Rebeca styles (+16)

Rebeca meets harry at starbucks but what really happened?...

Tell me what you think....


1. metting *sexual content*

Im at Starbucks, like always and i notice that theres a guy staring at me and he comes to me and it was harry styles, i said hi and we start talking and he wants me to come home with him and well i did. We get to his house and he takes me to his bed room and takes his shirt off and i sort of like it he takes his pants of and he starts kissing me and i moan he takes my shirt off and kisses my neck wile i take off my skirt and trow it. He unclips my bra and plays with my tits, i moan and i take his boxers off and he takes my panties off and slowly puts his finger inside of me, i moan in please and i feel his hard cock thrusting inside of me harder and harder every second i can feel him comming inside of me and i orgasm, he slowly stops and lies down next to me.

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