Stepping Forward

This is another collection of poems. These are more cheerful and describe the way in which a girl has moved on in life and the steps that it has taken her.
It is a kind of sequel to Distraught: A Poetry Collection but it kind of isn't at the same time.
I hope you enjoy it all the same.


6. Never Before, Never Again

Never before

Did I shut the door

On such a person,

On such a friend,

As she.


You may ask why,

Or you may ask how,

But the answer is simple

And that is

I don’t know.


So many times

The question has circled my brain.

Pondering and wondering,

Why it happened

The way it did.


Could it be that I was blind

That I was self-obsessed?

Or that I was ignorant

I was somehow possessed?

I don’t know.


Trying to turn back tie

And alter the clocks

Which tick on,

Waiting for no man

And no woman.


She was great

To me and everyone.

She cared more

Than most ever did

To help us step forward.


And still time goes on,

Even though the door

Is shut firm and fast.

Mistakes I have made

To be repeated never again.

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