Through The Dark **Completed**

Teagan is a 16 year old girl with no one. Until one direction take her into their home. She meets many people and maybe even some love interests. To find out what happens read Through The Dark.


16. Birthday!!

Teagan's POV

I woke up this morning and was so excited... first off tomorrow is my 17th birthday and second tonight is my date with Harry! I got up and got ready for school. School went by pretty quickly then we had to go to Hayley's to get her stuff from her old house. We went to get her stuff but soon found out her 'parents' threw everything out on her.  I feel horrible luckily they didn't find her $300 she hid in her room! Whatever it's better that she lives with us now and she is happy! Now we have to get ready for our double date! We had to make it a double date because my dad can't know about me and Harry yet. We went upstairs and Hayley put on my teal dress and she looked absolutely amazing! I put on my tight black dress. It was one shoulder and had gems on the strap. I put on a pair of sliver heals and Hayley did my makeup after I curled my hair. We went downstairs and all Niall couldn't stop looking at Hayley. We got outside and Harry complimented me. I just blushed and said thanks. We got to the restaurant and there was paparazzi everywhere. Harry put his arm around my shoulders to make sure no one hurt me. We got into the restaurant and talked for a while. Harry asked Hayley if she wanted to change her name back to Styles and she agreed. It was so sweet!! After we had dinner we went back to the house but decided to go on a walk. When we got far enough from the house Harry grabbed my hand to hold it. We walked to the park holding hands then me and Harry went to sit on the swings so we could be alone for a while. We talked for a while then he thought we should go home. He helped me up from the swing and gave me a quick kiss. I just smiled and started to blush... he laughed and took my hand again. We all walked into the house and my dad looked pissed. 
"YOURE DATING HARRY!!!" He screamed. Shit he found out... what do I do? 
"What?" I asked acting innocent like Im lost and confused. 
"YOU. ARE. DATING. HARRY!" He screamed once more. 
"Ummm what are you talking about?" I asked acting confused still. 
"What am I talking about? Here look for yourself." He said while throwing his phone at me. It was an article on some website. It said: "Louis Tomlinson's Daughter Dating Best Mate Harry?" I looked through the article and there were pictures of us out at dinner okay I can give an excuse for that. Then I saw the picture of us holding hands and of us kissing. 
"Shit." I mumbled under my breath. Harry was looking over my shoulder looking at the pictures and he said the same thing. "Um yes dad me and Harry are dating." Harry took my hand my dad gave us both a nasty look. 
"I CAN DATE WHOEVER I WANT!!" I yelled back at him. 
"I'm your father so if I tell you you can't you can't!" He said back. I rolled my eyes and smiled. 
"Really... So what are you going to do if I do this?" I smirked at my dad and turned to Harry. He looked both confused and worried. I turned and wrapped my arms around his neck and gave him a kiss, he put his hands on my hips and pulled me closer. I smiled into the kiss and then pulled away. "I'm tired come to bed with me?" I asked Harry as I grabbed his hand and started to walk up the stairs. My dads face was priceless and everyone else was trying not to laugh. I smiled to my dad as I walked past him with Harry. 
"Tea wait!! Since tomorrow is your birthday us girls are taking you shopping." El said. I nodded and walked up the stairs with Harry. We got to my bed room and I slammed the door just to make a point I was pissed. Harry started to laugh. 
"What?" I asked. 
"I just think this whole thing is funny. Louis is going to kill both of us yet you act like it's no big deal." He said sitting on my bed. I shrugged. 
"Whatever he'll get over it." I said smiling and laughing while picking out a pair of pajamas. I turned and gave Harry the get out look. He just smirked and walked out of the room. I laughed and then got changed. Harry came back in a few minutes later. I was laying in bed and Harry came and laid next to me. I rolled over so I was facing him. 
"You looked amazing tonight." He said as we looked into each other's eyes. God I loved his eyes. 
"Thanks." I said and started to blush. He laughed. 
"You look cute when you blush." He said which made me blush even more. He leaned in and gave me a kiss. I kissed back and it felt like we kissed forever. He pulled away and I cuddled up to him. He put his arms around me and whispered to me. "I'm glad your finally mine." He pulled me closer to him. 
"I'm glad I'm finally your's to." I said. I fell asleep in Harry's arms and didn't want to be anywhere else. I don't care what my dad says I never want to leave Harry. 
I woke up still in Harry's arms. I looked at my phone and saw that it was 10. I wanted to get ready because I didn't know what time we are leaving for the mall. I tried to get out of bed so I could get ready without waking Harry up... that didn't work I started to get up when he grabbed me and pulled me back on the bed. 
"Happy Birthday baby!" He said leaning in and giving me a kiss.
"Thanks babe." I said moving my way out of his arms so I could get ready. 
"Why are you in such a rush to get ready??" He asked.
"Because I'm going to the mall soon! I need to get ready!" I jumped off the bed and ran to the closer to pick an outfit out. I found one and went into the bathroom to get ready. Harry just laughed and rolled back over and tried to fall asleep. I went to the bathroom took a shower got dressed and did my hair and makeup. I went back into my room and saw Harry still asleep. I walked over and gave him a kiss his eyes fluttered open I smiled and so did he. When he finally got out of bed we went downstairs. We got downstairs and everyone was awake. I walked downstairs holding Harry's hand my dad just rolled his eyes, he needs to relax and get over it.
"Happy Birthday!" Everyone said. 
"Thanks!" I said going and sitting in the living room. We were all talking for a little while when my dad decided to talk to me. 
"Teagan can I talk to you?" He asked. 
"Umm you just did." I said with a smirk. He just rolled his eyes. 
"I mean alone..." I just nodded and followed him into the kitchen. 
"What? Are you going to yell at me again?" I ask. 
"No. I'm sorry about last night. I overreacted about you dating Harry." He said looking down at the ground knowing that I would probably say some smart remark back...which I didn't!
"So why did you get upset in the first place?" I asked. 
"Well because I just don't want Harry to hurt you. I know how he can be Teagan. I just don't want you to be another girl to him." He said looking up at me. Will I be just another girl to him? No he really does like me. My dad is just trying to look out for me but he doesn't know if I would be so don't listen to that. 
"Oh okay. Thanks dad." I said looking at the ground.
"No I didn't mean it that you will be. I don't want you to be. Don't be upset. I can tell he really does like you. I just said that to protect you." He said and came over and gave me a hug. 
"Thanks dad! I'm glad your not mad anymore!" I said laughing and giving him a hug. We heard a bunch of "Awwwws" being whispered. We both look at each other and nodded. 
"Guys come in here we know you are there!" I said. Everyone came in and Harry came over to me and gave me a hug. 
"You aren't going to be just another girl. I can promise you that." He whispered in my ear. I smiled at gave him a kiss.
"We already had to deal with Niall and Hayley now you two!" Liam laughed. I started to laugh and blush. 
"Hey we aren't that bad!" Hayley said defending herself. I just rolled my eyes.
"Okay Hay." I laughed so did everyone else. 
"Okay well let's go to the mall now!!" El yelled. All the girls nodded. I gave Harry a quick kiss and ran out the door. It was me, Hayley, Perrie, and El. We got to the mall and walked around for a long time. We got a bunch of stuff. We walked past a place that did piercings. 
"I want my belly button pierced!" Hayley said with laughing. 
"I want my nose pierced!" I said too. 
"So go get them done.." Perrie said. 
"We'd can't we aren't 18 we need someone to sign the papers for us..." I said smiling at them. 
"I will!" El said. We started to walk in. "Wait Teagan what will Louis say about this?" I shrugged my shoulders. 
"I don't know. It's my birthday he can't get mad at me for it!" I said skipping in to the place with Hayley. El and Perrie just laughed. I got a little diamond type thing in my nose and Hayley purple ball thing for her belly button. We both skipped out of the place laughing. 
"Let me see! Let me see!" El squealed as we walked out. I laughed and turned my head so she could see because it was tiny but you could still see it. Hayley lifted up he shirt and showed them her belly button. 
"I like them both!" Perrie said. "Now come on let's go home." We all nodded in agreement. We drove home and when we got into the house. We all run upstairs to my room and put our bags in there for now. 
"No one mention anything about either of us getting our nose and belly button done. Let them find out on there own." I whispered they all nodded. We walked down stairs walked into the kitchen were everyone was. I walked over to Harry and gave him a hug. He looked at me and smiled them pointed to my nose. I told him to be quiet and wait for my dad to notice. He just rolled his eyes. I tried not to laugh. Then Niall went over and put his arms around Hayley he was behind her so his arms landed on her belly button. Great here we go. 
"Oww." She said. 
"What?" He asked putting his hands in the hair. 
"Nothing..." She said.
"It's something. What happened let me see!" He said lifting up her shirt to see her belly button pierced. "You got your belly button pierced! It's cute!" He said.
"Yup and Teagan got her nose done!" She said then covered her mouth. "Oops sorry Tea." She looked at the ground and I put my face into Harry's chest trying to hide. 
"Teagan let me see!" My dad said. 
"See what?" I asked with my face still in Harry's chest. 
"Your nose..." He said walking over to me. 
"See! It's cute right!" I said smiling.
"Yea but how did you get it done you two Teagan's only 17 and Hayley's only 16?" He asked. Wow that went better than I thought. I thought he would be mad. 
"We have our ways!" I smiled. He knew what I was saying at looked at El and Perrie. We started to laugh. 
"What? It was cute!" El said. I laughed my dad just rolled his eyes and laughed. 
"Next time ask me please." He said looking at me. 
"Fine next time I go to the mall can I get my belly button pierced?" I asked smiling knowing he would say yes. 
"Umm yea." He said rolling his eyes. 
"Hayley you should get your nose done then too!" I said. She nodded in agreement. Everyone just laughed at us. 
"Hey guys let's go to the mall!" Hayley said. 
"How about in a few trips to the mall..." My dad laughed. 
"Okay!" We both said. 
"Teagan we have a surprise for both of you!" My dad said. Hayley looked confused. Niall noticed. 
"Baby your birthday is in a few days. You have a surprise too." He laughed. She just nodded now that she understood. 
"Okay come on!" Liam yelled. Harry said covering my eyes while Niall covered Hayley. 
"Let me see. I don't want to walk into something!" I said. Everyone laughed.
"Do you really think I would let you walk into something." Harry laughed. 
"Actually yes if your not paying attention." I laughed. We stopped walking and they uncovered our eyes. I looked and saw in the driveway saw two new cars. Me and Hayley both looked at each other in shock. It was the cars we wanted. I had my dark red four door jeep. And the car Hayley wanted. We were speechless were these our cars now? 
"Happy Birthday girls!" Everyone yelled. 
"Catch!" Dad threw me a set of keys. I grabbed them and was still in shock. Niall gave Hayley her keys and she was in shock to. We both looked at each other and screamed.
"OMG ARE YOU SERIOUS!!" We both squealed. They all covered their ears and laughed. We both ran to our cars. Everyone was laughing at us. 
"Well now that Teagan and Hayley drive I don't know if we should." Harry joked. I just rolled my eyes. 
"I'm a great driver! I just never had a car to drive!" I said sticking my tongue out. Everyone laughed. We all went back inside and watched movies. I finally got to cuddle up to someone like everyone else when we watch a movie. I cuddled up to Harry and we watched a bunch of movies. Everyone decided to watch Insidious. I hate scary movies this isn't even funny. Most of the movie I spent with my head in Harry's chest. I ended up falling asleep. I woke up to my dad scaring me. I screamed and everyone laughed at me. 
"I hate you guys!" I said as I holding on to Harry. Everyone was dying laughing.
"You... Should... Have... Seen... Your face!" Zayn said in between laughs. I just put my head in Harry's face. I could tell he was laughing. 
"It's not funny." I said. Everyone just kept laughing at me. "I'm going up to bed." I said as I stood up and walking to the stairs. 
"Happy Birthday!" Everyone said. 
"Yea thanks. It would have been better if we didn't have to watch that stupid movie." I said walking up the stairs. Everyone just laughed.  I went into my room changed and laid on my bed playing games on my phone which I got back today! Harry came up a few minutes later and jumped on the bed and laid next to me. We were talking when Hayley and Niall walked in. 
"Harry you do know you have a room right?" Hayley asked. 
"Says the one that's been sleeping in Niall's room since she's been here..." Harry said. 
"I don't have a room to stay in!" Hayley said. Harry rolled his eyes. 
"Go sleep in my room then." He smirked at her. 
"It's YOUR room. I can't invade your privacy like that." She said very sarcastically. 
"It's fine. Your my little sister I trust you." He said. 
"It's your room you should be sleeping in there not me." She responded. 
"Nah I'm fine right here. I think I'll sleep with Teagan." He smiled. "You can stay in my room now!" Hayley rolled her eyes. 
"Nah I'm fine I'll think I'll sleep with Niall!" She said. 
"Wow you two are defiantly brother and sister." Niall laughed. My dad walked in. 
"Whatcha guys talking about?" He asked coming into the room. 
"Oh just how Harry wants to sleep with Teagan." Hayley said smiling. 
"They've been sleeping together for a couple days..." He said confused. 
"No. He wants to SLEEP with Teagan!" She smirked. 
"He said what!" Louis said almost yelling. 
"I said nothing like that!" Harry said. 
"He also said he was fine right where he was." Hayley laughed. Harry was leaning up against the back board and I was sitting I between his legs with his arms wrapped around my waist leaning back on him. 
"I never said that." Harry. 
"Actually you did." Niall said. Hayley smirked. I flipped around and hid my face in his chest. 
"See! My point is proven!!!" Hayley yelled. 
"STYLES YOUR ROOM NOW!!!" Louis yelled. 
"Dad! Nothing is going to happen pleeaasseee!" I said turning back around to face them. 
"Well I'm going to go to bed now. Night!" Hayley smiled walking out of the room grabbing Niall's arm and bringing him out of the room. 
"Yea I would be more worried about those two than us." I said looking from my dad to Harry. 
"And I'm going to bed and I'm not ready to be a grandfather! Behave you two!" Louis said walking out of the room. 
"Maybe." I said laughing as he walked out of the room. Harry smirked at me. I rolled my eyes. "Not gonna happen." I laughed and so did he. I turned back around and sat up so I was facing him. He leaned in and kissed me. Suddenly the door busted open. 
"Yea I'm the one that's going to be pregnant!" Hayley laughed and ran out of the room into Niall and hers. I just blushed. Harry just rolled his eyes. I laid down to go to bed. Harry laid next to me and wrapped his arms around me. I fell asleep in his arms thinking about us and how I think I already love him. Is that possible to feel like this so soon? Well I think it is. 

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