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1. Details

Please fill in these details in the comments section below. Plus, if you could give me credit somehow that would be great. 

1. Name:

2. Author:

3. Summary:

4. Person/People you want on the cover:

5. Other:

I wil try and get it finished as soon as possible! :) Hope you will like them. I will put them in this movella so you can easily save them! Thank you! And I will also read your movella and maybe give it a like! :-) 

I also do profile pictures so if you want one please fill in the details in the comments section.

1. Username:

2. What you like (OPTIONAL):

3: Who or what you would like on it (If you want a picture of you please put it in your comment) (ALSO OPTIONAL):

4. Anything else:

Please tell if you want a profile pic or a cover for a movella.

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