Through The Dark **Completed**

Teagan is a 16 year old girl with no one. Until one direction take her into their home. She meets many people and maybe even some love interests. To find out what happens read Through The Dark.


5. School.


Teagan POV 
I woke up to my alarm on my phone going off. Uhh thats right I have school... and field hockey!! I got out of bed and went into my bathroom and showered. I got out and it was 6:20. I put my outfit we picked out last night on. It was a dark blue dress with a pink belt that cut right above the knees. I put on a pair of white sandals and waited for the girls to come. They came right at 630. 
"You look amazing!"-Perrie 
"Thanks." I said looking at the ground. 
"Alright! Now hair and makeup time!"-Sophia. El did my make up it was more than I ever thought I would wear but I liked it. Sophia and Perrie did my hair. They curled it for me and i wore it down. They finished and it was 7. 
"Done now come on we need to get going! Do you have all your stuff for school and field hockey?" El asked.
"Yes" I grabbed my Nike duffle bag and Vera Bradley backpack. I walk down stairs and only saw dad up. 
"Morning!" I said walking up to him and hugging him.
"Morning you ready to go?"
"Okay but I'm not sure I like this look." 
"Why? It's cute!"
"Because it might get boys to talk to you!" I laughed and said bye to everyone. Dad and me got in the car and he drove me to school. I got out and walked in I was really nervous for some reason. I walked into the office and went up to the desk.
"Hi how may I help you?" The lady at the desk said.
"Hi I'm Teagan Tomlinson. I'm new here."
"Oh yes. Here's your schedule, and Olivia will help you to your classes. Olivia! Can you come here?" 
"Yes oh hi! You must be new here." She smiled at me.
"Yea. I'm Teagan. I guess you suppose to be showing me around today."
"Yea I am lets see you schedule! We have all you classes together."
"Cool.So do we have time to go to my locker?"
"Yea I see you play field hockey. I do to!"
"Thats cool! Where do you play?"
"Mid field. You?"
"Cool so are you any good. I mean do you score a lot?"
"Umm well I was captain of my team before I moved here. And I had 12 goals on the season my sophomore year."
"Wow thats crazy your a junior like me right?"
"Yes." We got to my locker but kept talking. 
"Wow. You seem really good. You'll probably start varsity for us."
"Wow I thought I would sit because I just moved here."
"No. If you really are as good as you say which I believe you are you will probably take a spot away from someone. Just to warn you our captain Nicole is kind of crazy. Don't take anything she says to heart."
"Okay thanks." We got to first class and I ended up sitting next to her. We became instant best friends. The rest of the morning classes went by fast. I sat next to Olivia in all my classes. We went to lunch and I sat with Olivia and her friends: Hayley, Drew (a girl), and Meagan. There boyfriends came over to. Olivia was dating Jake (weird friends with another Jake), Hayley was dating Greg, Drew was dating Andrew (haha thats funny), and Meagan was dating Jacob. I felt weird but one of there other friends Zach came and sat with them. We all talked for a while then they all started talking to the people they were dating. I just sat there playing on my phone until Zach started talking to me. We talked for the rest of lunch which was like another half a hour. He played football (soccer), he also played basketball. We had a lot in common. When lunch ended I started to walk away with Olivia to our next class when Zach grabbed my arm. 
"Um hey Teagan I was wondering if you wanted to hang out later tonight after our practices?"
"Yea sure." 
"Okay what's your number so we talk about were to meet." We exchanged numbers and I walked back over to Olivia. She had huge smile on her face. 
"What?"I said trying to hide my smile. 
"You like Zach."
"What. No."
"Okay than why are you smiling like crazy?"
"Fine. Yes I like him and we are hanging out after our practices." 
"Omg Tea that's great!" We both jumped up and down and laughed. We got to the next class and my phone went off it was Zach. 
'Hey bored to death what class you have next?'
'Math you?'
'Math. What teacher'
'Same we have last class together.'
'Cool Liv is in it to.'
'Yea see you in a few' 
I was smiling and class ended. Liv took my phone and saw the text. She laughed. 
"He so likes you!"
"Yea now be quite!" I got into class and ended up sitting next to Liv and Zach. Class went by really fast. After it ended I told Zach I would text him after practice and went with Liv to get ready for practice. I loved practice. It went by really fast. Everyone on the team loved me and told me I was really good. The coach told me that I was really good and that she was happy I tired out and that I made the varsity team and that I would be starting the game on Friday. Yea the captain and her friend didn't like that it was her friends spot. Whatever I didn't let it bother me. I got out of the locker room and was texting Zach he ended practice half a hour before me. I got in the car with Dad and was smiling like crazy.
"So I see you had a good day."
"Yup. I made a bunch of friends. I made the varsity team and I'm going to be starting the game on Friday!"
"That's great sweetie!"
"Yup." We got home and I was texting Zach the whole time. We were trying to decide where to meet. I was sitting on the couch when he texted.
Zach: 'Park half a hour?'
Me: 'Yup'
Zach: 'Ok! :)'
Me: 'See you soon! :)
I guess I was smiling at my phone because Harry noticed. 
"Who you texting that's making you smile like that?"
"Uh what no one!" I started to blush.
"Really let me see your phone then..."
"No my phone!" It went off again and the home screen said "Zach: Yup :)". Niall saw it shoot!
"Who's Zach?"-Niall. I turned around and saw him looking over my shoulder. 
"No one a friend from school. I got to go." I ran upstairs. I text El to get to my room ASAP. She was there in like 2 seconds. 
"Whats up girly?"
"Okay so I met this boy Zach at school today and he wants to hang out. Help me find an outfit and then help me get Dad to let me leave. Please!"
"Okay go shower I'll get the clothes!" I ran and showered really quickly. I got out and changed into a really cute outfit El picked out. It was jean shorts with cute tank top that said "LOVE" on it. El did my hair and my make up and I texted Zach to tell him I'll be there in like 10 minutes. Me and El walked downstairs and saw all the boys on the couch talking. They all stopped talking and looked at me. 
"Where are you going dress like that?"-Dad
"Umm to see a friend at the park... El said it was ok." El nodded in agreement. 
"Who's this friend?"-Dad 
"ZACH!!!"- Niall and Harry both yelled. I gave them a nasty look. 
"Zach a friend from school." 
"You can't go."
"What! Dad! Please!!"
"No! I don't like the idea of you going to see a boy dressed like that!"
"El picked it out and I'll be back in an hour but I really need to go now please!"
"Fine! But next time where something that covers more skin!" Everyone laughed. 
"Thanks Dad!" I ran out of the house and texted Zach when I got to the park. 
"Hey Zach!"
"Hey Teagan. You look umm really nice."
"Thanks." I said blushing at the ground. 
"Your welcome."
"Um my dad said I had to be home in a hour..."
"Okay thats fine! Do you want to walk around the park?"
"Sure!" We walked for a while and talked about random things then he talked about soccer and I talked about field hockey. Then my phone went off it was my dad. Shit! I was suppose to be home 20 minutes ago. 
Dad: Where are you? 
Me: On my way home I got lost.
Dad: Why didn't you call then.
Me:Because I thought I was almost home. I'll be there in 10 minutes!
Dad:Okay you better be or I'm coming to look for you.
Me: Bye
"Umm I need to go like now or my dad might freak out even more." I said laughing.
"Okay. Can I walk you home?" 
"If you want to. It's up to you."
"Then I'm walking you home!" I laughed. He grabbed my hand and we walked back to the house with a few minutes to spare. 
"Thanks for walking me home." I smiled and looked at his blue eyes. He had the best eyes ever.
"Your welcome. Can I ask you a question?" He looked at the ground. 
"Sure." He looked back up at me. 
"I know I only met you today but I really like you and I was wondering if you wanted to be my girlfriend?"
"Of course Zach!" We both smiled and we leaned in and kissed. We both pulled away. 
"I'll text you later okay?"-Zach
"I'll be waiting." I walked in right at the time I was suppose to be there. Everyone was looking at me. 
"Nothing"- All the boys said. The I saw they were looking at the camera and the kiss was coming up I ran over to El and whispered that I kissed him in her ear. She smiled and them we waited for the boys reactions. We had a plan. As soon as they reacted we would run to my room and lock the door. They were all watching the camera when there jaws dropped. 
"They kissed?"-Harry
"Yes they kissed Harry what does it loom like they did!?"-Zayn. Dad looked up from the screen and looked at me. 
"You kissed him?"-Dad. Me and El both got up and ran to my room with the boys close behind. We got to my room and shut the door. The boys were outside my room. My phone was still downstairs and Zach was suppose to text me. 
"El my phone is downstairs. Zach is going to text me!"
"Okay open the door when they all rush in run. Grab the phone then come back up and face them."
"Okay!" I opened the door they all came in I started to run but as soon as I started to run Harry grabbed me and pulled me back in the room. El made it out before anyone got her. 
"Get the phone!!!"-Me 
"You guys left her phone down there! I told you to get it!"-Dad 
"Haha!" I was laughing so hard. I was trying to get away from Harry though. El came back up and everything calmed down a little. 
"So Teagan details!" El squealed. 
"Well after dad almost made me late! I met Zach at the park and we walked around for a while and talked. Then dad called because I was late. He walked me home and then yea I think you know the rest... Oh and uhh he asked me to be his girlfriend!" Me and El both yelled. The boys just rolled there eyes.
"Teagan you just met him and he's your boyfriend?"-Dad. 
"Yes and..."
"And you don't even know him."
"I know him enough! He plays football and basketball. He's really smart and funny and really nice. Please dad just give him a chance!" 
"Fine. But if he hurts you it's not going to end well not." 
"Thank you thank you thank you! Now Harry will you let me go now!" He shook his head no. Please Harry it's not like I'm going to run off and call Zach. 
"Nope not chancing it!"-Harry. I laughed. 
"Okay have it your way!" I bit his arm and he let me go. Just as I did that my phone went off. El's eyes widened. 
"Who's that?"-Me 
"Umm Zach." Everyone's eyes widened. 
"Phone please!" El threw me my phone. I caught it. "Please be quite for two minutes!"
**Phone Call**
Z: Hey babe. 
M:  Hey.
Harry: OMG it's Zach! Like oh my god! 
Niall: I can't believe he just called! OMG isn't he so cute!
M: Shut up guys! 
Z: Okay then. So do you want a ride to school tomorrow. I could pick you up before school. 
M:Yea but let me ask my dad.. 
Dad: Ask me what?
Me: Can Zach drive me to school tomorrow? Please.
Dad: Um sure. 
Me:My dad said yes. 
Z: Okay I'll be there around 7. Night. 
M: Night. See you tomorrow. 
**End of Call** 
"Ohh Teagan's got a boyfriend!"-Niall. I threw a pillow at him. 
"Yes I do! Your just jealous that I'm dating someone and your not!" I laughed. All the boys laughed. 
"Not true I could get a girlfriend if I wanted!"
"Okay Niall..."Liam laughed. Perrie and Sophie came home and came into my room. I was texting. I was smiling at a text I got from Zach. 
"Hey girl how was school!"-Perrie
 "Guess what!"-El said. 
"Teagan got a boyfriend!"Harry yelled. Dad rolled his eyes. 
"You do that's great!" Perrie and Sophia said at the same time. 
"Yea great..."-Dad. I laughed. My phone went off again. 
Zach: 'Will you come to my game tomorrow after your practice? I'll give you a ride home.'
Me:'Let me ask' 
"Dad can I stay and watch the football game after practice tomorrow?" I asked. 
"Because Zach asked me to go... Please!"
"Sure what time does it end so I can pick you up?" 
"Um well he said he would bring me home so you wouldn't have to worry about it." I looked at El hoping she would help me. 
"Yea and can Hayley come over she's fighting with her parents."
"Sure. What time is she coming?" The doorbell rang. 
"Now!" I ran downstairs and went to get the door. We both ran up to my room and everyone was still there. 
"This is Hayley."
"Hi!" They all said. Niall couldn't stop looking at her great! 
"Hi..." Hayley was looking at Niall. Great!
"Okay bye now!" They all walked out but before they did Niall introduced himself to Hayley. He started the flirt with her then I gave him a nasty look and he left. 
"Do you like Niall!"-Me
"No... I have a boyfriend." Hayley said her face getting red. 
"But if you didn't!" I squealed.
"Then yes I would like Niall!" Oh no. Help me now! 

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