Through The Dark **Completed**

Teagan is a 16 year old girl with no one. Until one direction take her into their home. She meets many people and maybe even some love interests. To find out what happens read Through The Dark.


12. Sarah...

Hayley's POV 

I woke up in the hospital, I hate this. I tried moving over a little but my arm hit something on the bed so I took in my breath. 
"Are you okay?"-Niall
"No, I hit my arm. It hurts so bad." -Me. I cried into his chest. After a while the pain went away. The doctor came in and told me that I could go home whenever I wanted as long as I had a family member check me out. Since Niall wasn't related to me, he called Harry since he's my brother. That still shocks me. Harry came a little later and signed all of the paperwork so I was able to leave. We all got in the car and I just started to ask Harry a bunch of questions about my real family. My moms name is Anne my dad's name is Des but they are divorced. I have an older sister named Gemma she's 23, then there's obviously Harry who's 19, then there's me I'm 16 almost 17. The whole ride home we talked about them. He doesn't remember me ever being around but he only knew because his mom told him he had a sister that was put for adoption and her name was Hayley. He realized it when I came over and he though I looked like him a little bit. He called his mom and she told him who adopted me and them he put it all together but didn't want to tell anyone right away. I was happy that I found my real family but hurt that they didn't want me. Harry told me not to worry and that he was happy he found his sister. Niall just sat there he laughed and said it was weird that he was dating Harry's sister. We laughed and then got to the house. We all got out of the car and Niall had to help me because I was on crutches and had an arm in a cast so it was hard for me to really move around. We all walked into the house and saw everyone in the living room. I managed to crutch my way in there. 
"HAYLEY!!!" Teagan yelled running over to me and giving me a hug. I sat down next to Niall and we all talked about how me and Harry are related. Everyone started to point out how we looked alike and how we acted alike sometimes. We both just laughed. After we talked for a while me and Teagan both remembered we had homework that was due tomorrow. She ran upstairs and grabbed our bags and ran back down. Louis rolled his eyes at the fact Teagan put her homework off until now. We finished our homework and decided to all watch movies. Everyone cuddled up to who they were dating Teagan and Harry just sat there awkwardly. She was on her laptop for about 10 minutes then slammed it shut. Harry was looking at her laptop then rolled his eyes. He leaned over and whispered something in her ear and she nodded and started to laugh. Was my brother flirting with my best friend who had a boyfriend? I'm so lost right now. I need to find out whats going on.
"Hey Teags what was that about?" I asked. Everyone just looked at me and gave me a not now look. 
"Fucking Zach..." She said rolling her eyes and looking back at the tv.
"Language!" Louis said looking right at her.
"Sorry freaking Zach." 
"What did Zach do?" I asked really confused. Harry rolled his eyes and Teagan looked upset. 
"He hasn't talked to her since we all left the hospital and when he talks it's for like 5 minutes then says he has to go..." Harry said Teagan just looked at the ground. What they hell is wrong with Zach?
"Oh... I'll talk to him and see what's going on." I said. Teagan looked up at me and smiled nodding her head. I took my phone out and texted Zach. 
Me:Hey why haven't you been talking to Teagan. 
Zach:Because she said she was grounded and got her phone taken away...
Me: But she can message you still.
Zach:Yea but i just don't want to get her in trouble. Tell her sorry and I'll see her tomorrow.
Me:K bye 
"Hey Tea. He said he just doesn't want to get you in trouble by messaging you. He says sorry and he will see you tomorrow." I said. I saw a smile appear on her face. We all laughed and started to watch movies again. I cuddled up to Niall and fell asleep on the couch. 
***Next Morning***
I woke up early because my whole body hurt because I fell asleep on the couch. I sat up and looked around it looks like everyone fell asleep out here. I looked over and saw Harry and Teagan. Her head was on his shoulder and his arm was around her. God I realize they are like brother and sister but they act like they are dating! I woke Niall up so he could help me up to Teagan's room she told me I could use he clothes since she has so many.  I woke Teagan up and we got ready for school. Teagan tried to talk her dad into letting her drive his car to school but he wouldn't let her. She tried asking everyone Harry said yes then realized Louis said no and then wouldn't let her. Louis ended up driving us we got to school and Zach came over to us. He gave me a hug and then gave Teagan a kiss. 
"Hey babe I'm sorry I just didn't want to get you in trouble." He looked gave her another kiss.
"It's fine." She said smiling. The first bell rang and we all had to go to our first class. We said goodbye to Zach and went to class... we were walking down the hall when someone tripped me I looked up and saw Sarah.
"Oops!" She smirk.
"Why would you trip her?" Teagan yelled. 
"I didn't mean to... oh I heard you were in a car accident so I guess you won't be playing for a while." She started to smile. 
"Oh Sarah you didn't hear. Teagan got cleared to play she's fine!" I said as Teagan helped me up. Sarah's face changed. 
"Was I talking to you?" She said walking close to me. 
"Well I really don't care." I said Teagan tried to pull me away from her knowing that I would get in trouble. 
"Shut up you slut..." She laughed as she turned away.
"What I'm a slut! I'm sorry you must be confusing me and you." I said Sarah turned around and slapped me. 
"What the hell Sarah! What was that for!" Teagan stepped in front of me so I wouldn't get hit again. 
"Whatever your both sluts. Hayley we all know you started to cheat on Greg with that Niall person. And Teagan I'm surprised that Zach is still dating you... you're probably dating that kid your always with outside of school. What's his name... Harry?" Sarah started to laugh.
"Yes Sarah I am totally cheating on Zach with Harry! He's like my fucking brother!" Teagan screamed. 
"And for the record I only met Niall like the day before me and Greg broke up so I wasn't cheating but nice try. We aren't like you we don't sleep around." I yelled. Teagan started to laugh. A teacher came over realizing we were all screaming. 
"Office all of you now!" She yelled. 
"But we didn't do anything she tripped me and started to accuse us of things!" I said trying to get out of trouble. It didn't work we all went to the office. Sarah was smiling because she realized that Teagan will probably get in trouble with her coach now. We all sat there and listened to the principal go on and on about something. Then he said he was calling our parents. 
"Umm.. I don't live with my parents anymore." I said looking at the ground I didn't want Sarah to hear this it will just create more drama. 
"Then who do you live with Ms. Jones?" He asked. Great I have to tell him with Sarah right here.
"Umm I live with my brother and Teagan and her family." I looked at the ground again.
"Isn't your brother at college?" He asked.
"Well I just found out that I was adopted so I'm living with my biological brother Harry who lives with Tegan and her family..." I said. 
"Slut!" Sarah said as she fake coughed. 
"Did you hear her?!?!" Teagan asked the principle. He nodded and wrote something down. Then there was a knock on the door. Sarah's mom walked in and so did Louis and Harry. Harry looked mad.
"So you are here because these girls got into a little argument. I only have you here so you can hear the punishments for them." The principle said. "Sarah you will have an after school detention for two weeks. Hayley and Teagan you both have a warnings since this is your first time getting in trouble." 
"What why don't they get in trouble!  Teagan hit me too!" She yelled. 
"Hold on we never touched you. Teagan moved in front of me after you slapped me!"  I said Harry started to look more pissed. Louis looked like he was about to laugh. 
"No she punched me in the face!" Sarah said pointing to her eye.
"Really I did? Because last I checked you would have a black eye and I punch hard so you would probably have been crying or unconscious." She smiled at Sarah. Louis looked like he was about to die laugh. He gave Teagan a high five but no one but me saw. 
"Sarah Teagan has a point there is no evidence that Teagan hit you. Teagan, Hayley you are free now. Sarah stay here we are going to discuss your punishment more." The principle said. 
"How could you get into a fight?" Harry asked clearly upset at me as soon as we got out of the principles office. 
"I didn't she hit me! Can we please just leave I don't want to be here." I said looking at Harry.
"No you need to stay in school. You can't just leave because you got into a fight." Harry said. I rolled my eyes. 
"You really want me to stay here with Greg and Sarah. I have crutches you know. I'm not afraid to use them." I said.
"Fine." He walked over to the secretary's desk and signed me out. 
"Teagan do you want to go home to?" Louis asked her they were both still trying not to laugh. She said no and we walked out into the hallway. Teagan and Louis both started to laugh as we walked down the hallway... that made me start to laugh Harry was still pissed about the fight. We said goodbye to Teagan and went to the car. 
"Hayley why would you get into a fight?" Harry asked as he turned around in his seat to face me since Louis was driving. 
"Ok first she hit me and tripped me and second I was saying things to her so we could stop the rumors she was trying to start about me and Teagan." I didn't look at him I just looked out the window. 
"Well still you should have just walked away..." Harry said realizing that he really couldn't be mad since I didn't do anything. 
"So you wanted me to walk away and let her say that I cheated on Greg? And let her say that you and Teagan were dating and she was cheating on Zach?" I said as I looked right at him. 
"She was saying what about you and Teagan!?!" Louis and Harry both said. 
"She said that I cheated on Greg which is whatever but then she said that Harry and Teagan were dating because they are always hanging out." I said. 
"Hay I'm sorry I didn't know. I wouldn't have been mad at you if I did." He apologized. 
"It's fine just listen to me next time and not flip out at me." 
"Deal. How are you feeling?" He asked as concern grew remembering I got hit and tripped. 
"My head hurts and my leg hurts." 
"Okay well when we get home go and rest." He said. 
"Okay dad!" I said. Me and Louis both started to laugh as we drove up to the house. 
"I'm not acting like a dad!" He whined as he helped me out of the car. 
"Yea you are all you have to do is take my phone away and you would be like Lou." We both started to laugh and Louis rolled his eyes. I got inside and went up to Niall's room he was still sleeping. I went over and laid down next to him he jumped up. 
"What! Oh hey Hay what are you doing home? Are you okay?" He asked as he pulled me into his arms. 
"Yea just got into am argument at school but it's fine. I just want to rest right now my head hurts." He nodded and pulled me closer to him I cuddled up to him and I soon fell asleep in his arms. 

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