Through The Dark **Completed**

Teagan is a 16 year old girl with no one. Until one direction take her into their home. She meets many people and maybe even some love interests. To find out what happens read Through The Dark.


2. Meeting them.

Teagan's POV
I woke up to Natalie and Claire talking about getting adopted. I woke up annoyed I hate sharing a room with them. 
"Will you guys shut up! Why don't you go get ready instead of talking about getting ready."-Me
"Good point. You might as well not even bother nobody would adopt a girl like you. Wait you are a girl right I mean you spend so much time with guys."-Natalie 
"Whatever."-Me. I rolled my eyes and got changed into shorts and a tank top. I grabbed my field hockey stick and went out back and practiced. I was out there just practicing my stick work when Jake came out. He's my best friend here he's my age and he was here since he was 5 also. 
"Why aren't you getting ready the people are going to be here in like half a hour."-Jake. He knew why. I didn't even bother looking up I kept practicing and answered him.
"You know Jake. Nobody ever wants to adopt me. I'm the freak 16 year old girl that cares more about sports than makeup and who's dating who."-Me. Jake walked over and to the field hockey ball from me.
"Hey! I need to practice. My junior season starts in two weeks. I'm captain and I need to be even better than when I left!"-Me. He laughed.
"Teagan your captain of every team. Your fine now get ready."-Jake. He took my stick to.
"Umm no I'm staying out here. Now if you won't let me practice that sport will you play one on one with me?"-Me 
"Sure. Your going down!"-Jake 
"Okay... you think that!"-Me. We both laughed and started to play. We played for about a hour. Jake went inside to get some drinks. I decided to just mess around and take random shots. I took a shot that would be about a foot outside the three point line and swished it. 
"Nice shot." I heard someone say it wasn't Jake. I turned around to see Louis Freaking Tomlinson standing there. Jake was behind him with a huge smile. He went in there to get the adopter! Jake waved and then walked inside.
"Umm Uhh thanks..."-Me. I was in shock I loved One Direction. The adopter was Louis. 
"So what's your name? I'm guessing by your reaction you know mine."-Louis he laughed. 
"Umm yea. I'm Teagan."-Me
"So how old are you?"-He asked.
"I'm 16."-Me
"Well it's nice to meet you Teagan. Why aren't you in there with the rest of the girls?"-He looked confused.
"Because no one ever would want to adopt me..."Me
"Well whys that love? I want to adopt you."-Louis. He smiled.
"Really. You would want to adopt me?"-Me. I was shocked.
"Of course! So why don't we go meet the other boys and see what they think?"-Louis.
"Umm sure. Let me just get my field hockey stuff."-Me
"You play field hockey too? Are you any good?"-He asked.
"Yes I do. And I mean I think I'm pretty good. I mean I'm captain of my team."-Me. 
"Wow. Do you play other sports? Are you good at them?"-Louis. I started to walk over and get my stuff from the yard.
"Um well I play varsity field hockey, basketball and tennis. I'm captain of all three teams, so I guess that means I'm good."-Me. I started to blush. I'm really shy around people I don't know.
"Oh wow. I guess you are good. Come on let's go meet the other boys. I bet they'll love you."-Louis. I smiled looking at the ground. I walked inside holding all my field hockey stuff and threw it next to the door. I walked into the living room where all the girls were and the rest of the boys. I walked in and Louis grabbed my hand and walked me over to the rest of the guys.
"Boys this is Teagan. She's 16 and is really good at sports. I think we should adopt her."-Louis. I looked up and saw all the boys looking from me to Louis. They all nodded. 
"Okay then Teagan go pack your are now going to be my daughter!"-Louis said. All the boys laughed at how excited he sounded. 
"Okay!"-I ran up the stairs and packed the clothes I had. I didn't have a lot I had to share with the other girls so I just packed a little of what I had. My sports stuff and some basic clothes. 
"Eww they're going to adopt you?"-Natalie
"Why would they adopt a loser like you?"-Claire.
"Whatever your just upset that you didn't get adopted my them."-Me. I turned and walked back down to the living room they were all sitting there waiting. Louis already had my field hockey stuff. 
"Yup."-I said popping the "p". I walked out of the orphanage after saying good bye to Ms. Sweet and Jake. Jake gave me a hug and told me to make sure to keep in touch. I agreed and kissed his cheek.
"Bye Jake."-I said pulling away from the hug and walking out the door with the boys. They all had a smile on there faces. 
"Who was that?"-Niall asked playfully hitting my arm.
"Umm Jake. My best friend. He's the one that brought Louis out to meet me."-Me
"You mean dad?"-Louis
"Umm yea dad out to meet me."-Me. I laughed. 
"It sure looked like more than a best friend..."-Zayn. I started to blush.  
"No trust me best friend nothing more!"-Me. We all laughed and started to talk.


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