Through The Dark **Completed**

Teagan is a 16 year old girl with no one. Until one direction take her into their home. She meets many people and maybe even some love interests. To find out what happens read Through The Dark.




We are very sorry but we are going to end this book. We don't have anymore ideas for the future of this book but we decided to let you know how everything turned out in the future.


Hayley and Niall got married 2 years ago and have a three year old boy named, Aidan James Horan and are pregnant with a baby girl. Teagan and Harry got married 3 years ago and have  a 3 year old boy named Jacob Edward Styles (Get it Jacob and Edward Twilight bwhaahha) and a one year old Darcy Lynn Styles. Liam got married 5 months ago to a girl named Madison and they have a two month year old baby named Taylor Nicole Payne. Zayn and Perrie got married 5 years ago with a four year old boy named Tyler Joseph Malik. Lastly Louis and Eleanor are getting married next month and they have a little girl that's 3 named Ariana Grace Tomlinson and a 1 year old boy named Austin James Tomlinson. 

**Authors Note** 
Thanks for reading. Sorry it ended so short. Read our other books Better Than Words and others coming soon Does He Know, Story of My Life, Still The One and Nobody Compares Love you all. 
~Tea &' Hay~ xxx 

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