Stepping Forward

This is another collection of poems. These are more cheerful and describe the way in which a girl has moved on in life and the steps that it has taken her.
It is a kind of sequel to Distraught: A Poetry Collection but it kind of isn't at the same time.
I hope you enjoy it all the same.


2. Rainbows

Sunlight dances on the skylight

Catching the glow of summer.

The dappled butterfly

Floating onto the oak branch;

Happiness makes its mark,

Moods spiral positively

Before the storm.


The rain dashing the soil,

The butterfly flutters away.

Grey clouds cover the skylight;

Laughter fades

Sadness sweeps in.


Rainbows symbolize sorrow

At what could have been

But was not;

Of the trials and tribulations

That God makes us face

A mark for salvation,

To keep going despite the storms.

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