Through The Dark **Completed**

Teagan is a 16 year old girl with no one. Until one direction take her into their home. She meets many people and maybe even some love interests. To find out what happens read Through The Dark.


7. What?!?!?!

Teagan's POV

I woke up this morning and Hayley wasn't any where to be found. She stayed over again last night because of her parents and her jerk of an ex. I looked around the whole house and couldn't find her. I thought I would ask Niall since he was like the only person she really talked to besides me here. I walk into his room and found Hayley and Niall all cuddled up. I was shocked. When did that happen? I ran down the hall in the kitchen. Dad and El were up. 
"Morning!" El said very cheery.
"Where's Hayley?" Dad asked. 
"Um well. I was looking for her and I found her all cuddled up with Niall in his room!" I said slightly annoyed. 
"What?!?" El and Dad both looked at me confused. 
"Hayley and Niall sleeping in Niall's room together!" Me. 
"Okay well go wake her up and we will talk to Niall when you leave for school. Okay?" El. 
"Yea..." I was kind of upset but good for Hayley. I just hope Niall isn't using her. I walked into Niall's room and tried to act calm.
"Hay you have to get up for school!" I said as I opened the door. Both of them jumped up. 
"Oh yea. Probably should do that." She said trying to seem not embarrassed. She walked out of the room and went into mine. I was left with Niall. 
"Hey Niall." I said with a smirk. 
"Hey Tea..." He said trying to walk out of the room. 
"Just to let you know. If you were to brake my best friends heart. I'll brake you." He looked shocked.
"I wouldn't do that I like her..." 
"You do you only met her two days ago." Me. 
"You met Zach two days ago..." He smirked knowing he just won this argument.
"Whatever. Just remember what I said." I turned around and left. I walked back to my room to get ready. I put on a pair of jeans and a field hockey tank top from my old school. I did my make up and hair and went downstairs. The whole time me and Hayley were talking about her and Niall and how they were going to date. We went downstairs and Niall was talking to El. I started to laugh so did Hayley. We left and went to school. We got to the school and Hayley was going on about how Niall kept texting her and how they were hanging out after her practice. I was so happy for her. We got to first period she was in my class so was Greg. Hayley and me sit next to each other now and we avoid Greg and Olivia. Hayley was talking to me and texting Niall when Greg came over to us at the end of the class. 
"Babe. I'm sorry. I love you." Greg. I rolled my eyes. 
"Don't babe me! Get the hell from me." 
"Don't be that way..." Greg looked like he was getting upset. 
"No. Get. Away." Her phone went off and Greg grabbed it. 
"What the hell your already talking to another guy!" He threw her phone at her. It hit her head. 
"Ouch. What the hell! And yes I am!" 
"I knew you were a slut! And this Niall should watch his back!" He grabbed her arm really hard. 
"Ow Greg. Stop! And no he doesn't. I'm not dating you anymore." 
"Whatever you dumb slut." Greg let her go and slapped her. She was crying. I tried to get her not to worry. I told her to text Niall and she did which made her feel better. The rest of the day went by really quick. Me and Hayley agreed that she could stay at my house again tonight, we would meet after my practice. It was about half way through practice when the coach called me over. 
"So I know you just moved her and don't know a lot of the girls but I was wondering if you wanted to be a co-captain. You know a lot about the game, your a very skilled player, and I can tell the others all ready respect you."
"Of course thank you!" She smiled and I went back to practice. At the end of practice coach called us into a group. 
"All right so tomorrow is a big game. I know we can do this. I also have some news. You guys have a new captain. Teagan and Nicole will now be co-captains!" I saw Nicole's jaw drop open and I saw her friend Sarah giving me a nasty look. That's who's spot I took. 
"So go home rest and be ready for the game tomorrow!" We all left the field I heard Sarah and Nicole talking. 
"God she thinks because she's good at field hockey she can just walk in here and take my spot! And now she's a captain! I have to listen to her! She's younger than me and not even as close of a good player as me."-Sarah. I just laughed and walked away. I'll prove them wrong tomorrow. I had to wait for Hayley so I decided to text Zach. 
Me: hey 
Zach: hey how was practice
Me: good I'm a captain now!
Zach: that's great babe! 
Me: so will you come to my game tomorrow?
Zach: yea I was planning on it. 
Me: okay I g2g Hayley's practice is done. Bye.
Zach: bye. 
We got to he car and I was so happy about being a captain we talked about it the whole ride home and about Sarah and Nicole. We got back to my house and went into the living room. Everyone was in there. Hayley sat next to Niall and I sat next to Harry and El. 
"How was practice you seem pretty happy." Dad asked.
"Good I'm starting tomorrow and I'm a captain!" I squealed. 
"That's great Teagan!"-Perrie
"Are you guys coming to my game tomorrow?"
"Yes why would we miss it?" Niall
"I don't know Niall. Hayley has a game to. I didn't know if you wanted to go watch her again." I laughed. He stuck his tongue out at me and blushed. 
"I'll go to both." He smiled. 
"Who said I wanted you at my game?"- Hayley. She smiled and I started to laugh. 
"Fine I won't go then..." Niall acted hurt. 
"I'm kidding you can come if you want." Niall smiled when she said that. 
"Good! I would have gone anyway." He put his arm around her and hit the spot where Greg grabbed her.
"Ow!" She said as she flinched. 
"What was that about you okay?" Niall. He looked at her arm and there was a giant bruise. 
"What happened to your arm?" Harry asked. 
"Oh um Greg kind of grabbed my arm today and hit me. He's upset that I broke up with him..." Everyone's face changed they looked upset. 
"He what?" Perrie yelled. 
"He hit you again!" Zayn yelled. 
"Again?" El asked. 
"Yes guys now I don't think we should talk about it right now. Hayley has to get ready for her date with Niall!!! Come on girls let's help!" I yelled. We all ran upstairs laughing. We helped her get ready. She wore jeans and a hollister tank top and jacket. She left and I did my homework and got everything ready for school and my game tomorrow. Then talked to everyone about my game tomorrow. We also all talked about if we think Hayley and Niall would date... we all agreed they would be soon. They came home and they both looked really happy. I was scrolling through twitter when I saw the picture...

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