Through The Dark **Completed**

Teagan is a 16 year old girl with no one. Until one direction take her into their home. She meets many people and maybe even some love interests. To find out what happens read Through The Dark.


20. Welcome Home...

Teagan's POV

Niall and Hayley are on their way home from the hospital now... this isn't going to good Harry  is pissed beyond belief about what Niall did cheating on Hayley after having sex with her and how he called her a slut and now they are back together. I've been trying to calm him down but nothing is working. I think he might try and kill Niall. We were upstairs when we heard the front door open. 
"Guys where home!" Hayley yelled. Harry jumped out of my bed.
"Harry please don't kill Niall!" I said getting up. Harry was already out of my room and halfway down the stairs luckily the boys were downstairs already downstairs to make sure Harry didn't kill him. 
"Harry I know your upset abo-" Niall started but Harry cut him off.
"Upset! Are you fucking kidding me I'm beyond pissed right now! You fucking take my sisters virginity and then fucking cheat on her with some slut you met at a club and then call her a slut and a whore and blame it on her and Liam they didn't fucking do anything! You're a fucking idiot to do this to her! Your lucky she is dating you again! If you weren't in the band with me you would be back in the hospital right now! I swear that if you hurt her again I will kill you!" He screamed at Niall. I walked over and grabbed his hand to calm him down it worked. Niall just looked at the ground.
"Harry I'm sorry... I regret cheating on her I never should have I should have believed her and Liam about them not doing anything. I didn't mean the things I said either I was just upset. I love your sister so much and I promise I will never hurt her again." Niall said looking up at Harry. He had tears in his eyes you could tell he really was sorry. Harry just rolled his eyes. 

"Well at least your sorry, but I swear if you do hurt her you will die I don't care if your in the band you better not hurt my sister again." He said. Niall just nodded his head. Everyone was quiet. 


"Sooo why don't we watch some movies get our mind off things!" El said trying to change the subject. 
"Yea!" I said pulling Harry into the living room. We all went in and sat on the couches. I cuddled up to Harry and everyone else did the same with who they were dating except Liam Sophia still wasn't here. 
"So Harry you know what you said to Niall about killing him and all that if he hurts Hayley again?" My dad asked. 
"Yes, why?" Harry said. 
"Because that's what I'll do to you if you hurt my little girl!" My dad said looking right at Harry. Harry pulled me closer to him. 
"I would never do that. I love her to much." He said and gave me a kiss. I saw Niall just look at the ground. Hayley gave him a kiss and he seemed a little happier that she wasn't mad anymore. We were all watching movies and we were all getting along. Harry wouldn't talk to Niall though. Niall would try talking to him but he would just say yea or cool or no. Niall eventually just gave up. We watched so many movies. After about 3 movies though Harry started to make comments about the relationships in movies... about how perfect they were or how much of a jerk the guy was. He was making indirect comments at Niall...every time he would make one I would hit him though. He needs got get over it, it happened and he needs to get over it. We were watching one movie where the guy cheating on his girlfriend I knew what was coming and I whispered in Harry's ear. 
"Don't you dare." I whispered. He just smirked I gave him the don't look. The pat came up where the girl found out he was cheating. 
"Wow what a dick! Who could ever be so much of a jerk to cheat on someone!" He said. I smacked him in the back of the head. Everyone just looked at him. Hayley was pissed.
"Shut the hell up Harry! Get over it we are dating again!" She yelled. 
"Why he cheated on you! You could do so much better like by dating someone that wouldn't cheat in you!!" He said back. Niall just got up and walked up stairs. Hayley stood up. 
"I fucking hate you Harry! Get over it! If you cost me this relationship I will never forgive you!" She yelled running after Niall. I turned and hit Harry. 
"Ow what was that for!?" He asked rubbing the back of his head. 
"For being a jerk! Harry I get your trying to protect her but still. Her and Niall make the perfect couple he made a mistake! I can tell he feels horrible about it! Would you rather have her date Niall or lose her from your life? Think about that... Go talk to her and Niall if you want to keep her in your life cause at this rate you might lose her." I said. He just looked at me and then realized that I was right. He quickly got up and went upstairs. Everyone just looked at me. 
"Wow Tea. I never thought I would see you get upset at Harry." El said.
"Well he is acting like a three year old. He was going to lose his sister and his best friend. He had to realize it. I just hope the three of them can agree to get over this." I said. Everyone nodded in agreement. We decided to finish the movie since we figured eh would be talking for a while. We finished that movie then watched another one. It was getting late Hayley, Niall, and Harry were still all upstairs. I take it they are trying to work everything out. I hope it works. 
"Well it's getting late I'm going up to bed. Night love you guys!" I said I gave everyone a hug and went upstairs. I walked by Niall and Hayley's room and heard them all talking. There wasn't any yelling so I figured it was going good. I went into my room and got changed. It was really late so I just laid down and started to fall asleep. I was asleep when I felt Harry get in bed and put his arms around me. 
"Hey babe is everything better?" I asked as I rolled over to face his. 
"Yes thank you!" He said giving me a kiss. 
"For what?" I asked. 
"If you didn't get upset and me I never would have gone to talk to them. I never would have realized that Hayley was serious about never talking to me. If it wasn't for you I would have lost my sister and my best friend." He gave me another kiss.
"Oh your welcome then!" I smiled. 
"Good night baby. I love you." He said kissing the top of my head. 
"Goodnight babe. I love you to." I fell asleep wrapped in Harry's arms with my head on his chest. I love him so much and I'm so happy everything is back to normal. 

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