Aria Jackson, a seventeen year old girl born and bred in the english countryside is about to find out that not everyone is exactly what they seem.

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2. O romeo, romeo wherefore art thou Romeo?

                                                                             Chapter two

                                                    O Romeo, Romeo wherefore art thou Romeo?

“So I’ll just get the doctor to sign these, and then you can go home!” The nurse with the smile bigger than my fist was really starting to do my head in. I wasn’t really sure I wanted to go home if I’m being quite honest, the hospitality of staff here was pretty shitty but I’d rather be anywhere than at school where ‘he’ is, that’s right he’s gone back to being a ‘he’. I groan as I ease by bruised limbs out of the bed, the floor felt like knives sticking into my damaged feet, but still I got to the cabinet beside the bed and dragged my clothes, after an argument with gravity and a broken arm I finally managed to get my clothes on and stood waiting to be discharged.

“Ok then!” said a young doctor, said as he walked into the room. “I’m Dr. Chase, but you can call me Wren” he smiled broadly as I stared blankly at his face. He was by far one of the most gorgeous men I had ever seen before in my life. He had the bluest eyes I had ever seen; his skin was a pale white, his hair a dirty blond and his doctor’s uniform strained against his muscular build. In short he was the complete opposite of Declan, and I loved him for it.

“Um, Hi” I said sheepishly as I realised he was waiting for me to reply. He seemed to be amused by shyness because his grin broadened even more causing dimples to form in his cheeks.

“I’m glad you’re feeling better, and I see you’re going to be discharged today?” I nodded in confirmation. “Good, if you have any trouble don’t hesitate and either ask for me or Nurse Lane”

“Great” I said in a strained voice, putting my hands behind my back so he wouldn’t see them knotting in anxiety. “About the bill, do you post it or do I write a cheque now?” I wasn’t sure if Declan had actually done as I’d asked or not.

“There’s no need, it’s already been paid” He smiled sweetly, I was so mad, furious even, but it was impossible not smile back to a face like that.

“Lovely,” I said, the sarcasm dripping off the word. Wren, looking at my charts, started to walk out of the room before something stopped him. Ooh great! I thought what now?

“Ooh and happy birthday.” He added, those lovely little dimples forming in his cheeks as he saw my confused expression, He held my charts up and pointed to my birth date ”Eighteens the big one” he said before winking and slipping out of the room. I let out a long sigh of relief as he walked out, he was so nice, I didn’t know what to do or where to look. Maybe being released today was going to be better than expected; making a fool of myself was not on my to-do list, at least not today it wasn’t.



I had only just had my discharge papers finalised, the night had decided to grace us with its presence and I had no ride home, Lena would be in bed, Angie would probably be out at some party and hell would freeze over before I called ‘him’ for help. So I decided just to walk, well hobble home, as I walked out of the hospital I was met by a surprise, I stopped in my tracks trying not to look directly at him, it was Wren! I would have thought his shift would have been over a long time ago. I quickly scurried in the opposite direction and wondered what it is he could be waiting for, a girlfriend or a college maybe?  I kept telling myself not to turn around because then I would have to acknowledge that I had seen him, and then he would be polite and walk over and we would talk awkwardly while he waited for whoever it was to come out. I stopped to re-adjust the length of my crutches; they were really digging into my wrists.

“You alright?” I jumped and almost fell on my butt as Wren jogged over to me, helping to steady me. “Sorry I didn’t mean to startle you.” He grinned sheepishly as his hand stayed lightly on my waist, supporting me.

“Don’t worry about it, I’m fine” I lied, the throbbing in my leg getting worse by the second. “Did you just finish your shift?” I asked, trying to sound casual about it.

“No actually I was just waiting, Declan asked me to drop you off.” I think if my face could have melted into any more of a frown I would be the bloody Grinch.

“Well thank you for waiting so long, but I’m fine, I live just around the corner.” I turned away deliberately fast making his hand drop away from me, it didn’t matter he just jumped in front of me instead.

“Dec told me exactly where you live and it’s anything but around the corner. You’d be limping home till next week with that leg, so come on.” He began to pick up my things and walk towards his car.

“Really I’ll just get the bus and-“He cut me off as he began walking back towards me

“He told me you’d be like this” his frown causing the lines in his brow to furrow.

“Like what?” I demanded my voice coming out louder than I had expected it to,

“Difficult as hell, so come on Mrs Solace we need to get going.” With a smirk he began to stride over to the place my bags in the back, well more like chuck my bags in the back and beckoned me over with a flick of his wrist, thanks my mind whispered bitterly, way to make me look like a hooker! Seeing no other escape I hobbled, rather ungracefully, to the car. The door swung open and I managed to slide in without damaging myself even further.

“I am absolutely going to kill Declan!!” I yelled I looked over to see Wren desperately trying to hold back laughter. “What?” My voice had gone dangerously quiet; even I was surprised at how angry I was.

“Nothing” He muttered seeming to gain control of himself. “How long have the two of you been together?” At first I hoped he was joking, but seeing the honest curiosity on his face set reality in motion. Is that how we appeared to people? Well that made me feel loads better!

“Declan and I are not a couple, we are completely the opposite, I loathe him and he hates me just as much.” I looked him in the eye and spoke with contrition as I said this, trying to make Wren believe me, even trying to make me believe me.

“Ooh” he said “I see”. He started the car and pulled out of the lot. The journey home was silent and awkward, except for his occasional questions about directions; we didn’t even look at each other. When he finally pulled up in front of my house I turned to say goodnight, and jumped as I saw that he wasn’t there, I looked up to find him carrying my bags to the door. Was my hearing that bad, or had he jumped out the car window? Because I hadn’t heard so much as toe-tap never mind a car door. In another second he was by my side of the car and graciously opened the door for me.

“Thank you” I muttered sheepishly at his gentlemanly behaviour. He held me by the crook of my arm as I gingerly limped towards the door I grabbed the keys out of my pocket, attacked the lock with them and threw my bags inside. This time when I turned to say goodnight he was standing there waiting, like a normal person. “Well um thank you for dropping me home,” I said my leg began to go numb as I stood there like a complete pleb; I started to turn towards the door when I felt a hand on my shoulder, turning me back around.

“Aren’t you going to invite me in?” those gorgeously blue eyes seemed to pierce straight through me, as he climbed up the step so he in front of the house, right next to me. I could feel his breath on my forehead, his warmth seeming into my skin.

“Of course, come-“I didn’t get to finish my sentence because the light from the door was suddenly blocked by a tall figure, I looked up to find a face that was becoming all too familiar.

“Aria glad your back and feeling better?” ‘He’ said, before I could reply I was being pulled into the warmth of my living room. I had to stop myself from howling in pain as he roughly pushed me aside and onto the sofa, it didn’t work I moaned something terrible. The look of worry in his eyes almost made me forgive him  . . . almost.

“Well thanks for that, Dec” I spat bitterly, “Need I remind you that I do know my way to the sofa in my own house!” I was so confused, the words coming out of my mouth had no reflection as to what I was really thinking, all I could think of was how sweet it was for him to be here even after all I said to him at the hospital.  It seemed even when I meant to be nice I was horrible. I waved his hand away as I walked back to the door. “As I was saying,” I tried smiling but ended up glowering at Wren “come inside,” This time I did smile, at ‘him’ as Wren walked into my living room.

“Thank you,” He muttered awkwardly as he sat himself down on the sofa.

“I don’t think that’s a brilliant idea, Aria.” The look on ‘his’ face at first made me feel a tad guilty, after all he was here for me, then I remembered my humiliation as Wren all but had to carry me to the car and the fact that I hadn’t asked ‘him’ to be here, ‘he’ decided to do this all by himself.

“No Declan,” I spat his name “I don’t think that you being here is a brilliant idea” I could feel my temper rising and my blood boiling as I tried and failed to keep my anger in check.

“Aria!” the sudden change in volume made me jump and wobble on my good leg, “I said it’s not a good idea, so will you be a doll and do as I say?” the question he asked wasn’t a question at all, it was a demand.

“Why should I doll?” I spat with heavy sarcasm, “didn’t you ask Wren to drop me home?”

“Well yes but-“

“So that would mean that you either really don’t like me, or that you trust him, I’m guessing the latter” I let my point sink in before I opened the door once more and swept my arm across the thresh hold. “There’s the door Mr. Stonehouse, I suggest you use it.” My mind was conflicted as he walked through the door, he had been undeniably rude, there was no question about it. However did I really want him to go?

“Thank you aria” He said as he smiled sweetly “For making me feel so welcome” and with that he strode down the path and into the night.

“Sorry about that.” I apologised as I rounded the corner to the sofa “As you can see we don’t have the easiest of relationships.” I tried to joke off the fight he had just witnessed, calling it one of many, in truth it was; we had had many silent arguments, insulting one another with our eyes.

“Don’t worry about it; he’s always been on the moody side.” His dimples formed as he rewarded me with that boyish smile that was becoming so familiar.

“I don’t doubt it.” I joked, trying to forget about the fight, I have always been good at repressing unpleasant memories. “Anyway I’m kind of tired, would it be awful of me to ask if we could do this some other time?” I pulled my puppy dog eyes out of the bag, trying and probably failing in my attempt to flirt.

“Of course, anything you want.” He smiled nervously and began fidgeting with his collar as he walked out of the house and to his car. Maybe my feeble attempts actually had some effect on him, the thought was empowering. I shut the door and made my way to the sofa, switched on the T.V. and turned my favourite programme on, leaving my finical crisis for another day.


I woke up with a splitting head ache and a lump in my painfully dry throat. I looked up at my bed in confusion as I realised I was yet again on the floor by my window, although I don’t remember having the dream again. I don’t even remember how I got upstairs. The joys of being Aria Jackson, my head span and my leg caught fire as I attempted to drag my carcass from the floor to the bathroom. Going to school today was not going to be easy, not only could I not drive but I missed the English exam yesterday which meant I would have to do a makeup exam today, Brilliant my mind spat sarcastically.  After a reluctant tug of hair and slap of makeup I was ready to brave the cold and take Lena to school, although how I was going to do that wasn’t clear.

I walked to the garage and started Lena’s car. It hadn’t been used since mom died, it felt so weird to be in it, but it was our only option. Trying to drive a car you’re not used to, with a broken leg when you’re in a rush is not easy. I left the engine running and the door open as I shouted for Lena to get into the car. She came rushing down the stairs, bags, shoes and scarfs flying everywhere as she ran to the car and got in the back without asking questions.

“Ok,” I said as I got in and pulled of the drive. “Who are you and what have you done with Lena?” I smiled at her through the review mirror but she didn’t return my smile. “What’s wrong bumpkin?” It was hard to try and turn to her and drive at the same time.

“Nothing, it’s just” she paused

“Yes?” I said urging her on

“I wanted to do something special for your birthday.” She wailed I slumped in relief; my imagination had gone wild as I thought of all the different possibilities of things that could be wrong with her.

“Honey, I did do something special, I drove my car into a tree.”  Not to mention the blood pooling from my eyes I thought as I looked at Lena’s ‘please give me what I want’ face.

“That’s not funny,” she said stiffly. “Please, please, please let me and angie throw you a surprise party!”

“It’s ‘angie and I’ and since you’ve told me, It can’t be a surprise party now can it?” I watched her as she digested my logic and sat back in a huff, muttering under her breath. I smiled and carried on down the road to drop Lena off at school. She got out of the car in a strop and pretended not to notice my wave as she stalked off to class. Time to face the music Jackson, I pulled into the school’s car park and groaned slightly as I saw all the people staring at me as I limped to the boot of the car to grab my things, turning to lock the car I reluctantly start to hobble to class. The first person I see rushing up to me is, of course, Angie.

“So!” she exclaims as she links her arm through mine, making walking almost impossible. “You’re all anybody is talking about, how Dec found your dad, how Dec found you in the wreck, how Dec paid for all you bills. The rumour is your dating.” I didn’t know what to make of the information.

“Did he really find me?” I whispered as if I was afraid that ‘he’ would somehow hear me care about him.

“Yes, dec called me to give him a ride to the hospital, he was frantic the whole time, constantly holding your hand and stroking the hair of your face.” She looked pointedly at me as if I had planned to become road kill via a white oak tree just to have Declan ‘hold me in his arms’

 “Ok,” I said “Now I most definitely know you’re telling a fib, First of all when did he turn from being ‘him’ to ‘Dec’? Secondly the rumour that we’re dating is absolutely ridiculous.” I took a long pause, expecting for Angie to jump in with some sort of contradicting speech instead she smirked and towed me towards our first class.

“Believe what you want A,” She sighed using her pet name for me. “But it happened.” We turned the corner and walked into the classroom of crowded people, who all conveniently turned to stop and stare in what seemed to be slow motion, I huffed and moved to sit down in my seat.                   Which was right next to his.                                                                                                                                  In my mind I repeatedly stabbed myself as I imagined the ‘awesome’ lesson that was most certainly to come. I awkwardly manoeuvred myself into my seat, trying not to knock everything down in my path like a T-Rex, it wasn’t easy.

“Aria,” Lexi Jonas called from the seat behind me, I painfully turned round. “So is it true?” She asked in a whisper.

“Is what true?” I asked in a normal tone, I was in no mood to gossip.

“Is it true,” she all but shouted “that you murdered you own Mother?” Lexi had said, so loud that the whole class, I mean the whole class, turned around to stare at me. Even Mr Burbidge stopped writing on the board to take a peek at what by now must be, I glanced at Declan to see his horrified expression and that was all I needed, I gathered up my books stood and began to walk to the door, despite the protests of the teacher, I turned round and smiled sweetly at Lexi, blowing her a kiss as I walked down the hall. Bitch I spat in my mind, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, and bitch! Why on earth would somebody think that? Let alone scream it in front of an entire class of people. As I rounded the corner to the car park I considered staying in school, then I imagined the stares of people as I walked past, the Eastwood high gossip mill was most probably up and running, so I walked to my car as fast as I could with a leg made of lead. Sliding into the driver’s side and starting the engine was easy enough. It was the actual driving I was worried about. My not so dainty foot on a slippery pedal was quite literally a deadly combination, speeding down narrow country lanes was also not the best plan I could have come up with. The whole time I was driving all I could remember was the day I found my mother’s dead body and how I never wanted to see something like that again. By the time I got home I was angrier then when I set out, looking behind me as I got out the car I realised that I had left my heap of a bag at school, I was about to go back when Angie text to let me know she had my things, I sighed as I walked through the door and tried to limp towards the Fridge, and then I saw him. To be honest looking back I don’t think I was as bothered as I should have been to see my father’s blood splattered corpse on the kitchen floor.

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