Through The Dark **Completed**

Teagan is a 16 year old girl with no one. Until one direction take her into their home. She meets many people and maybe even some love interests. To find out what happens read Through The Dark.


23. Date Night ;)

Hayley's POV

My alarm went off telling me it was time for school. I shut it off and stood up. I started walking luckily without crutches. Hopefully tonight I wouldn't need my braces. I was at the door and I heard something. 
"Hayley." I turned around and saw Niall sitting up but kind of sleeping. I walked over to him. Limping a little. 
"What?" I asked. 
"I love you." My heart stopped. My stomach had butterflies and was speechless. But luckily 4 words came out. 
"I love you too." I saw him smile. I smiled at him. He grabbed me and pulled me onto him. I laughed. And gave him a kiss. 
"I need to get ready school. And it's Friday luckily so we have the whole weekend with no school or anything. Plus it's the date night." I told him. 
"Fine. Have a good day beautiful." I blushed again and walked to the door. I walked into Teagan's room and saw her looking through clothes. I went up to her. We both looked through her clothes until I found the outfit I was wearing. 
"After school can you come to my house with me so I can get my clothes?" I asked her. 
"Yeah, there is no practice today so that would be fine. Do you want Harry or any of the boys to come?" 
" Niall has to go to the recording studio until 3 with Harry and Zayn. So I will ask Lou or Liam." She nodded. I got dressed in white shorts with a brown belt, and a white flowy shirt. It was adorable. 
"Tea, you aren't getting this back." She laughed. 
"Didn't think I would." I put on my purple Supras and then did my hair. I did a waterfall braid. I wore only mascara and foundation today. I grabbed my iPhone with an anchor phone case. Teagan and I walked downstairs and saw Liam awake on the couch texting probably Sophia. I think she left to go visit her parents. 
"Where are your crutches?" Liam asked me. 
"I'm not using them today. My leg feels fine." He nodded. 
"Oh and can you come with me and Teagan after school to get my stuff from my house? Just incase anything happens?" I asked him. 
"Yeah sure." I said thanks and gave him a hug. Harry came down and said he would take us since my car is still damaged. Teagan decided to sit up front with Harry since they are dating now.. 
"What time are we all going out tonight?" I asked Harry. 
"5, so make sure you give yourselves enough time to get ready. Wear fancy clothes, but not too fancy." He told us. We both nodded and got out of the car at the school. He gave Teagan a kiss and then left. We walked in school and laughed about what a random kid just said. We walked in and all our friends came up to us. 
"I heard about Zach Tea I'm sorry." Drew said. 
"I'm over it." Teagan answered. 
"Well that was fast." Megan responded.
"He's not worth it." Teagan and I were walking to first class when Zach came up to us. Teagan just walked into the classroom. 
"Hales? I'm really sorry about yesterday." 
"Okay? Why should I care? I'm a psychotic bitch remember?" 
"I didn't mean it. I don't like having you mad at me." 
"And I don't like being mad at you but what you did is really bad Zach." 
"I know. Can we talk about it later?"
"I can't. Niall, Teagan, Harry and I are all going out to cheer up Teagan for her birthday." He nodded. I walked in class and sat next to Teagan. Classes went by pretty fast. It was 5 minutes before last class let out and I got a text from Liam. (He put his name in my phone) 
~Liam Is A Sexy Beast(; : ill be at your school in 10(: ~ 
~Me: Alrighty! :D~ 
"Tea, Liam will be here in 10." She nodded. Once school got out we went to our lockers. Then headed outside. When we got out there we spotted Liam's car and got in. I sat in the passengers seat. 
"thanks for coming." I told him. 
"Of course." He answered. When we pulled into the driveway I got nervous. They were home and Bryan was too. I got out of the car and Teagan and Liam followed. I walked up the steps and knocked on the door. It felt so weird. Bryan opened the door. I gave him a hug. 
"What are you doing here?!" He asked me. 
"I came to pick up my stuff so I don't have to keep wearing Teagans clothes even though they are really cute." I heard Teagan laugh. He let me in and my "parents" faces turned into disgust. 
"Why are you here?" My foster dad said. 
"I wanted to get my stuff." I answered. 
"Well you are trespassing so get out." He said. I looked at Liam and he was mad. 
"Seriously? I lived here since I was a baby. Can I just go up to my room and get my stuff? I'll never come here again!" Bryan just pushed me up the stairs into my room. I walked in and everything was gone and I mean EVERYTHING! My bed and my clothes. Liam and Teagan looked shocked. I was pissed. My foster parents walked in and laughed. 
"What's wrong?" My foster mom said with a smirk. 
"Where is all of my stuff?" 
"We got rid of it." She said. 
"I bought all of my clothes with the  money I made working! How could you just get rid of it!?" They shrugged and left. I took a remote I saw and threw it at the wall. 
"Calm down." Liam told me. I nodded and walked to a picture they left all those up. It was one of me and Greg. I took it down and there was a hole in the wall. 
"What's that?" Liam asked. 
"A secret spot. I reached in and felt papers. I smiled. I grabbed it all. I took it out and put it on the floor. I threw the picture away and then grabbed all the money I took out of the wall. I put it in my wallet. Then I looked through everything else and it was just old notes from Greg. I ripped them up. 
"Let's go now." I told them. Teagan and Liam nodded. Before I left I gave Bryan a hug and then walked out. 
"Well that went terrible." Teagan said. 
"Better than I thought to be honest." I said. Liam laughed. We got back and Louis looked confused.
"Where's your stuff?" 
"They threw it out! Luckily they didn't find my secret stash! I have like 300 dollars!"
"That stinks. But at least your stash wasn't found!" Louis laughed. I nodded. I looked at the time and it was 2:55. We all talked and Niall Harry and Zayn walked in. Harry gave Teagan a hug and then me to cover it up. Then Niall came over and gave me a kiss. 
"Did you go to your parents?" Niall asked me. 
"Yeah.... They threw all my stuff out but they never found the money I had hidden. So I guess it's not too bad." Niall just kissed my cheek. 
"Anyways go get ready." Harry said. Teagan and I nodded and walked upstairs. I took a shower and then Teagan did. We looked in her closet and looked for dresses. I took my braces off and tried walking. It didn't really hurt. Thank god. I found a teal silly tight dress with a silver diamond strap going over my shoulder. I put it on and Teagan looked at me shocked. 
"You look amazing in that dress!" 
"Thanks." She picked out a tight black dress with a strap with gem on her shoulder. She looked gorgeous! And she hasn't even done hair and makeup yet. I started my hair. I straightened my hair and then put it in a waterfall braid. Teagan curled hers. I started Teagans make up. I put on foundation and then some powder. I did a black smokey eye on her. Then I put a thin layer of eyeliner on her top and bottom lids then mascara. Once I finished she look even more gorgeous. I did my make up I did foundation and powder then a teal and silver eye shadow and then think lines of eyeliner on top and bottom with mascara. I put on black heels with silver sparkles. Teagan put on silver sparkly heels. I tried walking in them and stumbled a couple times. Teagan caught me before I fell soon enough I was doing alright. We got downstairs at 5. Teagan walked in front of me. I got down and everyone looked shocked.
"What?" I asked. 
"Your leg." Zayn said. 
"Oh I guess it's healed? I can walk just fine." I said. Niall came over to me. 
"You look beautiful." Niall said. I blushed and thanked him. We left and once we left Harry kind of just stared at Teagan. I was next to Niall and Harry as we walked to the car. I pushed him. He looked at me. I nodded towards Teagan. He looked at her.
"You look so beautiful Hayley." Niall said giving Harry a hint. 
"Teagan you look amazing." Harry said. She blushed and said thank you. We got to the car. Niall drove and I sat next to Niall in the passengers seat. Niall opened the door for me he gave me a kiss and closed my door. We got to a restaurant and paparazzi mobbed us. Niall protectively grabbed my waist. I put my head down hoping for no pictures of us. I walked inside and we got to our table. I bumped into someone. I looked up and saw Zach with Sarah.I felt Niall tense up.  
"Hey Hayley." Zach said. He tried giving me a hug. 
"Don't even try Zach. I'm pissed off with you. Please leave us alone. We are trying to have a nice night taking Teagans mind off of the way you treated her like shit. So bye." Zach snarled and walked away. We got to the table and I sat next to Niall and across from Harry. 
"I hope you know that you don't need to be mad at Zach because of me." Teagan said. I looked at her. Both boys looked at me. 
"Trust me, I'm not mad at him because of you. Im mad because he is being a douche bag, and then tried blaming you." I saw Harry smile a bit. 
"Hayley, I have a serious question for you." Harry told me. I looked at him. 
"Well, since your my sister, I wanted to know if you'd like to change your last name to Styles. Since that's actually your last name.." He was a little nervous. 
"If you don't want to I get it. I just wanted to make su-" 
"Yeah, I would." I interrupted him. He smiled really big and his dimples were showing. We talked and ate for a little over an hour and a half. Once we finished the boys drove back home. Then before we went inside. They wanted to take us on a walk. We were all walking and fooling around. 
"are you sure your leg is okay?" Niall asked me. 
"Yea Niall. It's fine." I grabbed his hand and we were walking. The order of our line was Niall, Me, Harry and then Teagan. Harry and Teagan were holding hands.  We walked to the park down the street. Harry and Teagan walked over to the swings and then Niall and I walked to a bench. I sat next to him and I saw someone familiar looking walking past us. 
"Luke?" I asked. He turned around. 
"Hayley!" Luke came over to me. I gave him a huge hug. We were talking until he had to go. I looked behind me and didn't see Niall. Damn! I walked to Harry and Teagan. 
"Did you see Niall?" I asked. Harry pointed to the waterfall. I nodded and walked until i saw his figure. I sat next to him. He wouldn't talk to me. 
"Niall? Please answer me." 
"Why don't you go talk to Luke!" Niall said. 
"He's just a friend I promise." I heard sniffling. 
"Niall, are you crying?" I grabbed his arm and made him look towards me. 
"I just don't want to lose you. I love you so much and when you talk to all these guys it makes me think that you would be happier with them and you would just leave me." He was crying. 
"Niall James Horan, I love you so much. None of them mean anything. I promise you I would never leave you. I could never leave you. You mean everything to me." He just hugged me. He put him head on my shoulder but he was looking down at my shoulder. I played with his hair. He looked up and gave me the most passionate and love-filled kiss ever. 
"I love you so much." Niall said. 
"I love you so much too." We sat there talking about everything until Harry and Teagan came over. 
"It's getting late we should start walking back." Harry said. Harry helped me up and then Niall stood up. We were all walking back and a gust of wind hit us. Niall took off his jacket and wrapped it around me. I put my arms through it and held his hand. When we got to the house Louis looked pissed and Liam looked a little upset texting someone. 
"YOURE DATING HARRY!?" Louis screamed.  I walked over to Liam with Niall. 
"What?" Teagan said. Liam leaned over. 
"What's going on?" 
"Harry and Teagan are together and Louis just found out." I whispered to him. He nodded and looked at his phone. It was Sophia. He looked upset. 
"Are you okay?" I asked him. 
"Not really but I'll be fine." 
"You can tell me if you want to talk. Just wait until this is over. I want to see this." Liam just laughed. 
"I CAN DATE WHO I WANT!" Teagan screamed back. 
"I'm your father!" Louis yelled. Teagan walked over to Harry and gave him a kiss. 
"I'm tired come to bed with me?" Teagan grabbed Harry's hand and dragged him upstairs. 
"Tea wait! Since tomorrow is your birthday us girls are taking you shopping." El said. Teagan nodded and went upstairs. All the guys laughed and Liam looked at me and pointed to the porch outside. I nodded and gave Niall a kiss. I walked outside and sat next to Liam. 
"So what's wrong?" I asked him. 
"Sophia and I are having problems. She has been hanging out with all these guys but she won't spend time with me her boyfriend. What did I do wrong?" Liam asked.
"You did nothing. They are probably just really close friends with her. Talk it out with her you guys are perfect for each other." 
"Do you really think so?" 
"Of course. Just don't jump to conclusions." He nodded. We talked more and we started laughing. He started to lean closer to me. Before i could stop it he kissed me. I didn't kiss back I just sat there shocked. He pulled away quick and was upset. 
"I'm so sorry I don't know what came over me." Liam quickly said. 
" it's fine. I get it. It was a mistake." I got up and ran inside and up the stairs. I went into Niall's room and then Niall walked in. 
" baby? What's wrong?"Niall asked me. I just started crying. 
"I'm so sorry." I told him. 
"What happened?" 
"Liam kissed me, but I swear I didn't kiss back and he pulled away quick and didn't mean it. Please don't hate me, please don't because mad at either of us. I'm so sorry." I rambled on. He kissed me. 
"It's okay. I'm not mad. Liam's having problems with Sophia and he didn't mean it. I love you and trust you." Niall said. I hugged him and then changed into pjs and went to bed. I love Niall so much. 

Liam's POV

What did I just do? She didn't kiss back. She's dating Niall! I'm with Sophia! I shouldn't have feelings for her. But I can't help it. The way she laughs. She's beautiful. But she said it herself it was a mistake. She'll never have feelings for me. I'm so stupid. She's so happy with Niall. Everytime I see her with him I wish that it was me. Holding her hand, kissing her, holding her, cuddling with her while she sleeps. The way she looks at Niall is full of love. I can't do anything about it. What am I thinking!? I have a girlfriend. I fell asleep to the thoughts of Hayley and I being together. This isn't how it's supposed to be! 

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