Diary of my life

This is a diary of my life some of it is true and some is untrue


3. My Pre-teen and teenage years 11-15

When I was twelve My dad okie(stepfather)died and I was living with my father in Florida.That night I had 8 Pieces of chocolate cake with a sip of butterscotch liquor.I did not sleep that night.The next day I still went to school luckily I had plans to hang out with my friends after school and sleep at their house and Isaac(boyfriend)came over to my friends house and said "I am so sorry baby about what happened with your dad."and he kissed me on the forehead and he gave me a bear hug and I started balling in his arms and he comforted me.The next thing I know my friend said he could spend the night with me.So all night we cuddled and that is it I am not one of those girls that at twelve I have sex with my boyfriend or a stranger.So my boyfriend got up the next morning and called his mom to get me chocolate chip pancakes from Waffle House.So she did and he woke me up and said"Hay baby I called my mom and asked her to get you a surprise breakfast."And it was so sweet and so Isaac and I shared the pancakes.The next thing I knew Isaac and I go over to the mall and he buys me whatever I wanted and I told him he didn't have to do this and then he said"Yes I do baby."So when I was done we had about ten to fifteen bags with stuff for him and I.He even bought me a kitten.And I said"Thank you baby."He said "No problem baby."He was so sweet when my dad died.<3 So the rest of my teenage years are really boring so I won't bore you with it.

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