Stepping Forward

This is another collection of poems. These are more cheerful and describe the way in which a girl has moved on in life and the steps that it has taken her.
It is a kind of sequel to Distraught: A Poetry Collection but it kind of isn't at the same time.
I hope you enjoy it all the same.


19. Understanding

I understand, do not fear

That I will mock

And reduce you to a tear

When all you wanted,

All you desired was a peer

To tell.


I understand, do not panic

For I was once there

Feeling just as manic;

All I wanted

Was to stop being frantic

And talk.


I understand, do not worry

That I will think you stupid

And make haste to hurry

You away, so you'll see

Sense when eating a curry

And relax.


I understand from being

In the same position

As you are now seeing

And all I want to do

Is help you and not by ringing

You home.


I understand and

This is why I will

Support what is planned

For you to ensure

That you reach land

More safely than I.

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