Diary of my life

This is a diary of my life some of it is true and some is untrue


2. The Beginning

I was always a mommas girl.My sister on the other hand was a daddy's girl.But anyways when I was little my mom and dad divorced on my birthday.So when i was like five my mom and dad divorced and i was forced to stay with my dad because he had primary custody of me and my sister.So I had to stay with my dad until I was ten because that was when I threw a fit because I wanted to live with my mom.Then a few days later I was  on a plane going to Wilburton Oklahoma And my dad flew with me and when I had to leave I cried of course Because I love my dad a lot.I missed him a lot.Then I got to see my dad for Christmas a couple of months later.and I jumped into his arms.And gave him a big hug.And then we went home and i saw my sister and my dog that is a Doxen.so the day of christmas I saw my grandparents and we had cheese and chocolate fondue.It was really good.I moved back with my dad which was a huge mistake.Carol(my step mom) abused me so When i went to visit my mom I moved back with her.My Aunt Patti,and my two cousins.

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