Through The Dark **Completed**

Teagan is a 16 year old girl with no one. Until one direction take her into their home. She meets many people and maybe even some love interests. To find out what happens read Through The Dark.


4. London.


Teagan's POV

I went to bed when Lou- I mean dad told me to. I stayed up watching tv for a little while then fell asleep. I thought about today. The way Harry looked at me in the car. I hope he likes me. Wait what no I don't that's just weird. I fell asleep thinking about that and what my new life will be like.
***Next Morning***
I woke up to someone banging on the door. Uh what. I looked at the clock it was 5 AM. I went to the door and opened it. It was my dad. 
"Morning. Start to get ready we leave at 6."-Dad. He smiled.
"Okay. Umm dad is there going to be all those people?"-I looked at the ground.
"I don't know sweetie. Probably. But don't worry all of us will be there and don't listen to them they are all just crazy fans."-He laughed and so did I. I hugged him. 
"Thanks Dad!"
"Your welcome? For what?"-He said holding me.
"For adopting me." 
He smiled "Your welcome! Now get ready!" I laughed.
"Okay." I closed the door and changed into a pair of skinny jeans and a tank top that said "Keep Calm and Play On" with a basketball on it. I put a pair of my Jordan's and put my hair in a messy bun. I walked out of my room right as everyone else did. We all laughed. 
"That was just weird!"-Niall said. We all nodded in agreement. We all walked outside luckily there were no fans. We were in the car for about 15 minutes when we got to the airport. Still no fans good! We got on the plane and I sat next to Dad and Niall. I fell asleep almost instantly. I woke up to dad shaking me. 
"Wake up sweetie we are landing."
I woke up and we landed. We got our bags and started to walk toward the door. I heard all the fans yelling about the boys. I grabbed on to my dads arm. He looked at me and I could tell he was worried for me. Some one came up next to me and grabbed my arm. I jumped. It was some guy. 
"Teagan it's okay this is our tour manager Paul."-Dad.
"Sorry for scaring you. It's nice to meet you."-Paul.
"You to."-I smiled.
"Teagan your going with Paul and we will meet at the car. That way the fans won't bother you."-Dad.
"Okay."I gave dad a hug and walked out with Paul. The fans recognized me from last night. Some people were saying nice things while others weren't. Paul just rushed me to the car. We were waiting for about 10 minutes then the boys came and we said good bye to Paul. We were in the car for about 30 minutes. We were all talking about what my old school was like and the old orphanage. We pulled up to this huge house. There was a gate in the front so fans couldn't get in. We all got out of the car and I was in shock. 
"So Teagan what do you think?"-Liam
"It's uh huge."-Me. They all laughed. 
"Come on let's show you the inside of the house."-Niall. We all walked in and there was a huge living room and huge kitchen. 
"Teagan do you want to see your room?"-Dad. 
"Uhh duh!"-Me 
"Okay come on."-Dad grabbed my hand and ran up the stairs. I started to laugh. He brought me to the very end of the hall way. 
"Okay close your eyes."-Niall said from behind me. I heard the door open and I walked in with my eyes closed. 
"You can open your eyes now!"-Zayn. I opened my eyes and it was huge. It was light pink with black designs all over it. I ran over and jumped on the huge bed. The boys laughed at me. I walked over and opened one of the doors and there was a huge walk in closest filled with clothes. I turned around and all the boys were laughing. 
"You got me all these clothes! How did you know what I would like?"-Me
"Well last night we called our girlfriends and they did a little shopping for you."-Dad explained. 
"Really! Thank you!"-I screamed. I ran over and hugged all of them. 
"Oh yea go open the drawer of your desk"-Dad 
"Okay..."-I answered very confused. There were two boxes with wrapping paper on them. 
"Don't just look at them. Open it!"-Zayn.
"Well then someone's in a mood!"-Me. Everyone laughed. I opened the smaller box first. It was an IPhone 5s. 
"No way!"-Me.
"Yes way!"-Harry. 
"Now the next one."-Zayn. 
"Okay okay." I opened the box and it was a Mac Book Pro. 
"OMG THIS IS AWESOME!"-I screamed. All the boys covered there ears. I laughed. 
"Now open the other drawer..."-Niall. I walked over and saw it was full of phone cases. I looked up in shock. The boys covered their ears again. I laughed and hugged all of them. I ran over and picked out a phone case. It was black with the Jordan symbol on it. 
"So the phone as all of our numbers in it and all of our girlfriends numbers."-Dad. 
"Thank you all so much!" I squealed jumping up and down. 
"Your welcome and the girls will be over in about a hour they are out shopping."-Zayn
"Okay!" I was playing on my phone. 
"So Teagan tomorrow I was wondering if you wanted to start school. It's a private school and they have all the sports you play. I already talked to the coach and she agreed to let you try out tomorrow after school."-Dad 
"Okay sounds fun!"-Me. 
"Oh and one more thing."-Niall. He pulled a long box out from behind the wall. 
"What is this?"
"Just something for you tomorrow."-Dad. I opened it up and it was a brand new field hockey stick! 
"What how did you know this is the one I wanted!? I only ever told Jake."-Me
"Well I asked Jake what you like and what to get you after you told me about playing sports."-Dad. 
"OMG thank you so much dad! I love you!" I gave him a huge hug.
"I love you to sweetie." We all went down stairs after I finished putting all my stuff for school and practice together. We all sat on the coach while I was playing on my phone and my laptop. I was made a twitter and put my phone and laptop away. 
"Do you think the girls would help me pick out something to wear tomorrow for school?"
"I don't know. They should be here any minute ask."-Liam. As soon as he said that the door opened. Soon three girls came running in. I recognized all of them from pictures online. 
"Hi you must be Teagan! I'm Eleanor but you can call me El!" 
"Hi!"-I smiled and she gave me a huge hug. 
"I'm Perrie! It's nice to meet you!" 
"Hi! It's nice to meet you too and by the way I love your music!" We laughs then she gave me a hug. 
"Hi I'm Sophia!"
"Hi nice to meet you!" She gave me a hug to. 
"Thanks for shopping for all my clothes!"
"Your welcome!" They all said at once. 
"It was fun! I can't wait for all of us to go together!"-El
"Yea! Sounds fun!"-Me 
"So I was wondering if you girls would pick out an outfit for school tomorrow?"
"Yes of course! Let's go!" They all yelled at once. We all ran up the stairs into my room. 
"We should do your hair and make up tomorrow too!"-Perrie said. 
"I'm not really in to make up..."-Me 
"We can only use a little bit!"-Sophia
"Okay." We picked our my outfit and all went downstairs. 
"Hey Teagan your phone as been going off no stop. What is it the only numbers you have is ours."-Dad
"I don't know? Let's see!"-Me. I picked up my phone and was in shock. 
"What is it?"-Liam
"I have like two thousand followers on twitter. I just made it how did they know it was me?"
"Um I don't know the fact we followed you. Your name maybe?"-Dad. 
"Haha very funny dad but still."
"And we tweeted about hanging out with you!"-Harry 
"Oh that's probably it!" I said with a laugh. I scrolled through my twitter and I looked at the tweets I was getting. Some were really nice, but most was just hate. I just looked at my phone and dropped it and ran upstairs crying. I hears everyone wondering what's going on then heard Harry say look at her twitter. Them dad came up. 
"Hey babe what's wrong."
"They hate me!"
"Your fans!" I was crying into my pillow. 
"Okay okay. We will take care of it. Don't worry about them." He said kissing my cheek. "Here's your phone school starts at 730 so get up with enough time to get ready." 
"Okay night dad. Tell the girls to be in my bed room by 630 please!"
"Okay night babe." He walked out and shut the door. I set my alarm for 6 so I could shower them the girls could help me get ready. I was starting to fall asleep when my phone went off. It was a twitter message from dad. 'All of you who are tweeting my daughter hating on her you should be disgusted! Your not a true directioner, you would ace do her if you were.' I smiled then saw the other boys and the girls were doing the same. Wow I thought. I actually have a family. I was thinking about all of us and school tomorrow and field hockey before I feel sleep. 

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