation.

“So do you have a date to the ball yet?” Draco asked.

Holly grimaced slightly, “No, a few guys have asked me but I turned them down because I don’t have my dress yet. I didn’t want to agree to go with one of them, only to find out my dress wouldn't be in in time for the ball.”

“Oh, that makes sense. When is your dress supposed to come in?”

Holly smiled slyly, “It came in today actually. Fits perfectly.”

Draco lit up, “Great! So I was wonder-“


Draco’s words were cut off by the sound of the branch Holly was holding breaking off. Holly was suddenly off balance and fell backwards onto the frozen lake! Holly felt the hard ice on her back and looked around. She had slid about seven feet from the bank where Draco was standing looking terrified.

“The ice isn’t frozen through! Spread your weight so you don’t break it!” Draco shouted.

Holly turned onto her stomach and spread her legs and arms outwards. She started shimmying towards the bank. About halfway there her foot dug into the ice, making the ice start to crack. Holly looked up at Draco in pure terror. There were no spells that she could think of that would save her as she felt the cold water on her legs. She closed her eyes and prayed for the best when suddenly she felt her body being lifted up out of the cracked ice and water. She opened her eyes and she was suddenly on her feet at the bank of the lake. Draco rushed to her and grabbed her by her waist so she wouldn’t fall again. They both turned to the lake to see a giant tentacle raised out of the water.

Holly’s mouth formed a distinct O shape as she saw the tentacle lower itself back into the water. Before it submerged completely it pointed at the ice and back at the pair. Holly nodded in acknowledgment and cast a spell to reform the ice. She suddenly felt the bottom of her pants get hot and dry. She looked down and saw that Draco had used a drying spell so Holly didn’t catch a cold. She turned to him and saw that their faces were a few inches apart, Draco was still holding her tightly.

“T-Thanks.” She managed to sputter out.

“Anytime,” Draco said softly, “That was a close one eh?” Without giving Holly time to answer he blurted out, “Before you fell I was going to ask you to be my date for the ball. But after seeing you in the ice I realized I shouldn't waste time wondering what if." He took a deep breath, “I don't ever want to lose youWill you be my girlfriend?”

Holly’s face was pure shock. Draco laughed softly, “Oh c’mon, you must have known I had feelings for you. I didn’t exactly hide them very well.”

At this Holly shook out of her trance. Smiling at Draco she whispered, “I did, I was just making sure it wasn’t me being hopeful. To both your questions, here’s my answer.” She closed the distance between them and kissed his lips. Draco held Holly’s head with one hand as he brushed his lips over hers. Once, twice, three times. Holly felt a fire erupt inside her and she pushed Draco towards the tree, winding her fingers through his hair. They kissed intensely, melting their bodies against each other as best they could with all their winter clothing. Draco matched her passion as he led her to the other side of the tree, facing the Forbidden Forest. He pinned her against the tree, never breaking the kiss. One hand on the tree, the other on Holly’s waist, Draco lifted her jacket slightly and pressed his hand against her stomach. His cold hand against her warm skin was the perfect match to calm Holly’s fire in her brain and heart. After a few more moments they broke apart, both breathing heavier than usual, smiling at each other.

“Sorry,” Draco breathed, “I’d wanted to do that for a while now.”

Holly laughed, “It was mutual don’t worry. I’m happy to see I wasn’t friendzoned” She said with a wink.

Draco laughed, “Definitely not! I’d hit myself if I let you go!” He suddenly looked downcast, “Ugh we’d better get going though, I have detention with McGonagall soon.”

Holly looked surprised, “For what?!”

Draco looked at his feet, “I didn’t hand in my last two assignments because of that er job I was doing.”

“Ah, I see. Just make sure this ‘job’ doesn’t affect your grades anymore.” Holly said warningly with a wink. 

“I won’t, don’t worry.” Draco said reassuringly. They made their way back up to the castle but not before catching a few more snowflakes on their tongues.  

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