Through The Dark **Completed**

Teagan is a 16 year old girl with no one. Until one direction take her into their home. She meets many people and maybe even some love interests. To find out what happens read Through The Dark.


9. Flirting &' Falling For Him

Teagan's POV 

I'm so happy for Hayley and Niall. I really think he likes her and won't hurt her. I fell asleep thinking about that and how Harry has been flirting with me, I've been flirting back though. I think dad noticed today, but I wouldn't do saying because I'm dating Zach! I set my alarm for later because me and Hayley both had games so we just had to put uniforms on. I fell asleep thinking about my game tomorrow I can't wait!
***Next Morning***
I set my alarm for like 30 minutes before we had to leave because we really didn't have to do a lot to get ready. I was fast asleep when I heard my door open. It was Hayley. 
"Tea get up! It's 6 we have to leave by 7." She said trying to get me up.
"Your point. We big have games... We just put a uniform on and we are ready for school go back to sleep. I'm getting up at 630 I'll wake you up then to." I rolled back over to go to sleep. 
"Okay!" Hayley ran back out of the room into Niall's. I just started to fall asleep again when my door opened. 
"Teagan get up you have school!" Dad said walking into my room. 
"I will! I'm getting up at 630! Me and Hayley both have games so we wear our uniforms to school... Please let me sleep!" I pulled the covers over my head.
"Fine but you better not be late." He shut the door. Finally I can sleep! I fell back asleep to soon be woke. Up by my alarm. Uh I hate school! I went and woke Hayley up and we got ready. I put my jersey top on which was a tank top style shirt that was tight fighting with a number 5 on the back. Then my skirt which was really short but I think they looked cute. I put my game socks on and then a pair of Nike slides. I put my hair up in a pony tail grabbed my bag and went downstairs. Hayley came down a few minutes later in her uniform. Everyone was up by now, I feel bad me and Hayley wake them up because we play our music in the morning pretty loud. I walked into the kitchen and everyone stopped talking and looked at me. 
"What?" I was looking at everyone and they all just looked away. 
"Um well don't you think that skirt is a little short?" Dad asked. 
"No it's cute and it's a uniform so I have no choice but to wear it!" I laughed Harry was still staring at me. 
"I agree the skirts are cute..."Harry said smirking at me. Dad hit smacked the back of Harry's head. I laughed and so did Hayley and everyone else. Me and Hayley grabbed something to eat and left. I heard everyone talking as we left. 
"I can't wait for the game today!" Harry said. 
"Uh stop Harry... that's my daughter." Dad said. I heard the rest of the boys start to laugh. We got in the car and drove to school. I got to the school and saw Zach waiting for me by my locker. 
"Hey babe I like your outfit." He said smiling. 
"Thanks. Your coming to my game today right?" He nodded. We both went to our classes. The day went by super slow because I wanted to start my game. The day ended and I went right to the locker room. I put my shinguards, gloves, and face mask on grabbed my stick and went out to the field. I walk out seeing Nicole and Sarah putting makeup on... why I do know I never understood why people did that. We did our warm ups and then the game started. I saw that everyone from my family was there. This was the first time people that cared I about me came to watch. With 10 minutes left in the first half the other team scored. Nicole started to yell at the defense saying it was their fault even though she crossed the ball to the middle of the field. The half ended and we all went to our bench. Our coach gave us a pep talk and the next half started. About half way through the second half we got a corner. I was standing at the top of the circle waiting for the ball. Nicole hit the ball up to me at I drove it to the far post. "Whack" you heard the ball hit the back of the goal. Everyone starting cheering we just tied the game up! I ran to the goal and picked the ball up and brought it back to the mid field. Sarah was giving me a dirty look from the side line. She barely played at all this game. The rest of the game was a fight back and forth. Until about a minute left in the game. The ball got sent to the midfield line wheee I was standing. I got the ball took off down the field I dodged the last defender there was and it was them just a one on one with the goalie. Everyone was screaming from both teams. I got to the circle with about 10 seconds left and she started to come out on me. Perfect that's what I wanted to happen. I drew her to one side and them did a quick pull to the strong side of my stick and flicked the ball into the goal. You saw the goalie dive and then heard the ball hit the back of the back of the goal. The score board went off to signal the end of the game. Everyone was yelling and ran over to me. Apparently this was the first time we beat this team in 10 years. Nicole and Sarah just walked over to the bench to get water. We said good game to the other team and then coach said the paper wanted to talk to me. I heard Nicole get upset. 
"Really Sarah! What is so great about her! She just got lucky!" Nicole said storming off to the locker room with Sarah following after her. Coach came over with me to talk to the paper they asked her some questions about the game and she answered by saying it was a good fight and that I was a good player and she was expecting a lot more out of me this year. She left and then the paper talked to me. They asked me about the game and how I felt about the win because of my two goals. Also how it felt to just move her and already be a captain and make history for the team. I just said its great that the team is really good and I can't wait to see what else comes out of the season. He thanked me then took a picture of me for the paper. I grabbed my stuff and started to walk over to everyone Zach came up to me. 
"You played amazing I never knew you were that good!" 
"Thanks." He smiled them gave me a kiss. It was interrupted by everyone else. ,y dad started to fake cough. I looked up and saw everyone looking at me and Zach. I started to blush. 
"I'll call you later Teagan..." He said giving me a quick kiss and walking away. 
"Okay bye!" I yelled and then turned back to my dad. I turned and smiled everyone laughed. 
"You played great! I didn't realize you were that good!" Harry said giving me a hug. 
"Thanks Harry!" I hugged him back mad heard my dad cough again. "Relax dad. It's Harry. It's not like I'm going to kiss him or anything. That would be gross!" 
"Hey! It wouldn't be that gross!" I laughed. 
"Your like my brother. Yes it would!" I messed with his hair. 
"God you two! You fight like brother and sister!" Niall said. " Now can we please get back to Hayley's game?" 
" Is it fighting or flirting?" El said laughing. 
"There will be no flirting between you two!" Dad said I laughed. We started to walk back to the school. 
"Who was that guy that you were talking to after the game?" Perrie asked. 
"A guy from the news paper! He interviewed me about the game and me just moving here and making history." I smiled. 
"That's cool!" Sophia said smiling. 
"Great now the paparazzi is going to be following us because your daughter is a sports star! Louis why could you pick a non star like person!" Niall said then started to laugh. We all were laughing then went to watch Hayley. Most of the school went into her game. I walked in and bunch of people kept saying good job. I thanked them then watched Hayley's game. They won. I told the guys I would meet them at the car and I would wait for Hayley. Hayley came out a little later and we talked about our games. We were walking out when a bunch of people from school started to talk to us. We were pretty popular at school. A bunch of the football players were talking to us as we walked out. We said good bye and got into the car. My dad rolled his eyes at the fact there were so many boys around me. I laughed and said it must be the skirt I should wear it more often. Everyone laughed then we decided to get pizza and go home and watch movies. We got home and everyone sat next to who they were dating. I looked and saw the only seat was next to Harry. I walked over and sat down. We were all laughing and watching movies. I put my head on Harry's shoulder because I was tired but I wanted to stay out with everyone. He just looked down at me and laughed. He whispered in my ear "What's Louis gonna say about this..." I looked at him and shrugged. "You are like a brother nothing more it's fine." We both started laughing and my dad looked over and his eyes got wide. 
"What are you two doing? I think you two are a little to close right now." He looked between me and Harry we both laughed. 
"Dad relax. He is like my brother nothing more! And I have a boyfriend that I am perfectly happy with."I said. He rolled his eyes and watched the movie again. My phone went off it was Zach. 
Z: hey want to hang out tonight?
M: no sorry having family time!
Z: you see your family all the time. Come on come see me. 
M: I want to hang with family. Sorry. I'll call you later though. 
Z: whatever. 
M: okay I won't call you then?
Harry looked at my phone and whispered in my ear. "I would never get upset with someone who wanted to spend time with her family." I rolled my eyes and hit his arm. He just laughed. I whispered back "Quit flirting Styles. Not going to happen." He just laughed. My phone went off again. 
Z: whatever. I don't care be a bitch. 
M:how am I being a bitch?
Z:you won't come see your boyfriend...
M:sorry. You don't control me. I can so what I want. 
Z: whatever. Sarah and Nicole invited me over I was going to take you but you want to leave your boyfriend for family time! I'll just go by myself. Don't bother calling me unless you want to come later. 
I could responded I started to cry quietly into Harry's chest. He looked at my phone and looked really upset he gave it to Hayley who looked shocked and upset. I stood up and ran up to my room crying. I heard Harry tell someone that he'll talk to me. I ran to my room and laid on my bed crying. Harry came in and sat next to me, I sat up and he pulled me into his arms. I cried into his chest. 
"You know your not a bitch... I think it's nice you wanted to spend time with us." 
"But I don't get it. He was so nice and now he's probably cheating on my with the girls that hate me!" 
"He's just saying that to get you to leave." 
"Y-y-you think?" I said looking up into his amazing eyes. 
"Yea. He's not going there. It's a trick. And even if he did then he doesn't deserve you. He doesn't deserve you now because of what he said." He pulled me closer to him. I wrapped my arms around him and gave him a hug. 
"Thanks Harry. Your such a great brother!" We both laughed. We talked for a while about random things. I started to get tired. Harry was laying next to me because we had been talking for like an hour. I put my head on his chest and he wrapped his arms around me. I was thinking about Harry. I really like him more than a brother, and he likes me to. But I have a boyfriend that would never happen between me and Harry. Dad would kill him and me. But it feels so right to be in his arms. Great I think I'm falling for Harry... I fell asleep thinking about those thoughts. 

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