Through The Dark **Completed**

Teagan is a 16 year old girl with no one. Until one direction take her into their home. She meets many people and maybe even some love interests. To find out what happens read Through The Dark.


18. Party and Trouble

Teagan POV

Yesterday was Hayley's birthday! We talked Liam and Zayn into letting us get tattoos, but we have been hiding them from everyone because they will all freak out. Tonight there is a big party that like everyone who is anyone is going to, me and Hayley have to find a way to get to this party! We have been talking about how to get to it for about a week now but we have no idea in how we will be able to leave. That is until this morning when I went downstairs and saw a note. 
Hey Tea and Hay, 
Sorry for the late notice but we just found out we have to do a bunch of interviews, do a photo shoot, and record some songs. This means that we won't be home until tomorrow morning. Be good don't burn the house down or throw a party or something. Call us if you need anything! 

YES!YES!YES! We can go to the party now! I grabbed the note and ran up to Hayley and Niall's room. 
"HAYLEY GET UP!LOOK AT WHAT I JUST FOUND OUT!!!" I screamed jumping on the bed. 
"WHAT THE HELL ITS MORNING GO AWAY!!!" She said rolling over. 
"Actually it's like noon and you will like why I'm waking you up." I said jumping next to her in the bed. 
"Okay I'm awake now tell me what it is that's so important!" She said sitting up. 
"The guys left for the day and won't be back until tomorrow!" I yelled.
"That means we can go to the party!!" She yelled. 
"YES!!!" I screamed. We both ran into my room to pick outfits out. We picked out our outfits then decided to relax until we had to start getting ready. 
Me and Hayley are at the party we are having so much fun. This is my first party and it didn't turn out so good. We were at the party for a while when Sarah "tripped" and her drink went all over me and Hayley. 
"What the hell Sarah?" I yelled.
"Oops... Sorry!" She laughed and walked away. Me and Hayley left after that. We smelt like alcohol and it was gross I needed to shower and get this smell off of me. We got into Hayley's car and drove back to the house. We were singing and dancing to "Talk Dirty" by Jason Derulo and 2 Chainz. We walked in and went to the living room dancing and were singing "from New York to Hait-" we sang then saw the boys sitting on the couches. Shit. 
"Hey guys!" We both said. I paused the song knowing we would get yelled at. 
"Where were you girls?" My dad asked. 
"A friends house." I quickly answered. 
"Dressed like that?" Harry asked. 
"Um yes we were all went out to dinner." Hayley said. 
"So this has nothing to do with the huge party that is down the road?" Niall questioned. 
"There's a party! Can we go?" I yelled. Liam and Zayn started to laugh. 
"You guys left to-" My dad started but I cut him off. 
"We know we are on trouble so at least let us finish this song first!" I said turning my music all the way up. "Talk Dirty" was playing and me and Hayley just started dancing crazily. We both threw our arms up not thinking about our tattoos, when they noticed them. 
"Umm Teagan, Hayley what's on your wrists?" We both put our hands down. Liam and Zayn looked worried. 
"Henna tattoos!" Hayley said. 
"Ohhh let me see!!!" Niall yelled and grabbed Hayley's wrist you could see she was in pain by the look on her face. "You okay?" He questioned. 
"Yea volleyball just kills your wrists..." She said grabbing her wrist.
"Tea let me see yours!" Harry yelled grabbing mine. 
"Owww.." I whispered. 
"Teagan." My dad said very seriously.
"Dad!" I said mocking him. 
"When and how did you girls get tattoos?!" My dad asked.
"Yesterday and LIAM SIGNED THE PAPERS!" I said. Everyone looked at Liam.
"You  let them get tattoos?!?!" My dad yelled. 
"Hayley gave me the puppy dog eyes I couldn't say no..." 
"That damn face... Hayley give me your phone!" Harry said. My dad already took mine. Hayley did her puppy dog face. 
 "B-b-b-but big brother. You are my favorite brother!" Hayley whined. 
"I'm your only brother..." Harry said shaking his head. 
"No Bryan!" She said. 
"He's not even your brother!!" Harry said. 
"Your right he's not!!" She said. She put he head down on Harry's chest and pretended to cry. 
"Okay okay. I'm sorry here's your phone." He said giving her her phone. She jumped up off the couch.
 "WAIT! What's that smell." He said as he pulled her on the couch. 
"What smell?" Hayley said. 
"You know!" 
"Oh that! Sarah threw a drink at me and Teagan." She said pulling her hair up. 
"Oh. What's on your neck? Is that what I think it is??" 
"Um yea the drink and my makeup messed up my neck!" She said. Harry just nodded his head. How could he be so oblivious. 
"Umm girls talk now!!!" Perrie said. 
"Yea I need to shower and get this smell off of me..." Hayley said. She then ran up the stairs all of us girls ran after her and cornered her in her and Niall's room. 
"Hayley care explain." El said. 
"Well we were watching a movie and it got a liiitttttllllleeee heated." She said. I
"What a liiitttttllllleeee heated." I asked. 
"Oops..." She said shrugging her shoulders. 
"What's oops?" Harry said walking in with the boys. 
"Yea what's oops?" Niall asked. 
"I said oops of sneaking out. Now I'm sorry and I'm going to take a shower and go to bed. Good night everyone! See you all tomorrow!" She said going into the bathroom. We all went out of the room except for Niall because it's his room. I went into my room with Harry. My dad walked in a few minutes later. 
"Here's your phone but your still Harry out." My dad said. He threw me my phone and then walked out. I gave Harry a kiss and he walked out of my room into his. I fell asleep texting Harry. 

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