Through The Dark **Completed**

Teagan is a 16 year old girl with no one. Until one direction take her into their home. She meets many people and maybe even some love interests. To find out what happens read Through The Dark.


19. Are You Kidding Me!?!

Hayley's POV 

It's been two weeks since my birthday and everything is going good. Liam has been very distant with me. He will barely talk to me. Every time I bring up Liam to Niall he gets mad and jealous. It is kinda cute that he gets jealous but Liam is just my friend.. Well he was. If Niall made him stay away from me I will be really mad. I walked downstairs and saw all the guys laughing and talking I sat next to Niall and Liam just looked down at his phone and stopped talking. I sighed and then looked at my phone. I texted Liam when Niall wasn't looking. 
Me: Can we talk? I need to talk to you. 
Liam: Sure.. When and where? 
Me: Now, and anywhere.
Liam: My room? 
Me: Sure sounds good. 
I got up and Niall looked at me.
"I'll be back. I just need to talk to Liam quick." He nodded and looked a little annoyed. Liam and I walked up to his room.
"So, what did you want to talk about?" Liam asked me.
"Why have you been so weird around me?" I asked him.
"Um.... I don't know. "
"Please tell me. You've been ignoring me for the past week."
"I can't talk to you Hayley. I just can't?"
"Why not?" 
"Whenever I talk to you or hangout with you it makes me like you even more. I can't do that to Niall." 
"Like me more? You're with Sophia." 
"I know. But I can't help it." Before I could speak he kissed me again. I didn't kiss back. But before I had time to push him away. The door opened and Niall walked in. SHIT. 
"Niall, I-"I started. 
"Save it Hayley! I can't believe you would do this to me? I thought you were better than everyone else? I didn't think you would do this." He stormed out of the room. I ran after him. He went into his room. I walked in. 
"Niall, I didn't do anything! I swear!" 
"How can I believe you? I just walked in on you kissing Liam my best friend for the 2nd fucking time!" 
"I didn't kiss back. Niall I love you." I said. 
"Funny way of showing it." He said. Walking out of the room and house. Harry came in. 
"What was that about?" Harry asked. I just shook my head and he nodded leaving me alone. Harry and Teagan went out for dinner. It was now 6. Niall still hasn't returned yet. I'm getting worried. I walked downstairs and Liam was sitting on his phone as quiet as can be. All of a sudden my phone went off it was Harry. 
Me: hey. 
Harry: did you and Niall break up?
Me: No.. Why? 
Harry: Umm.. I'll show you when I get home. Just don't go on twitter please. 
Me: why? 
Harry: just listen to me please Hayley. Don't go on twitter. 
Me: okay...
"Do you guys know why Harry doesn't want me to go on twitter?" I asked them all. Louis went on his phone and saw something. His eyes widened. 
"Just wait for harry. Then you'll figure it out." Louis said. Zayn and Liam looked over Louis' shoulder. Liam looked pissed. Zayn looked uncomfortable and a little mad. After about 20 minutes Harry and Teagan walked in. 
"You can go on twitter now. What you see is true. Teagan and I saw it happen." Harry said. I went on my phone and saw a picture of Niall making out with this girl in a club, and then a picture of them getting in Niall's car and pulling Into a hotel. What? I just stared at my phone unable to think or speak. After a couple hours of crying into Teagan Niall walked in. He walked over to me.  
"I didn't mean what I said Hayley. I promise. I love you." Niall said. 
"I hate you so much! How could you do this to me?" I asked. I ran upstairs and he came over to me. 
"What are you talking about?" 
"I saw the pictures on twitter with you and that slut! I didn't think you would sleep with another girl! 
"And I didn't think you'd be fucking my best mate behind my back!" All the guys came up. 
"At least I'm not a slut!" 
"You're just like Greg! You just have to hit me and then you guys will be like twins." 
"Id ranger be like Greg then have a slut for a girlfriend. How many people have you slept with before? 5, 10?" 
"1!! YOU! I regret every damn minute of it. I hate you so much Niall!" 
"You has sex with my sister?! Then cheated on her! That's low Niall especially for you." Harry said. 
"It's all Liam's fault! He kissed her twice!" Niall screamed. 
"None of this is Liam's fault Niall! Liam hasn't done anything wrong! He kissed me big deal but I didn't kiss him back! You slept with someone! You ruined everything. You're just lucky you can try to use Liam as an excuse, but it's not working on me. I'm done. I'm done with you, were done Niall." I ran out of the house crying. I started walking when I felt someone grab my arm. I looked and saw Harry and Teagan. 
"Hayley where are you going?" Harry asked me. 
"Anywhere but that house." Harry hugged me and I cried in his chest.  
"Just come home you don't have to talk to him if you don't want to. "Harry said. I nodded. We all walked back. Harry's arm was around me and my head was on his arm near his shoulder. We walked in and went straight to Teagan's room. They both got my mind off Niall by fooling around and making me laugh. We were talking for about an hour and a half when Louis runs in.
"We all need to go to the hospital now!" He was panicking.
"What happened?"Harry asked. 
"Niall got in a car crash."  This is all my fault. He got in a car crash because of me. We all left and went to the hospital. I couldn't go in his room. I couldn't. We got to his room. Zayn saw me sitting down and came over to me. 
"Come on." Zayn said. 
"I can't. He's in here because of me. He probably hates me." I said. 
"He doesn't hate you. He's asking for you." Louis said. Zayn and I got up. We all walked in. I stood there uncomfortable. Every talked to Niall. Harry looked a little mad.
"Guys can I talk to Hayley and Liam?" Niall asked. Everyone left the room. Harry gave me a hug. 
"Niall, mate I'm so sorry. I didn't mean it. It meant nothing. And I kissed her. Please don't be mad." Liam said. I was standing there looking at the ground.
"It's fine just please don't let it happen again?" Niall said. Liam nodded. They talked a little more and then Niall asked to talk to me. Liam left the room.  I was standing pretty far away from his bed. 
"Hayley, you can move closer." Niall said. Sweetly. I moved next to his bed. I sat in the chair that was near it. 
"I'm so sorry baby. I didn't mean anything I said. I didn't mean to sleep with her it meant nothing. You aren't a slut and I don't want to be like Greg and I love you so much. Please give me one more chance." He said. 
"What you did and said hurt so much Niall." 
"I know baby and I'm so sorry. I didn't mean any of it. I promise. I love you so much Hayley."
"I love you too." 
"Please be my girlfriend again?" I nodded. He sat up in his bed. He gave me a kiss.
"Come sit with me." Niall said. I shook my head no. 
"Why not?" He asked. 
"I'm going to end up hurting you. You already got into a car crash because of me." 
"It's not your fault, and you won't hurt me. I just have scratches and bruises. That's it." Niall said. The guys all walked in. 
"Is everything okay now?" Louis asked. I nodded and smiled. Harry looked at me. 
"Can I talk to you Hayley?" Harry asked me. I nodded and walked out into the hall. 
"Are you and Niall back together?" 
"Yeah, please don't be mad. Please!" I said. 
"Seriously? He slept with you and then cheated on you!" Harry whisper yelled. 
"I'm sorry! We talk it through and everything is fine. Next time I'll leave him I promise!" I said. 
"There better not be a next time." Harry said. 
"Are you mad?" I asked him. 
"A little." Harry said 
"Come on.." I went to give him a hug. I wrapped my arms around his torso. 
"I love you big brother." I said. He wrapped his arms around me. 
"I love you too little sis." I smiled. We walked back into the room. They were trying to decide who would stay with Niall in his room tonight. 
"Why doesn't hayley?" Liam asked. I gave him a smile. He smiled back. 
"Sounds good to me." Niall said. I looked at Harry. He nodded. I smiled. 
"I guess I'm staying then." The guys all left because it was time for them to go. 
"Now come lay with me?" Niall asked. "I promise you won't hurt me." He continued. 
"Fine. But if I hurt you. It's your fault not mine." I said. He chuckled and nodded. I got I'm bed next to him. He wrapped his arms around me. I put my head on his chest, wrapping, my arms around him. 
"I love you Hayley. Goodnight." Niall said 
"I love you Niall." Then I drifted off into a peaceful sleep listening to Niall's heartbeat. 

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