Through The Dark **Completed**

Teagan is a 16 year old girl with no one. Until one direction take her into their home. She meets many people and maybe even some love interests. To find out what happens read Through The Dark.


6. Games

Hayley's POV

As soon as I get home from school my parents start yelling at me. Everyday I do something wrong. 
"Your phone bill is really high who the hell are you texting all the time!?"-Dad. 
"I don't like him you can't see him anymore."-Dad. 
"NO! IM LEAVING! I MIGHT BE HOME LATER PROBABLY NOT! LOVE YOU TOO! I WALK IN THE HOUSE AND GET SCREAMED AT SORRY IM NOT PERFECT LIKE BRYAN!"-Me. Bryan is my older brother he is in college in California. I miss him like crazy. He should be coming home next month though! My parents favor him because "he's so successful" but yet I'm still in high school captain of volleyball team, softball team, and have a 3.8 GPA. Oops I forgot Bryan was 4.0. I stormed out of the house after grabbing clothes. I had no where to go. I usually go to Gregs but I couldn't today. He was at his aunts house. I love him so much. He gets mad easily though, he's hit me a couple times but he is quickly sorry. And of course I forgive him. I could never leave him. I do get pissed though. He's been really distant and angry. Except for when I do what he wants. I was still sitting in my car thinking about places I could go. Then I thought about Teagan she's really nice and I feel I could tell her anything. She just has that honest and truthful vibe. Plus her dad is Louis Tomlinson!! That's awesome! I texted her asking if I could go over. She said yes. I got to her house and knocked on the door. Teagan answered. I gave her a hug. I felt someone staring at me. I looked and saw Niall looking at me. He was so adorable, and cute and STOP! What am I thinking!? I have Greg and I love him. Teagan pulled me upstairs to her room. 
"Do you like Niall!?"-Teagan. 
"No. I have a boyfriend!"-Me. 
"If you didn't would you like him!?"-Teagan. 
"Yes! How could I not?!"-Me. 
"I can't believe you just said that."-Teagan. I laughed. 
"So what happened with your parents?"-Teagan. 
"I get home and my dad starts screaming at me for my phone bill. Then tells me I can't see Greg. So I left. He's so annoying this happens every day. How was your date with Zach?-Me. 
"I'm dating him now."-Teagan. 
"That's amazing! We can go on double dates!!"-Me. There was a knock on her door. She yelled come in. Niall walked in. 
"Niall get out stop trying to hook up with her. She's not interested."-Teagan. I started laughing. 
"I'm not trying to hook up with her! I just met her two minutes ago!"-Niall. 
"NIALL LEAVE THEM ALONE YOU PERVE!"-Liam. We both started laughing. Niall just shook his head and walked out. Teagan and I started laughing so hard. Louis walked in. 
"Don't worry about him.. He's just.. Niall. And I think he fancies you. But shhhhh.."-Louis. I pretended to zip my lips and throw the key. Louis just laughed. Once Louis left Teagan and I were talking when my phone started going off. Greg was calling me.. 
"One minute tea im going to go outside to talk. She nodded. I answered. 
Me: Hello? (I walked downstairs.)
Greg: Where the hell are you!? I went to your house and you aren't even there!?"-Greg. 
Me: Calm down! God. (I walked outside)
Greg: Don't fucking tell me what to do!
Me: What's wrong? You're really pissed. 
Greg: Because my girlfriend is to big of a bitch to tell me where the fuck she is!?
Me: Seriously!? Are you fucking kidding me!? Sorry I would have been at your house but you were too busy. So I went to Teagan's house!
Greg: doesn't she live with 5 guys!?
Me: Yeah? It doesn't matter I'm with you and I love you not them. 
Greg: I can't fucking believe this you're at a house with 5 guys! My girlfriend is a fucking slut!
Me: Did you call me just to insult me?
Greg: I'm so sorry I didn't mean it. Zach just got me mad and I wasn't thinking straight. 
Me: Sure whatever I have to go now. Sorry I'm such a bitch and slut. 
Greg: Hayley wai-
I hung up and threw my phone at the ground breaking the screen in the process. 
"DAMN IT!"-Me. I walked inside pissed at everything. I walked up to Teagan's room. 
"You okay?"-Teagan. 
"Nope. He's such a douche!"-Me. 
"What happened?"-Tea. 
"He called me a slut, a bitch, and then says sorry! Like what?"-Me. 
"What happened to your phone?"-Tea. 
"I got mad so I umm. Threw it."-Me. She laughed. We did homework and then went to bed.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Next Morning~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Teagan's alarm woke me up. I groaned. I looked and saw her already dressed and ready. I looked confused. 
"I let you sleep later, you had a pretty rough night."-Teagan. I nodded and said thanks. I got up and put on my clothes. I had a volleyball game today so I had to wear my uniform. I put on a long sleeve shirt that had my number on it. Number 6. Then the spandex shorts. I wore sneakers with it. I left my hair down natural. I took my make up out of my bag. I put on foundation eyeliner on my top lid and then mascara. I grabbed my phone and all my bags. 
"That's your uniform?"-Teagan. 
"Yeah, skimpy right?"-me. We both laughed. We walked downstairs. The guys were all up. I looked at my phone. 5 messages from Greg. 
'Im so sorry babe, I didn't mean it.'
'Please forgive me.' 
'Answer me please.'
'I love you. You aren't a bitch or slut I was overreacting to nothing."
'I love you so much please answer' 
"Teagan, he's so annoying! He keeps trying to apologize.."-Me. All the guys looked confused. 
"Does he mean it?"-Teagan. 
"Probably not.. This is his every day mood."-Me. She nodded. 
"I don't know Hay. What did he say though?"-Teagan. 
"I'm so sorry babe I didn't mean it. Please forgive me answer me please I love you, you aren't a bitch or slut I was overreacting to nothing I love you so much please answer.."-Me. 
"He called you a bitch and slut?"-Harry 
"Yeah.. That's why I threw my phone and it's all cracked now.."-Me. Zayn and Liam laughed then stopped.
"Well let's go. Don't want to be late."-Teagan. I nodded I grabbed my keys out of my bag and we started to walk outside. 
"Niall! Stop looking at her! Who cares if she's wearing spandex don't stare at her!"-Louis. Teagan and I started laughing. We got in my car and then went to school. We walked in and all our friends started talking to us. Then Greg came over to us. He tried giving me a hug but I shrugged him away. Everyone left us alone telling that we obviously needed to talk.
"Why didn't you answer me?"-Greg. 
"Didn't feel like it."-me. 
"Are you still mad at me?"-Greg. 
"You shouldn't be."-Greg. He leaned in and gave me a kiss with his hands rested on my hips. He knew that I wouldn't be able to say no to him. So I kissed back and put my hands around his shoulders. I could feel him smile on my lips which made me smile too. Once we pulled apart we both smiled and hugged. 
"I knew you wouldn't be able to stay mad at me."-Greg. 
"Because you did that! If you didn't I would still be mad at you."-Me he laughed and grabbed my hand. We walked to class together. Before I sat down next to him he whispered in my ear. 
"You need to wear those shorts more often."-Greg. I just laughed and blushed. I sat down and went through my boring schedule. Lunch came and I saw Teagan and Zach. How cute. I sat down at the table and Greg came over. He sat down next to me. 
"Want to hangout after your game?"-Greg. 
"Of course."-Me. He gave me a kiss. 
"Can I see your phone? I want to play a game."-Greg. I took my phone out of my bag. 
"What happened to it?"-Greg. 
"I kinda... Threw it at the ground."-Me. He just laughed. Teagan started talking to me. 
"After my practice want me to go to your game?"-Teagan. 
"Sure. Sounds good."-Me. 
"The guys want to come too."-Teagan. I laughed.
"That's fine. The more the merrier anyways. Let's just hope I don't suck."-Me. 
"You'll do perfect as always."-Greg. I smiled. Once school ended I went to the locker room. All the girls finished getting ready. I put my hair up in a ponytail. Then I put my knee pads on. 
"Okay girls this is the game we have been working for all season. Biggest competition yet. I'm proud of all of us we have gotten closer not only as a team but as friends. Now we go and kick their butts."-Me. We left the locker room and started practicing in the gym. After 20 minutes of practicing we were getting ready to start. Then I see Tegan and the boys walk in. I smiled to them. Then I saw Greg sit next to Niall....awkward. Greg waved at me. I smiled. We got into a small group huddle before going out to the court, if that's what you want to call it. 
"Okay girls this is it. I know we are ready for this."-me. They all nodded. Then we went to our positions. Before they started it I moved my blonde hair out of my face. We started and it was going good. We were winning. It was one of my best games so far. The best player on the other team was about to spike, so I started to get under it, until it hit me it the head and her spike is hard. I just grabbed my head and laid on the ground. My coach and team came over. 
"Are you okay?"-Coach. I nodded. 
"Yeah I'm fine. Just hurts a little."-me. 
"Can you play? There's only 2 minutes left and we are in the lead."-Coach. I nodded. She helped me up and i grabbed my head a little. I looked over to the stands and saw Greg, Teagan and the boys all worried. I got back in the game and finished it. Winning. Once the game ended Teagan came up to me. 
"You did great!"-Teagan. 
"No I didn't. I was horrible. I got hit in the head by a spike, I messed up where I was supposed to be and got hit."-Me. 
"You're way too hard on yourself."-Teagan. Greg came over and gave me a hug. Then the boys came over they all gave me a hug. 
"My head hurts."-Me. 
"I think I have aspirin."-Teagan. She pulled some out of her bag and I took a couple pills. Once we all finished talking Greg and I headed back to my house. When we got there my parents weren't home. I put my bags on the couch and sat down on a chair on Greg's lap. 
"Why did you hug those guys?-Greg.
"They are just friends, I love you only. Please remember that."-Me. 
"I don't want you talking to them."-Greg. Then my phone went off a text from Niall. Fucking great. 
"Are you fucking kidding me!? You fucking text him!?"-Greg. He pushed me off of him causing me to fall off the chair and hitting my head on the ground. I stood up and backed away from him. 
"I'm so sorry. I didn't mean it."-Greg. 
"Leave me alone, stay away from me. I'm done. With you and your bullshit."-Me. He came over to me a grabbed my arms squeezing tight. 
"You aren't done with anything."-Greg. 
"Let me go now!"-Me. He slapped me across the face. 
"Don't tell me what to do!"-Greg. I pushed and pushed and finally got him off of me. 
"We are over! I hate you!"-Me. 
"I don't care I was only using you for everything else I had Olivia for everything you wouldn't give me."-Greg. 
"I fucking hate you. Get out of my house."-Me. He walked out and got in his car. But he didn't leave? I started crying I went to my car and drove to the school. I looked in the mirror and saw a bruise starting on my face. And on my arms. I went to the football field and saw Teagan. I guess the game just ended. I was still in my uniform.  When I got to them Teagan just looked at me. She came ore to me and hugged me. I just cried. 
"What's wrong?"-Teagan. I heard my name being called from Greg. I let go of Teagan and looked at him. 
"Get away from me. I don't want to talk to you. I hate you!"-Me. 
"I did nothing wrong."-Greg. 
"ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR FUCKING MIND!? So cheating is nothing? Fuck off Or better yet have Livie do it since you obviously go to her all the fucking time!"-Me. He came over to me and slapped me. HE FUCKING SLAPPED ME! In front of Zach, Teagan the boys and any other witnesses. I just held my cheek. Zach and Teagan came over to me and pulled me away from him. I just cried. I saw all the guys screaming at him. I looked behind Greg and saw Livie. I walked behind Greg and everyone stopped to look at me. 
"Hayley, I'm so sor-"-Olivia. I cut her off by slapping her. 
"Fucking save it. You aren't sorry I'm not fucking stupid. You fucked him behind my fucking back for how long? A long time right? Yet you were one of my 'best friends' I'm done with you. Don't talk to me EVER again and have fun getting beat by that piece of shit boyfriend. I won't be there to help you oh and have fun explaining this to your boyfriend that happens to be standing right behind you. Well done Liv I hope you're happy."-Me. I just walked to Teagan again. She wanted to go talk to the guys and Greg so Zach just stayed with me. He looked at my face. Zach has been like a brother to me. I love him with all my heart. But as a brother. 
"God, how long has he hit you?"-Zach. 
"A while.."-Me. I looked at my hands. 
"Why wouldn't you tell me!?"-Zach. 
"He told me I couldn't, I'm sorry. I wanted to. I was just scared I guess."-Me. He just hugged me until Niall came over. Zach got up and left. 
"You okay?"-Niall. I nodded. 
"I guess so."-Me. He rubbed his thumb over the bruise that was forming. 
"Does it hurt?"-Niall. 
"A little."-Me. He removed his hand and just looked at me. I heard Teagan yelling at Greg. I just buried my head in Niall's chest crying. Zach and Teagan came over with the others. I let go of Niall and just put my head in my hands and looked towards the ground. 
"Ready to leave Hales?"-Zach. I nodded I stood up and quietly walked to my car. I felt a jacket put over my shoulders I saw Niall standing there. I gave him a small smile. I put my arms through the sleeves of his sweatshirt. I got to my car. I was about to give him his sweatshirt but he stopped me. 
"Keep it, it looks better on you anyways."-Niall. I smiled and got in my car. I heard a tap on my window and it was Teagan. 
"Want to come over? I have ice cream."
"Please. What about good movies to watch like the notebook and the vow and those ones." She nodded. I laughed and put my seatbelt on. She got to Louis' car and we both drove off. Once I got to her house we were watching movies all night. I fell asleep but started having a bad dream. I woke up crying. I went to the bathroom. I washed off my face and just sat there basically crying. I was still wearing Niall's sweatshirt. I got out of the bathroom and ran into somebody. 
"Sorry."-Me. I looked up and it was Niall. He just looked at me. 
"Are you okay?"-Niall. I just burst out crying in his arms. He brought me into his room I'm guessing. I told him what happened and he just let me cry into his chest. I fell asleep cuddle up to Niall and his arms wrapped protectively and securely around my waist. With him I felt safe and sound. 

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