Through The Dark **Completed**

Teagan is a 16 year old girl with no one. Until one direction take her into their home. She meets many people and maybe even some love interests. To find out what happens read Through The Dark.


15. Date?

Teagan's POV 

I woke up to my alarm and had a head ache then I remembered what happened yesterday... I just turned my alarm off and rolled back over to go to bed. I just started to fall asleep when Hayley opened the door. 
"Hey Tea how you feeling?" She said walking in going to my closet to pick out an outfit. 
"Horrible. I'm not going to school today..." I signed looking at her going through my clothes. "Wear the pink dress." I said. She nodded and ran to my bathroom. She's so happy like I was with Zach. Uh I need to not think about him! She walked out wearing the dress she had a huge smile. 
"This dress is so cute!" She squealed I laughed and got up and went downstairs everyone was up already. 
"Why aren't you ready for school?" Dad asked. 
"I'm not going..." I said looking at the ground. He came over and gave me a hug. 
"Okay that's fine but tomorrow you are no matter what." He said. I nodded and grabbed something to eat and sat at the table. Hayley said goodbye to everyone and left with Niall he was giving her a ride to school. 
"Bye Tea! See you later!" She said as she gave me a hug. 
"Bye Hay! Promise me you won't hurt anyone today." I said. Everyone started to laugh. 
"No promises... You know I have classes with Sarah and Zach!" She said as she walked out the door. 
"No Hay be good!!!" I heard he laugh as she closed the door. I finished eating my breakfast and everyone was talking. I stood up and went up to my room. I was watching tv when there was a knock on my door. 
"Come in." I said. I saw the door open and Harry walk in. "Hey." I said half smiling. 
"So you agreed to go out today. Where do you want to go?" He asked sitting in the end of the bed. I shrugged. "You want to go mini golfing and get ice cream!" I nodded and smiled. 
"You know me so well!" I said. He started to laugh. 
"Okay be ready for 10." I nodded and saw it was 7. Uhh. 
"I'm going back to sleep!" I said rolling over and putting a pillow over my head. Harry laughed and left. I couldn't fall asleep though I kept thinking about going out with Harry today. I drifted off to sleep and woke up at 930. Shit I had to be ready by 10! I jumped out of bed and took the quickest shower ever. I put on a pair of white skinny jeans, a black tank top  style shirt that was flowy, a jean jacket, and a pair of black boots. I quickly did my hair I wore it down and did my makeup. I ran down the stairs right at 10. I saw everyone sitting in the couch talking. They all looked at me confused except for Harry he started to smile. 
"Wow I love your outfit!" El and Perrie said at the same time. 
"Thanks!" I said smiling. 
"Where are you going to thought you said you were staying home?" Liam asked. 
"Harry and me are going out to get my mind of of Zach." I said looking at Harry and then at my dad. His face was priceless! 
"Your going on a date with Harry? You just broke up with Zach..." My dad asked looking from my to Harry. I looked at Harry hoping he would help. 
"Lou it's not a date. It's something fun to get her mind off of the jerk." Harry said standing up and walking over to me. I smiled at my dad... He just rolled his eyes and everyone laughed. Me and Harry just walked out of the house and got into his car. He turned his radio on and started to sing. I started to laugh as he kept singing. We got to the mini golf course and jumped out of the car. 
"Just to let you know I'm horrible at mini golf..." I said. He just laughed. There was no one at the place so it was just me and Harry it was really fun. I was winning for most of the game but at the end Harry ended up beating me. We got to the car went to get ice cream. We got to the ice cream shop and ordered our ice creams. We went and sat down at one of the tables. I was having such a great day. I really like Harry and now I don't have to worry about liking him and Zach! 
We were sitting talking when Harry said "Can I ask you a question?" 
"Um sure?" I said very confused. 
"Well from the day I saw you at the orphanage I have had a crush on you." He looked down at his ice cream. "I know this is kinda soon but I can't wait any longer. Would you like to be my girlfriend?" He looked up at me and I was smiling and I knew I was blushing. 
"Yes." I said with a smile. He looked shocked. 
"What?" He said.
"I said yes. Yes I will be your girlfriend." He started to smile so did I. We finished our ice creams and walked to the car. We got into the car and he grabbed my hand. I smiled and looked at him. Then realized one thing.
"Harry we can't let my dad or anyone find out yet..." I said getting worried. 
"Don't worry about that. They don't need to know yet." He smiled at me. We pulled up to the house and we sat in his car for a minute talking. Then we looked into each other's eyes and he leaned in and we kissed. I felt fireworks. I never felt this when I kissed Zach. He pulled away and smiled.
"We need to go in before they think something is up between us." He said. I started to laugh. 
"Yea there's nothing between us..." We both started to laugh and walked in to the house. Everyone was still watching tv in the living room it was like 1 now they have been like this for 3 hours. I walked over and sat on the couch and Harry sat next to Niall. He realized it would probably give it away if we say next to each other with another open seat next to Niall. 
"So how was it? Did you forget about that jerk!?" Perrie asked. 
"Yea I forgot about him. Harry beat me at mini golf though." I made an upset face and everyone laughed. I went up to my bedroom after talking for a while. Hayley should be coming home in about an hour, it's going to be hard to keep this from her but I will. A little while later there was a knock on the door. 
"Come in!" I said sitting up on my bed. Harry walked in and closed the door. I smiled at him. He laughed and came and sat next to me. He talked for a while then leaned in and kissed me. We were kissing when my door opened, we both jumped. Hayley stood in the door way shocked. 
"Why were you kissing my brother?!?" She asked. I just sat there I couldn't say anything. 
"Why are you dating my best friend?" Harry asked I smiled at that.
"Good point. But what's going on!" She asked. 
"Hayley don't tell anyone please." I said. She looked from me to Harry she smiled and then nodded. She ran out of the room. 
"Damn that was close." Harry said. 
"Yea that could have been really bad if my dad or one of he the boys saw that." We both laughed then the door opened again... it was Niall. 
"Teagan and Harry sitting in a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g fir-" he sang until Harry cut him off.
"Niall did Hayley tell you!?" He asked. 
"No I was standing behind her. And don't worry I won't tell anyone." He said. We both nodded. "You do know Lou will probably kill you Harry right." I laughed, Harry just shrugged his shoulders. Niall laughed and walked out of the room into his. We both started to laugh again. 
"How long do you think it will take for people to find out?" I asked looking into his eyes. 
"They'll find out Friday probably..." He said. I was so confused. 
"What how do you know?"I asked really confused.
"Because Fridays your birthday and I want to take you out to dinner." He said, I smiled. 
"So I take that as a yes?" I nodded. 
"One issue though. Don't you think my dad will be thinking something is up if we go out together for dinner?" 
"Not if we make Hayley and Niall go!" He said I laughed. 
"You have this all planned don't you?" I laughed. 
"Yup!" He said popping the "p". He leaned in a kissed me. I smiled into the kiss and so did he. We pulled away and we both just smiled. He pulled me closer to him and I put my head I on chest I sort of fell asleep. I woke up to talking it was Niall and Harry. They were talking about Friday. I sat up and smiled. Niall laughed and so did Harry.
"You heard us talking about Friday?" Harry asked. I nodded. 
"But I didn't hear a lot just how we are going with them which I already knew." They laughed. Then Louis yelled that dinner was ready. Niall ran out of the room. Me and Harry both laughed. We walked out of the bed room and walked down stairs to eat. Hayley and Niall both smiled at us and I gave them both a nasty look. We all talked at dinner then we all went to watch tv. The night went by quick and no one thought anything different about us. Harry still flirted with me, I made some remake about never going to happen. I said that the first time and Hayley had to hide her face in Niall's shirt because she was trying not to laugh Niall just looked at his phone trying not to laugh. No one notices thank god! It was getting late so we all went up to bed. I was in my room thinking about how me and Harry are dating now. I also thought about what would happen if my dad found out. I figured we could tell him on my birthday so he wouldn't be able to get that mad at me. I fell asleep thinking about Harry and our date on Friday! 

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