Through The Dark **Completed**

Teagan is a 16 year old girl with no one. Until one direction take her into their home. She meets many people and maybe even some love interests. To find out what happens read Through The Dark.


11. Drama

Teagan's POV

I just got released from the hospital. I am able to play field hockey still I just have to be careful not to get hit in the head. I go to see Hayley and then I find out that Harry is her brother and she didn't even know! She got kicked out of her house so she's living with us know which I love. But the first thing that has to come out of her mouth was "how weird is it knowing you slept with my brother?" Yea... My dad is really pissed at me and Harry even though we just fell asleep in the same bed. Zach was upset until Hayley explained that we just fell asleep. My dad still doesn't care... we all left and went back to the house it was really awkward car ride no one talked. Zach was texting me but I was to upset to text back and he understood. We got back to the house and I was in the living room talking to Harry. Everyone else was in their rooms. Then Dad and El walked in... El gave me the I'm sorry look and dad just kept looking between me and Harry. I just looked between El and Harry when my dad started to talk. 
"Why would you sleep with Harry!?!" 
"And why would you sleep with my daughter after you promised you wouldn't try anything?!?!" He asked both of us before we could answer and wait did he say Harry promised not to try anything. That means Harry likes me! Wait why am I happy about that I have a boyfriend... but I like Harry to. What do I do? 
"Lou calm down. Nothing happened we just fell asleep in the same bed." Harry tried to explain. 
"Why were you to even in the same bed to begin with!?" He yelled. I just rolled my eyes. 
"Dad. Nothing happened. That night that Zach and me got into the fight Harry came up to talk to me. We talked for a while then I fell asleep and Harry did too." I explained with as much sass as ever.
"Don't sass me! Harry if she fell asleep why would you stay in there?" Harry looked at me and I nodded knowing that he would be upset. I just looked at El and she gave me a weak smile. 
"Well um because Teagan fell asleep on my chest and I didn't want to wake her up so I just fell asleep like that." Harry said looking from my dad to me. My dad was looking from me and Harry. 
"Teagan you realize you have a boyfriend and you just can't go sleeping with another guy." I looked at El hoping she would help. She did thank god!
"Lou she's not. Harry is like her brother and she was upset. It's not like they did anything they fell asleep." El explained. I took my phone out and texted her thank you. Then texted Harry saying this was stupid. He opened one of the text and started to smile. My dad noticed and saw us both on our phones. 
"Are you two seriously texting each other!?" I just looked at my phone and kept texting Harry stupid things trying to get him to laugh so dad would say something to him. "Hello earth to Teagan. I'm talking to you!" He yelled. 
"Yea? What?" I asked rolling my eyes. 
"Okay so stop being rude first of all. Second of all I'm talking to you so stop texting and listen."
"Listen to what! We didn't do anything! " I yelled. 
"Don't yell at me! And yes listen I'm saying!" I rolled my eyes. 
"And if I don't...." I said with a smile. 
"Then um your grounded. No phone and you come here right after school." 
"You wouldn't ground me and make me miss field hockey!" 
"Yes I would no field hockey anymore for a week." I was shocked. I felt the tears come to my eyes. 
"What no! Please not field hockey! I'll give you my phone. Just please not field hockey." I said as tears started to come down my face. 
"No both. You're grounded. No phone no field hockey." I was shocked I didn't think he would actually ground me. I looked at El and Harry they were also in shock. 
"Lou I don't think that you should take field hockey away from her..." El said trying to help me.
"No she's grounded now. No field hockey for a week."
"Lou it was my fault I should have left her room don't get upset at her." Harry said trying to help I just gave him a weak smile. 
"Dad please I'm captain and we have two games this week. I need to be there!" I was crying so hard. El came over and tried to comfort me. Harry started to get up but thought better about that. 
"Fine give me you phone now and I'll think about letting you go to field hockey." He said I could tell he was still upset. 
"Thank you here!" I said handing over my phone which had a lock so he couldn't get on it. I got up and went to my room. 
"Who said we were done talking!?" He yelled up the stairs at me. 
"You said you would take it away if I didn't listen so... I'm not going to if I don't have to." I ran into my room and slammed the door. I jumped on my bed and started crying about everything that happened today. I heard someone knock on my door. 
"If it's my dad leave. If it's anyone else come in." I said still on my bed. The door opened and El walked in. She came over and sat next to me. 
"I think he is going to let you play field hockey." She said trying to cheer me up. 
"So he doesn't want to believe that me and Harry didn't do anything." I said starting to calm down a little. 
"He believes you. He just doesn't want anything to happen between you two." El said. 
"It won't I have a boyfriend!" 
"And he's like your brother..." She said with a laugh. 
"Yea let's go with that one too." I said looking at the ground. 
"Wait you don't like Harry do you?" She said almost screaming. 
"Shhh... And I don't know. I mean he's super nice he's the only one of the boys that I really trust, and he's kind of cute. But nothing will happen I'm dating Zach and I'm happy dating him." I started to blush. She laughed. 
"Well in my option. I think you and Harry would make a cute couple. Don't tell Louis I said that though." She whispered. We both started to laugh. 
"Promise you won't say anything." 
"Oh trust me I don't need to, everyone already sees you two flirting all the time." She laughed. 
"It's that obvious?" She nodded again and we both laughed. 
"Okay so I'll try and talk to Louis and get your phone back and calm him down about everything. Just stay in here for now. I'll come get you when it's time for dinner."
"Okay and thanks for everything El!" She smiled and gave me a hug. I sat in my room and watched tv and used my laptop... Dad forgot I had that so I just messaged people using that. I told Zach not to text me because I don't have my phone but to message me on Facebook. He never messaged me back so I'm guessing he never got it. That's weird he always messages me back. I got bored and decided to message Harry I knew I would probably get into trouble for it but I really don't care. I told him to come to my room so we could talk because I was bored with out my phone. I heard and knock on my door and saw Harry walk in quickly so no one would see him because my dad would flip if he knew. He started to laugh and sat next to me on the bed.
"What?!" I said really confused. 
"The fact that you are grounded and it was all because of me yet you still want me to come into your room even though you dad will kill you if he finds out." He laughed even more.
"Shut up someone will hear you! And I really don't care.  Nothing is going to happen I just want to talk to someone I'm bored. I've never been grounded..." I started to laugh now. 
"Well it's not fun..." He said. 
"Really I didn't realize that yet." I said rolling my eyes. He stuck his tongue out at me. 
"Why didn't you message Zach. You are always texting him and barely talk to anyone." 
"Well first of all I talk to all of you all the time. And second because he won't message me back which is weird..." 
"Yea that's weird since he was freaking out that you wouldn't text him." I hit his arm. "Ow what was that for."
"Because that's what got me in this mess in the first place!" We both just started to laugh. Then there was a knock on the door. 
"Shit..." Harry said. The door opened and we both held our breaths waiting to get screamed at when El walked in. She started to laugh and had a smile on her face. She closed the door and came and sat on the bed. 
"Well first off dinner will be ready in like 5 minutes. Second you realize if Louis find out that you two are hanging out in here he will probably kill you Harry and take sports away from you Teagan." 
"Nothing is going happen. He's like my brother." I said knowing that she would probably say something. 
"I know that..." She started to laugh and so did we. We talked for a while then went down to eat. Everyone was already down there. All three of us walked down at the same time. Dinner was awkward because I wouldn't talk to my dad I talked to everyone else. 
"Um Teagan so I thought about it and I will let you still go to field hockey but you come home right after and you still can't have your phone." 
"Thanks dad." I said not looking at him I just kept eating. 
"You were actually going to not let her play field hockey?" Liam asked. I started to smile. 
"Yes." Dad said. 
"That would have been a little extreme..." Zayn said. I started to laugh. 
"What's so funny?" Dad asked annoyed. 
"Nothing can I go now I'm done?" I said trying not to laugh. 
"If you want..." 
"Okay!" I said running up the stairs everyone started to laugh except dad. I just stayed in my room and played on my laptop. Still no message from Zach... weird. I messaged Harry. 
Me: how pissed is he at me? 
Harry: idk he's mad about everyone saying that if he took away field hockey it would be extreme. 
Me: haha good he should be! 
Harry: he's on his way to talk to you know... 
Me: great!! 
Harry: haha have fun.
There was a knock on the door. I slid my laptop order my bed so he wouldn't take that too. 
"Hey can I talk to you?" He asked walking over to my bed. 
"Sure..." I said looking at the ground. He sat down next to me. 
"Well I'm sorry I over reacted. I believe you that nothing happened. I just don't want you to get hurt by Harry..."
"Nothing will happen between us we are like brother and sister. He's my best friend trust me. And I'm sorry I didn't listen to you earlier." I said looking at him he smiled knowing I wasn't that mad.
 "It's fine. Now how about you come downstairs and hang out with all of us?" 
"So I'm not grounded any more!!" I squealed. 
"No but you don't get your phone..." He said as we walked out of my room. 
"Why?" I asked.
"Because I don't like how sassy you are. You know I'm the sassy one..." He said with a smile. 
"Not anymore!" We both started to laugh and I ran down the stairs he just shook his head and laughed. I ran and sat on the couch in the only open spot next to Harry... Dad walked down and we all started to laugh I just smiled. We all just started to watch movies. Harry leaned over and whisper in my ear asking if Zach has messaged me back. I shook my head no. He just mumbled jerk and I started to laugh so did Harry. 
"What's so funny?" Liam asked. That made me laugh even more. Harry managed to stop enough to answer. 
"Nothing." He said knowing not to tell them he was first off in my room and second that I was using my laptop to message people. 
"It has to be something." Zayn said looking from me to Harry. I managed to stop, laughing long enough to talk. 
"He asked if Zach ever texted or messaged me back I said no and he called him a jerk." I started to laugh. 
"How would he know if Zach messaged you in the first place?" El. 
"Because when dad was yelling at us I was texting Harry telling him that it was weird that Zach wasn't texting me back." I lied. 
"No you didn't you two texted each other trying to get each other in trouble by seeing who would laugh first..." Dad said. Everyone started to laugh. 
"See we are like brother and sister we try to get each other in trouble!" Harry said laughing.
"Wait! How did you see my messages? I have a lock on my phone!" I stopped laughing and looked at my dad. 
"Your password was 0925 it was your birthday. It's not that hard..." Everyone started to laugh.
"Great now I need to come up with a new password!" I said.
"Don't make it your field hockey number that would be my guess." Harry said. 
"Uhh! I don't know what to use!"
"Haha we outsmarted Teagan!" Zayn said. 
"No you didn't I thought of one you won't guess!" I yelled. Everyone laughed. 
"Your birthday is in a week!" El screamed.
"Yep! On Friday! Hayley's is on the first!" I said.
"But really how did Harry know." Dad asked changing the subject back to me and Harry.
"Because I messaged him on my laptop to come to my room so I had someone to talk to me because I was bored." I started to laugh at his face it was priceless. 
"Wow Lou she managed to break your rules with you in the house still." Liam said laughing. 
"I know don't remind me!" Dad said.
"Wait until she gets invited to parties!" Zayn said. "Good luck then..." I started to laugh. 
"She won't be going!" He said looking at me. 
"Unless I sneak out!" I said laughing I started to smile.
"Uhhh! That won't happen!" He said shaking his head. 
"You know one of my favorite songs by you guys is 'She's Not Afraid'!" I started to laugh. So did everyone else. 
"Lou she's not afraid of attention or running wild..." Harry said laughing.
"I am afraid of scary movies though.." I said smiling. We all started laughing.
"Guys stop!" Dad said shaking his head. I laughed even harder. We watched more movies then I went up to bed. I thought about how close I was getting to Harry and how I am starting to get feelings for him great! How it didn't help how Zach won't message me back. Then I thought about Hayley and how she was doing. She's coming home tomorrow I can't wait to talk to her! I fell asleep thinking about what El said though. I couldn't get that out of my head. "You two would be a cute couple..." 

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