Through The Dark **Completed**

Teagan is a 16 year old girl with no one. Until one direction take her into their home. She meets many people and maybe even some love interests. To find out what happens read Through The Dark.


14. Game Day :/

Hayley's POV 


Yesterday was the worst day ever. I woke up to Harry walking in. 
"Hayley, time for school." 
"Can I please stay home? I'm still really sore" I gave him the puppy eyes I heard Niall groan. 
"Oh no, the puppy eyes. What does she want?" Niall said. 
"Fine, but you are going to Teas game." Harry said. 
"Thank you." Once he walked out I laughed with Niall. 
"He's such a protective brother." Niall said with his amazing adorable laugh. I nodded. 
"Now let's get back to bed." Niall said. I nodded and cuddled up to him the best I could. After a few hours I woke up to Niall kissing my cheek and forehead and then my lips. I think it shocked him when I kissed back. He pulled away smiling. I grabbed his shirt collar and pulled him closer. He put his forehead on mine and smiled. I smiled back. I couldn't look him straight in the eyes. I bit my lip and he kissed me again. I laughed in the middle of the kiss and he laughed. We got up and he handed me my crutches. I don't have a full on cast anymore, last night I went to the doctors and my arm and leg are both healing fast. I have a brace and brace for my arm. I used my crutches up to the stairs then Niall helped me on his back. He grabbed my crutches. 
"Please don't drop me!" 
"I won't!" Niall laughed. We got down there and all the boys were staring. I started laughing. Niall put me down easily and I grabbed my crutches. I got to the couch. I sat next to Liam and Niall. 
"You guys are really boring." I told them. They were sitting there watching a football game. 
"Well that's what you get for staying home." Harry told me. 
"Sorry dad." Louis started laughing at Harry. 
"I'm not like a dad!" Harry whined. 
"Whatever floats your boat bro." I answered he shook his head and laughed. We spent the day laughing and just talking and watching TV. Once it was time for Teagan's game we all got ready. I just wore volleyball sweats and one of Niall's sweatshirts. We got there and Sarah was sitting In the bleachers with Greg. We walked by them and they laughed. I snarled and Niall wrapped his hands around my waist. We sat next to Zach. The game started Teagan was doing really good. I didn't really get field hockey but whatever. Zach left early. He gave me a hug and left. Once the game ended Tea came over to us and gave us all a hug. She told us that she had to go to the locker room. We told her to meet us at the car. After 5 minutes she came running out crying. Harry went over to her and hugged her. I went over to them. 
"Tea, what happened?" I asked. 
"Zach..kissed..Sarah!" She sobbed. 
"That dick." I said. As I saw Zach walk into the parking lot. I started to walk towards him. I left my crutches near Teagan and Harry so I wouldn't beat him with them. I heard all the boys calling me. I got to Zach and he stopped walking. 
"Hey." Zach said acting like nothing was wrong. 
"What the hell is your problem!?" I screamed. I looked behind Zach and saw the boys staring at us. 
"What are you talking about!" Zach asked. 
" You cheated on Teagan!? How could you do that!? And with Sarah? You always called her the sluttiest girl in school! Is that why you have been so distant with all of us?" I was ranting. 
"It was a mistake! I thought you were my best friend!? Not my mom!" Zach yelled back. 
"I am your best friend but cheating!? I thought you were better than that! Teagan's done nothing but give you love and care for you and you go and cheat on her? That's low for you." I screamed. I saw the boys walk over to us with Teagan. 
"She's probably been with Harry anyways!!" Zack yelled. I slapped him. 
"What are you even talking about!? She's been with you and only you! She was head over fucking heels for you! She's been loyal to you! And you broke that trust! So don't go blaming this whole fucking thing on Teagan when you are the asshole!" I screamed to him. 
"So much for bestfriend!" 
"When your an idiot I'm going to be pissed!" 
"Talk to me when you aren't a psychotic bitch okay?" Zach. I was about to lunge at him but someone grabbed me. I looked at saw Harry. Zach walked away and Harry put me down. 
"You should have let me kill him!" 
"You're leg is in a brace and your arm is.. Nothing would have happened anyways." 
"Niall has my crutches! Those could have been used!" I heard the boys laughing. We got back home and everyone was trying to cheer Teagan up, nothing was working. It was 10. 
"Tea, want ice cream? And watch sappy love movies? You can throw popcorn at the TV and everything!" I asked her. She nodded. 
"Okay go to your room and I'll get the ice cream and popcorn." She nodded and walked upstairs. The guys looked shocked. 
"What? I know how a girls mind works. Trust me I felt the same way before." I got everything I needed. I gave Niall a kiss and all the boys a hug. I walked upstairs and put in The Notebook. She started crying and throwing popcorn at the TV. I just held her in my arms and let her cry. I felt bad for her. Zach is such a dick. Harry came in and asked her if tomorrow she wanted to go out somewhere. She nodded. Then he left after giving me a small smile. I nodded and smiled back. Once he walked out Teagan fell asleep sleeping in my arms. Louis walked in. 
"Is she okay?" He was worried. 
"Yeah she will be. Just upset now. Look at the ground near the TV." Louis looked and his eyes widened. 
"Is that ice cream?" 
"Yeah, she ran out of popcorn. She wouldn't even let me eat any." I answered. He shook his and we talked a little more. I moved and stood up. Louis gave me a hug. 
"Thanks for helping her and sticking up for her like that after the game." Louis told me. 
"Of course. She's probably the only girl in that school I can fully trust." 
"I'm happy she has a friend like you Hayley." 
"I'm glad I have a friend like her." Me and Louis talked a little more in the hall and then went to bed. I walked into Niall's room. He was on his phone. Talking to someone. 
"Yeah I know mom. Love you too. Bye." 
"What was that about" I asked him. 
"Nothing. Come lay down." I nodded and laid next to him all cuddled up. I was drifting to sleep and I thought I heard Niall say I love you. But I could have been dreaming. 

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