Aria Jackson, a seventeen year old girl born and bred in the english countryside is about to find out that not everyone is exactly what they seem.

This is my first movella, so it would be great if you could leave a comment, constructive criticism for me to work on, Thanks and thank you for reading my movella.


1. Blood in thy eyes

I was in the water, and there was one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen in the water with me. She had long flowing red hair; the top half of her body was completely bare. Her skin glistened with water as my gaze travels down her body it stops as I take in the full site of her. This woman had a tail; her scales as blue as her eyes the colour making her skin and hair stand out, daring you to mock them. In the dream I try to walk over to her, to ask her if what I’m seeing is real or just an illusion but something won’t let me. I struggle in the water, thrashing with my arms and legs but nothing works. I scream out for help to the beautiful woman but she cannot her me, she is gazing up at the moon as she sits on a rock, she is humming something, a lullaby. The same lullaby that my mama used to sing to me when I couldn’t sleep, the woman takes out a necklace. She opens the locket and touches the picture inside; a tender yet pained look crosses her face as she holds the locket to her chest. The bittersweet scene is broken by the unknown force as it pushes me deep down into the salty water, I try to scream, try to catch someone’s attention but no one can hear me, I can feel myself slipping away, the last of the air escaping my lips and then, I wake up.

“Ooh!” I can hear my heavy panting as I wake up in my room by the window the same way I always do. I’ve been to the doctors about this, telling them that when I wake up from the dream that seems to be stuck on a loop, I’m always on the floor by the window. They did nothing about it and told me I was just being silly and that the dreams would pass over time. That was ten years ago. They started when my mother passed away leaving my father my younger sister and I to fend for ourselves and ever since her passing, my dad has become inconsolable, detached and drinks his way into oblivion because of his incapability to maintain a job and try to be a fatherly figure to both me and my sister. I was now our family’s only hope if we we’re to see the end of the month without being evicted and losing what little money and possessions we had. So I got a job, well jobs. I had to try and juggle three part time jobs with school and looking after what was left of the family I was once a part of. Since I had to use up all of my time to tend to everything but myself I soon became alienated from my friends, well all of them accept angelica who was by no means an angel. I couldn’t go out with them or go to their birthday parties because I was always working, so about three months after my mother died I became the freak of the school, the one all the bullies and kids with anger issues aimed their hatred and pain at. The pain they aimed at me wouldn’t be as bad if ‘he’ wasn’t one of them. Not only is he the most popular and wanted guy in the school, but he was probably the richest ass in the school as well. ‘He’ was just a spoilt rich kid who depended on Daddy to get him out of every little mess that he got into, which I might add happened quite frequently. His father was one of the most powerful and wealthy men ever recorded in our small town of Eastwood, considering the current economy that wasn’t all that hard to do if I’m going to be brutally honest, which of course I always am.

“Aria?” the sound of my Lena’s voice broke the trance. My sister was eight years younger than me and had long blond hair that always hung in perfect big bouncy locks; she had big round blue puppy dog eyes which made it impossible to deny the child anything. She was quite tall for her age and had such a tiny body I was sometimes afraid she would break if I touched her. I looked nothing like my sister I had brown hair with hints of red in it and hazel with black rims around them, I was about 5,3-4 ish and wore a size 8, in short I was the complete opposite of my sister

“Happy birthday!” she grinned as she held up the home made card in her hands, she knew how much I loved her drawings. I loved the fact that she took the time and effort to do something for my birthday. All of the money I earn either goes towards bills or Lena’s college funding, there weren’t many colleges in Eastwood which I was glad of, it would give her the chance to get out of this dead-end town and start to live a little. I wasn’t all that bothered about my own education, I tried as hard as I could to get good enough grades to get a decent job to support Lena but without a college education there is only so much I can do.  I was jolted out from my day dream by Lena jumping up and down on my bed sing happy birthday at the top of my lungs. I smiled indulgently as the childish happiness oozed out of her. Her smile was the best birthday present she could have given me, she smiled so rarely that I tried to make her smile as often as possible lately. I looked over at the clock and groaned inwardly as I saw the time.

“Come on munchkin” I said as I half wrestled her, half tickled her onto the bed “It’s time to get ready for school.” I laughed as she kicked and squealed as I tickled her until she was almost red in the face.

“No!” she wailed. “I don’t want to go to school today, I want to spend the day with you!” When it was Lena’s birthday I would let her have the day of school so she could have a day to relax, but on my birthday I force myself to take us both to school. It’s easier now I can use the car. Before my father became a good for nothing fat lump he was a driver, not a taxi driver more of a shofar so he had a few decent cars, we had to sell eight of them but we kept two, one for me and one for Lena when she gets old enough to drive. Angelica’s father is a driving instructor so for my seventeenth birthday he did my driving test for free so it’s easier for me to get Lena and me to school.

“No, I’m sorry lee, but we really need to go to school, I have an exam today and you need to do your spelling test at school.” I gave her my ‘you dare say anything’ look and it worked she groaned and mumbled about it not being fair but she went and got dressed all the same.

I flop back down back onto the bed, I really need to get dressed and get some revision done for the exam I have this afternoon. I tried not to think too much about the importance of this exam and get dressed. Since today was my eighteenth birthday and I was officially a certified adult I thought about putting some half decent clothes on for a change. I decided to go with my guns and roses top and my black and white vertical striped jeans with my black boots with studs on, my very, very, very fake leather jacket that I got from the local charity shop. I finally put some black stud earrings on and a long rusty metal colour necklace with some black feathers at the end of the chain threw on some foundation, mascara, eyeliner and even decided to put some red lipstick on. After I had gone through all my bags, which by the way were only 5, I just went with my black and white checker shoulder strap bag which was looking a little worse for wear. After that there wasn’t really much I could do to help my appearance so I yelled for Lena to hurry up so we could go.

“Done!” she smiled looking pleased with her choice of the very girly, very pink clothes “What’s with the clothes bumpkin?”  I was starting to grow suspicious that angelica had roped Lena into some kind of birthday get together for me.

“No reason, I just wanted to look nice” she had stuck her chin trying to test me.

“Ok” I had to cough to hind my amusement which of course made her feel even more annoyed. “Come on let’s get into to the car before it starts to rain” I said. “Pick your bag up and then-“  I was opening the door and my speech came to a halt as I saw who was at the door with Andy, I hadn’t even realised he hadn’t come home last night, and carrying Andy was ‘him’. My father was sloshed; he was wearing only his underwear and his socks, his mucky brown hair matted to his forehead, his face and torso caked in mud. ‘He’ was wearing black skinny jeans with a plain black t-shirt and dr. martins, his tanned arms supporting Andy, his brown almost black curly hair as wild and untamed as always, the smouldering brown eyes staring straight at me. I was distracting myself with the way his t-shirt fit perfectly over his broad shoulders and hugged his body, showing  his well-muscled torso and- “ooh no!” I caught myself shouting as I realised that I was day dreaming about ‘him’, I quickly coved up It up by concentrating on my interrogation face, then I thought of how much money he must have spent to have gotten that drunk and I didn’t have to concentrate on my expressions at all, the murderous urge came naturally. “How much did you-“ I was about to go on when I looked down and saw that Lena was still standing right next to me, a single tear rolling down her face. I knelt down to her “Lena honey, why don’t you go and make daddy a cup of coffee, eh?” She stared at me for a second then reluctantly nodded.

“Thank you for bringing daddy back home Dec” She smiled sweetly at ‘Him’ and walked into the kitchen.

“You’re welcome” He started to say but was cut off abruptly by me.

“Right” I said in a harsh tone as I stood up, “How much this time Andy?”

“What?” my father slurred and spluttered.  He looked at me with his usual hateful stare. “Don’t you dare tell me how to spend MY money!” He spat at me, I wiped the saliva off my cheek, and squared my shoulders.

“Your money? I earn every penny you waste on boos I have debts up to my ears because of you, I can’t go to college because there is only enough money saved for one of us to get anywhere in life and I’m sure as hell not going to be the one to destroy Lena’s future, because of you I have to work every night and weekend  juggling  three part time jobs with school and looking after this family, so don’t you dare say it’s your money when it’s earned by me,  and all you do is waste it.”

“You can’t talk to me like that, I’m your dad” He stuttered sounding more sober than he had in years, his face was an ashy white as his pale blue eyes pierced through me.

“You may be my father, but you will never be my dad, you gave up any chance of that ten years ago.” I looked him straight in the eye as I made my speech. I then looked over and realised that ‘he’ was still standing there, I had all but forgotten that Andy and I weren’t alone.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         “Thanks for bringing him home Declan, you didn’t have to.” I muttered my thanks awkwardly as he smiled kindly at me. I hated the way his smile made my heart react “I can take it from here now,” I tried to take Andy from out of ‘his’ grasp but ‘he’ held him more firmly.

“It’s ok let me help you get him inside and in bed, it’s the least I can do.” He started to walk through the door, in a panic I threw my arm out.

“No!” I almost screamed at him. “I mean, thank you really but there is no need, so thank you but you’re really going to be late for school if you don’t go now.” I tried to smile at him but it came out as more of a grimace.

“Really I don’t mind.” He looked at me as if daring me to say no, so with a sigh I dropped my arm and swept my arm around the living room.

“Come in,” I said with an artificially sweet smile. He smiled back; just as fake and brought Andy threw the door, up the stairs and dragged him onto the bed with an “umph” He turned to me and smiled.

“There, now would you mind very much giving me a lift to school?” I was about to make up some excuse when Lena came in with a hot cup of coffee in her hand.

“Yeah!” she exclaimed with excitement “Dec can come with us can’t he Ariel?” I loved it when she called me Ariel, and she knew it. I looked into her big blue eyes, she pouted her lips and tilted her head so she looked like cute innocent puppy and of course I gave in, as I always do.

“Fine!” I shouted, “Put the coffee on the table next to dad and go get in the car.” She squealed like a five year old, “Don’t forget your P.E. kit, I won’t have time to drop it off today!” I called after her and sighed shaking my head gently. She knew just how to get what she wanted. I walked around Declan and pulled Andy’s socks off and threw them in the wash basket, chucked a blanket over him, put some pain killers on the bed side table and walked out the room without seeing if Declan was following me. I went into Andy’s old room which I now used as a study, I sank into the chair and started to sort through a pile of bills when I saw the mail that Lena must have put on the desk like she does every morning, I opened the first few, adverts and charity flyers. I got to the last one and stared blank faced at the bill in my hand. I need to come up with four thousand by the end of the month or the bank will start to take it out of the savings account I had set up for Lena. “Crap!” I shouted and threw a plant across the room making a huge mess that I didn’t have time to clean up.

“Something wrong?” Declan said as he popped his head around the door. He looked at me then his gaze travelled over to the pile of broken plant pot, soil and the green leaves sticking up here and there.  His eyebrows rose as his gaze fell back on me. “Did the plant pot have an accident?” he asked smirking when he saw how much he angered me.

“Yeah,” I said stiffly “but don’t worry your pretty little head about it.” I muttered under my breath half hoping he didn’t hear me half hoping he did, holding my head up high as I stalk past him out the room still clutching the letter from the bank in my hand.  Picking up the car keys out of the bowl I open the door and wait for Declan to go through, jumping into the driver’s seat. “You sure you’ve got everything lee?” I ask as she plays with the seat belt. “I won’t have time to come back and get anything; I’ve got stuff to do.” This caught her attention.

“Aren’t you going to school?” She asked while she looked at me through the review mirror. I shook my head slightly hoping she would see and not question me about it. Not while Declan was in the car. “Where are you going?” she asked with innocent curiosity.

“Trip to the bank.” I said giving her the ‘we’ll talk later look’ in the review mirror and hoping she got the jist.

“Anything I can help with?” He asked willingly offering me aid before he even knew what I needed. I gave myself leave to think about how sweet that was of him before snapping back into reality pushing the unwelcome feelings into the safe haven of a rubbish bag.

“Thank you but no. I appreciate the offer of help but I’m more than capable to handle this on my own.” I said as nicely as I possibly could, I even added a smile but it ended up looking evil more than anything.

“Are you sure because I would happily lend-“

“School Lena!” I yell and almost run over a small snotty boy in my effort to try and shut Declan up. My mood soon turns from bad to worse as I see Declan smiling at me, I’ve never noticed before but when he smiles his eyes turn from a dark brown to an almost golden colour. I hadn’t realised but as I was thinking about his eyes my body subconsciously moved forward, bringing my face inches from his. Before he could say or do anything I whipped my head around, backed off the school and sped down the road towards Eastwood high. I dared a glance at Declan and saw him smirking. “What?” I snapped annoyed that I always seemed to find a way to make a fool of myself around him.

 “Nothing.” He spluttered through his laughter. I can safely say I was completely and utterly pissed off by the way he was laughing at me.

“Declan I am in no mood for fun and games so please if you have something to say just say it!” I almost screamed at him. I felt a warm liquid running down my cheeks, I didn’t have time to look at what it was, I just carried on going 20mph over the speed limit.

“Are you crying?” his whisper was so low that I could barely catch it. He was looking straight at me; I tried to do my best not to look at him His gaze was that of a troubled one, his mouth set in a pained smile. As if he was trying to comfort me. Then I saw his expression change completely, making me worry about what kind of hell I looked like.

 “No “I say stiffly, my voice sounding strangled I snapped my eyes back to the road. I honestly couldn’t stand his presence in my vehicle any longer; I sped down hodgehill road and barely made my way through the narrow lane our school was sat on the edge of. “School” I all but screeched at him, he sat there looking at me. “Go on, you’re going to be late.” I unlocked the car doors and waited, staring straight ahead as he slowly got out of the car.

 “Aria, I think that we might need to have a talk-“ He never finished his sentence I slammed the car door shut and speed down the road ignoring the protest of the engine as I raced down the narrow country lanes in fifth gear. My vision blurred; I wiped angrily at my eyes to find that it wasn’t water I was wiping from my eyes. It was blood.

Wiping madly I looked at my reflection in the mirror, gasping as I saw my blood trickling in grim lines down my pale cheeks. I closed the mirror as quickly as I could before I my car drove straight into the trunk of the great oak in front of me. They say your life flashes before your eyes before you die; it’s not entirely true. All I saw was ‘him’.



At first I thought I was dead, looking up at the white ceiling, ‘Am I dead?’ I asked myself not realising that I had actually asked the question out loud.

“Not quite yet,” A voice answered I tried to move my head to find the visitor who was invading my privacy, I soon found out that moving my head was probably not the best of ideas. I winced and found a hand instantly on mine and worried eyes observing my wounds.

“Shhh, it’s alright you took quite a nasty beating from that tree, and I’m afraid your car is not in great shape. “ Declan looked my straight in the eye as I held his hand as if it were a life line.

“I, I don’t understand what happened, one minute I was driving towards the bank and then the next . . .” My voice trailed off as I realised how messed up my car must be and how expensive it will be to fix it or get a new one.  “Ooh no my car,” I groaned and tried to move the hand he was not holding but looked down to find that my entire left arm was covered in plaster. I looked at him with tearful eyes and whispered “How bad am i?”

“Well, you’ve got a broken leg, a cracked skull and cuts from shards of glass all over you.” His eyes travelled down my body as he spoke, as if his eyes were pointing out which parts were damaged, the hand not holding mine rubbed my stomach. “I’ve paid for your car to be fixed up, if there is anything else I can do, then please don’t hesitate to tell me.” He looked so concerned.

“Why?” my voice was so quiet I didn’t think he heard me. “Why would you do something like that for me? We’re not related, we’re not dating, I mean we’re not even friends for Christ’s sake so why in the hell would you help me when the longest conversation we’ve ever had is over biology?”  I realised my voice had gradually gotten higher as I ranted and raved over our non-existent relationship. He looked like he was about to say something so I quickly interjected. “You know what never mind, I really don’t care, I have taken care of Lena for years now I’m sure I can take care of myself. Thank you for fixing my car but I didn’t ask you to help me, you will get your money back as soon as it’s possible for me to get it together. How much was it?” I demanded, I didn’t want his help, I’ve never asked for it and I’ve never needed it, I’ll be damned before I accept money from Declan Stonehouse.

“Aria, it doesn’t matter honestly I don’t want you to have to dish out when you can’t afford it.” He was still clutching my hand. I tried to move my hand away from his but his grip became firmer.

“Please just tell me how much I owe you so I can work out what I need to do to pay you back, I won’t stop pestering you until you tell me so you may as well cough it up.” I looked him straight in the eye with what my mother called my pirate face.

I really shouldn’t be so hard on the guy, he’s done nothing but be nice to me, bringing Andy home, offering to help with the mountain of bills awaiting me, but I still didn’t like him, at least that’s what I was telling myself.

“Just give me the bloody bill, and the hospital bill to, don’t go paying for that either and please just leave me alone!” I kept my face carefully hidden as I heard him leave my side. I flinched as I heard the door slam.  Turing round and wincing as my ribs protested against the movement I looked over to see a single word written in his handwriting on a piece of paper.



I scrunched it up and threw it against the wall clutching at my bruised and battered arm in agony. “You idiot!” I screamed at both my arm and Declan. My nurse came in and decided now would be a good time to pump some more morphine into my already clogged veins.

I couldn’t have agreed more.

I came round to find Lena and angelica sitting on the old plastic chairs by my bed. Lena’s head was resting on Angie’s shoulder; the rest of her body was slumped forwards as if the slightest gust of wind would cause her to plummet to the ground. Smiling to myself as I saw the pair, my happiness soon turned to guilt as I recalled how I acted towards Declan; he’d paid for my car to be fixed for god’s sake. Could this day get any worse?

“Aria?” Lena whispered, “Are you awake?” She had got up from the sinking chair and come to stand by the side of my bed.

“Yes honey I’m awake, how are you?” I asked attentively, knowing how emotional she was she probably had a near breakdown when she heard about the accident.

“I’m fine Ariel I’m just really worried about you, I had no idea what happened, Angie just dropped by the school and said I had to go with her to the hospital, she didn’t have time to explain properly what happened so I didn’t know how badly you were hurt until I got here and saw you lying there all battered and bruised.” She looked at me with a new kind of fire in her eyes, her small body ready to pounce on anybody who might hurt me, as protective as always.

 “Lena honey sit back down, have a rest I’m fine. I promise I will wake you up if I need you, ok?” I was trying to use my soothing ‘I’m here voice’ but it seemed to have no effect on Lena this time.

“I don’t want anybody to hurt you aria, your all I’ve got left.” I’d never heard Lena sound so morbid, I’d never even heard her talk about our lack of family.

“Honey I promise you will never lose me I will always be here to keep you safe.”  I was trying to get her to see reason. To understand that no matter what obstacles I faced, I would always be there to help heal her wounds. I don’t think she realised just how badly I wanted to protect her from all that is dark.

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