Through The Dark **Completed**

Teagan is a 16 year old girl with no one. Until one direction take her into their home. She meets many people and maybe even some love interests. To find out what happens read Through The Dark.


10. Oh No..

Niall's POV

Once Teagan ran upstairs, Harry handed Hayley Teagan's phone. She stood up about to go talk to her, but Harry stood up. 

"I got it."-Harry. She nodded and sat back down. She looked through the messages and saw that Zach called Teagan a bitch and said that he would just go over Sarah and Nicole's house. She stood up pissed off and stormed into the kitchen she took her phone out and dialed Zachs number. I followed her obviously. 
Zach: Hey Hales. 
Hayley: What's your problem?
Zach: What are you talking about?
Hayley: Umm.. Calling Teagan a bitch, and saying you'll go over Sarah and Nicoles when you know that they don't like her!? Teagan is in her room crying right now, and seriously though she's new here and you're already starting shit with her? You're like my brother and I l love you but seriously why would you do that?
Zach: Calm down. She knows I didn't mean it. I wouldn't go to Sarah and Nicole's they both are sluts. 
Hayley: But she doesn't know! She's in her room crying! 
Zach: I didn't mean it! But I need to go my mom is freaking out. Love you!
Hayley: whatever love you too. 

"He's so ugh!"-Hayley. I gave her a hug and chuckled. 

"It's not funny."-Hayley. We walked back out to the boys and finished the movies. Once they were done Hayley decided to go to bed. We got up and Hayley went in Teagan's room to check on her and saw Harry and Teagan all cuddled up. Harry was awake. 

"What is going on?"-Hayley. 

"She fell asleep?"-Harry. 

"She has a boyfriend Harry."-Me

"I know! I'm not trying to steal her from that douche bag she fell asleep crying in my chest!"-Harry. I nodded and Hayley just walked out. We got in my room and Hayley just flopped on my bed. 

"Did you do your homework?"-Me. 

"No. It's Friday I have all weekend to do it."-Hayley. I just rolled my eyes and got in bed. I wrapped my arms around her waist and she put her head on my chest. She quickly fell asleep. 
I felt Hayley get out of bed and then I heard her walk out. I got up and walked downstairs all the boys were up except for Zayn. We were all talking until we heard the girls laughing. 
"Teagan instead of eating here want Starbucks before practice?"-Hayley. 
"YES!"-Teagan. Hayley gave me a quick hug and then they left. It was about 10 and everyone was downstairs, we decided to just watch movies. It was close to the time when the girls were supposed to be home from practice so around 2. We all watched Friends until we heard this huge crash. We all ran outside and saw Hayley's car completely smashed into a tree.  I saw a car leave. I saw two people inside it. I saw Greg and that Sarah girl. We all rushed over to the car. Teagan was awake but losing consciousness, we called 911 and then I ran to Hayley's side. I opened her door and she was completely unconscious. Her face was bloody and her leg looked broken. Two ambulances came and took the, to the hospital. The guys all told me to go with Hayley. When I got in the ambulance she was being hooked up to all these machines. For a couple minutes her heart stopped .I was a complete wreck. Greg is going to pay for this. We got to the the hospital and they took them both into be checked, and maybe even surgery. We all sat in the waiting room. 

"How did that even happen? They were across the street on the opposite side of the road."-Liam. 

"Greg and Sarah is what happened!"-Niall. 

"What are you talking about?"-Louis. 

"I saw their car leaving the scene!"-Niall. Everyone looked mad. I was pissed and scared. I can't lose Hayley, or Teagan. The doctor came out. 

"Are you here for Teagan Tomlinson and Hayley Jones?"-Doctor. We all nodded. 

"Teagan is awake and has a minor concussion luckily, Hayley though is unconscious still and has a broken arm, leg, a couple ribs, dislocated shoulder, and major concussion."-Doctor. 

"You can go see them whenever you'd like."-Doctor. 

"Guys we should call Hayley's parents."-Niall. 

"I have to tell you guys something."-Harry. 

"What is it?"-Louis. 
"Umm. Hayley's adopted. Her parents are really mine.. But her foster parents are the ones she lives with now."-Harry what!? 
"Hayley's your sister?"-Liam. He nodded. 

Hayley's POV 
Teagan and I were on our way home from practice we stopped to eat. When we were ordering our food Greg and Sarah came in. They walked over to us?
"How's your boyfriend?"-Greg. 
"Really good. He doesn't hit me or anything." I smiled sweetly at him. 

"You might want to tell him to watch his back.."-Greg. 
"What are you going to do? I left you, you can't keep trying to control me!"-Me. He just smirked. Teagan looked uncomfortable. 
"How's your starting spot? Enjoy it while it lasts."-Sarah. We quickly are and got out of there. We were almost home when a car swerved into my side of the road. It wasn't moving so I swerved away from it, but ended up losing control of the wheel. The car started spinning and then hit a tree. I looked at Teagan and she was a little banged up. I was starting to see black dots until everything went black. 
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~A Few Hours Later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I woke up hearing all the boys and Teagan talking. I opened my eyes. Teagan looked at me. 

"Oh my god Hayley!"-Teagan. The boys all looked at me. 
"What happened?"-Me. 
"You got in a car crash."-Niall. I nodded remembering everything. Then the door opened and my parents and Bryan walked in. 
"Bryan! What are you doing here!?"-me. 
"Did you not want me here?"-Bryan. 
"No! That's not what I meant!"-Me. He laughed. Then my parents looked mad? 
"How could you be so stupid!?"-Mom. 
"You're so dumb. I can't believe you got in a car accident because you were carelessly driving!"-Dad. 

"That's not what happened!"-Me. 
"Sure whatever."-Dad.
"Are you seriously mad at her for getting in a car accident?"-Bryan. 
"Yes we are! We gave her so much! We should have just left her at the damn orphanage." My  'dad' yelled.
"The what?" Me and Bryan both yelled. 
"The orphanage! She adopted!" My 'mom' yelled. 
"When were you planning on telling me!" I screamed. 
"When you were 18..." Jenny my 'mom' said. 
"Don't you think it was freaking close enough!" I screamed. Niall came over to me trying to calm me down. 

"No your only 16. We said 18..." Rick my 'dad' said.
"Whatever!" I said rolling my eyes. 
"Don't give me attitude!" Dad said.
"I can do what I want your not my dad."-Me. 
"Fine then leave, I don't want you at my house."-Dad. 
"You're kicking her out!?"-Bryan. 
"Leave it I don't care, they would scream at me for nothing anyways. I'm happy I get  to leave that hell hole."-Me. 
"Go live with your brother then!"-Dad. I felt Niall tense up next to me and the boys looked uncomfortable? 

"No, your actual brother!"-Mom. 
"I don't even know him!"-Me. 
"Yeah you do."-Dad. 
"who is it?"-Bryan. 
"Me.."-Harry. What!?
"Hold on a minute, you guys all knew? You didn't tell me?"-Me. 
"We just found out 20 minutes ago. Don't stress about it, it's not good for you."-Niall. 
"My head is throbbing, Harry is my brother? Why would you lie to me?"-Me. 
"We didn't lie, you never asked."-Mom. I felt like I was going to pass out. My "parents" left andI was in shock. The doctor came in. 

"I see that you're awake, how are you feeling?"-Doctor.
"My head is throbbing, my shoulder hurts my leg hurts basically my whole body hurts."-Me. He nodded. 
"The nurse is going to come in shortly to give you medicine."-Doctor. I nodded. 
"You can go home tomorrow. We just need to keep an eye on you tonight."-Doctor. I once again nodded and the doctor walked out. Zach walked in. 
"What happened? Thanks for calling me Bryan."-Zach. Bryan nodded. 
"Well, we were on our way home from practice, we stopped to eat Sarah and Greg were there. Then we left and when we were almost back to Teagan's a car drove on the wrong side of theroad. I tried swerving away so we wouldn't get into a head on collision and then the car went crazy and we smashed into a tree."-Me. 

"I'm glad you're both okay!"-Zach. 
"Can I talk to Zach and Bryan quick alone?"-me. Niall kissed my cheek and walked out with Teagan and the other boys. 
"So Niall is your boyfriend?"-Bryan. I nodded. 
"What did you want to talk about?"-Zach. 
"Did you know about me being adopted?"-Me. 
"No? You're adopted!?"-Zach. I nodded. 
"Did you know Bryan?"-Me. 
"No  we are two years apart I must have been like 2 when they adopted you."-Bryan. 

"Harry knew this whole time though? I don't get it. I don't get why he wouldn't tell me."-Me. 
"How does Harry know?"-Zach. 
"He's my biological brother I guess.."-Me. We talked a little bit longer. The boys and Teagan all came in. Bryan asked to talk to Niall in the hall.. Oh god. 
"Teagan how weird is it knowing you slept with my brother?"-Me. 
"MY HEAD!! She didn't sleep with Harry they slept in the same fucking bed because Teagan was upset that Zach called her a bitch!"-Me. 

"I don't care! I'm still pissed!"-Louis. 
"Guys shut up, you know she has a major concussion right!?"-Liam. He gave me a small smile. Niall and Bryan both came back in, I'm definitely talking to him about that later. 
"Thank you Liam."-Me. Once everything calmed down a little the boys all left. Except for Niall. Bryan is staying at the boys' house. Niall sat on the side of the bed. 
"You don't have to stay there, you can get on the bed."-Me. 
"I don't want to hurt you."-Niall. 
"You won't hurt me."-Me. He got in next to me. He wrapped his arms around my waist. 

"What did Bryan say?"-Me. 
"Please tell me!"-Me. 
"Fine, he just told me to not hurt you.. And that he thinks that I'm good for you."-Niall. 
"So no questions? No embarrassing stuff?"-Me. 
"No. What embarrassing stuff would he tell me?"-Niall. 
"I'm really tired! Goodnight."-Me. He laughed. I tried laughing but my ribs. I fell asleep next to Niall. I just can't believe I'm adopted! And Harry is my brother? Today has been very eventful! 

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