Rebeca styles (+16)

Rebeca meets harry at starbucks but what really happened?...

Tell me what you think....


2. revelation

I wake up and see harry styles next to me and then i see him smile "morning gorgeous" he said, he looks at me and i say "i have a confession to make" he says "what is it?". "The only reason i said yes to coming to your house is mom had thought ...she told me... To be this way, to always say yes to random strangers, i don't know why i still do this but i do..". "Oh, i thought i was special" he said. "Harry, you are, its just that this is the way i was raised" i pause "im sorry, but she was never let me date any of then, but theres a difference between u and the other" "and whats that?" He asked " i like you and maybe not just like maybe even love" "really?" He asked "yes" i say.

"Oh and i already knew" he said

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