Through The Dark **Completed**

Teagan is a 16 year old girl with no one. Until one direction take her into their home. She meets many people and maybe even some love interests. To find out what happens read Through The Dark.


13. Falling for him...

Teagan's POV

After we got out of the principles office me and my dad couldn't stop laughing but Harry was upset at Hayley. Whatever he will get over it I think he was just worried about her. I had to go back to first period I walked in and Greg gave me a death stare. I just needed to get through this class and then I get to see Zach and I need to tell him that whatever he hears isn't true unless I tell him. All class I kept hearing people say things about me... Uh I hate people but whatever they can think what they want. The bell rang and I went to my locker and Zach was waiting for me and he didn't look happy.

"Hey what's wrong?" I said going to give him a hug he moved out if the way.

"What was that about?"

"Please tell me the things that people are telling me aren't true..." He said looking right into my eyes.

"What are they saying?" I asked knowing what it was but not wanting to think about it.

"That you are cheating on my with Harry. I wouldn't have believed it but with what Hayley said I had to think twice about it!" He said looking at he ground.

"Really you believe that! I would never do that to you and Harry is like my brother that would be gross!!" I made a grossed out face and Zach laughed. 

"Yeah I guess it was stupid of me to think..." He smiled and pulled me into a hug. I got my stuff and we walked to the next class together Sarah was out of the office by now and she kept saying things to me with almost every single other girl in school except Meagan and Drew and the field hockey team... they didn't like Sarah! I just ignored what they were saying. The day went by really slow and people kept saying things. When the last bell rang I said bye to Zach and went to the locker room. I got changed and was about to walk to the field when coach called me into her office to talk...great! I walked in and saw Sarah sitting there giving me the dirtiest look ever. "Teagan can you please explain to me what happened today." Coach asked as I took a seat. "Well me and Hayley got into a car accident on Saturday after practice and Hayley was seriously hurt. She has a concussion and a broken leg and arm. We were walking to first period when Sarah tripped Hayley, she said something to both of us that weren't true and then slapped Hayley in the face. I stepped in between them so Hayley wouldn't get hit again then the teacher came we went to the office and Sarah decided to tell the principle that I hit her in the face, which is a lie, and the principle said me and Hayley did nothing wrong and Sarah has detention after school for two weeks." I said. Sarah looked at the ground the whole time not wanting to look at coach.

"Well I'm sorry about you and Hayley I hope you both are okay. As for you Sarah you will have three week suspension from the team. That means no practice no games and you can't travel with the team to away games." Coach said Sarah just looked at coach.

"Are you kidding me!" Sarah yelled.

"No I'm not your lucky that's all I gave you I could kick you off the team which if something like this happens again I will. Do you understand?" Sarah nodded her head and left for her detention. "Come on Teagan let's go start practice. Are you sure you are fine to practice." Coach asked. "Yes I'm fine!" I said she just nodded her head and gave me the are you sure look. I left out telling her I have a minor concussion because if she finds out she won't let me play and we have a game tomorrow. Practice went by pretty quickly Nicole didn't say a word to me because she realized that coach would probably say something if she did. Practice ended and we decided tomorrow we were wearing jeans and our jerseys to school tomorrow which is great I get to sleep again. I grabbed my stuff and walked to the parking lot and remembered Hayley wasn't here and couldn't drive anymore anyway I looked around and saw Harry's car... I'm sure there will be a rumor about me tomorrow now. I walked over and got in the car.

"Hey!" He said as he started to drive.

"Hi... why did you pick me up?" I asked. That came out ruder than I wanted but whatever. "Because your dad asked me to. What's wrong with you you are usually happy to see me." He said and laughed I did to. As we drove out of the parking lot I saw Sarah and Nicole with giant smiles on there faces looking at me and Harry.

"That's why. There will be a rumor about us tomorrow at school again..." I rolled my eyes.

"Oh well sorry we probably should have thought of that." He said.

"It's fine they are just jealous of me and Hayley!" I laughed and so did he.

"How's Hayley?" I asked after I stopped laughing.

"I don't know she hasn't left Niall's room since she got home..." He rolled his eyes.

"Yes I know they are dating I think it's weird that my sister who I just met is dating my best friend and is now living with us. I'm just worried she'll get hurt and no Niall went and got food for them. "Niall wouldn't hurt her and your such a protective brother!" I laughed.

"Yes I am she's my sister and I'm the same way with you so make sure Zach doesn't do anything stupid!" We both laughed. We pulled into the drive way and we both got out of the car and walked in the house.

"Have you tried to get Hayley out of the room?" I asked Harry.

"Yes we all have..." I laughed.

"Watch this!" I said he just shook his head no that it won't work. "HAYLEY IM HOME!!!!!" I screamed. "TEAGAN!! Niall help me get downstairs!!" I heard the door close and saw Hayley hopping down the stairs next to Niall. He handed her her crutches and she came over to me. "Told you!" I said laughing at Harry he just stuck his tongue out at me. Hayley came over and gave me a hug and sat next to Harry and Niall on the other couch. "God you two you need to stop flirting!" Hayley said. Niall started to laugh. "We are not flirting. I have a boyfriend!" I said. Harry laughed and I punched his arm. "Point proven!" Her and Niall started to laugh. "What about flirting?" Dad and the rest of the boys walked in to the living room. "I bet Harry is flirting with Teagan again!" Liam laughed. "Oh you see those two they both flirt with each other..." Zayn said which made everyone laugh more except for me Harry and my dad. "I do not flirt with Harry! He's like my brother and I have a boyfriend!" I could tell my cheeks were bright red. "But he's not your brother..." Hayley said. "He's close enough that they shouldn't flirt!" Dad said everyone started to laugh again. I rolled my eyes and took out my homework so they would stop saying I flirt with Harry. I started to do my homework when Harry came and sat next to me. God it doesn't help that he always sits next to me. "Whatcha doin'" He asked looking over my shoulder. "Math homework." I said rolling my eyes. "Eww." He said god he wasn't helping this flirting between us thing. "Yup. Now please let me do my homework." I said looking back at my paper. "Wow that's the first time Teagan actually had decided to do homework and not talk to Harry!" Niall said everyone laughed. "Not true I always do my homework before I talk to them." "Really that's why you did your History homework 10 minutes before class yesterday?" Hayley said with a smile. Uh oh dad didn't need to know that. "You what?" He said as I looked at the paper again. "Nothing I forgot about it but I finished it so ha!" "Harry stay away from Teagan until her homework is done..." He said rolling his eyes. "But I'm not even talking to her!" He said/whined. I rolled my eyes and pushed him off the couch. "Owwww!" "Oh suck it up!" I said as I laughed. "Louis Teagan's bullying me!!!" He whined. I started to laugh even more. "Me a bully!" I said acting like I was hurt. "Harry suck it up. Teagan was just being a good and trying to do her homework." He said after he stopped laughing. I finished my homework and Harry was still on the ground. "DONE!!" I yelled. Hayley laughed. "Can I sit on the couch now?" Harry asked. I rolled my eyes. "I guess." I said we both laughed. Dad rolled his eyes. We talked for a while and talked about my game tomorrow. "Are you coming tomorrow?!" I asked everyone. "Yes!" Everyone said. "Good!" I said. We all laughed. We talked more about field hockey then we all had dinner and I went up to bed. I watched tv for a little while then fell asleep. I was thinking about the game and I was thinking about Harry. I need to stop thinking about him like that... I have a boyfriend! I need to talk to El and Hayley about this tomorrow after my game!

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