Stepping Forward

This is another collection of poems. These are more cheerful and describe the way in which a girl has moved on in life and the steps that it has taken her.
It is a kind of sequel to Distraught: A Poetry Collection but it kind of isn't at the same time.
I hope you enjoy it all the same.


15. As I Go Along

Making it up as I go along
That seems the only way
For this endeavour to be
Half as successful as it may.

This is often how I seem
To produce the optimum result,
However strange or weird that sounds
There is no need for you to insult.

If you are blessed to understand
Then you'll know exaclty what I mean
When I tell you that
No imaginative queen has been.

Making it up as I go along
Keeps me happy and
Feeling altogether merry
Like listening to a heavy metal band.

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