Addicted to you

What would you do if you lost both your parents in a car crash? what would you do if you knew you were the reason they crashed? Madeline Declaire wakes up in a hospital not knowing what has happened. Her hole world is now changing and suddenly she doesn't know what's up and what's down and her addictions are getting worse and worse. How will she ever become normal?


1. The light.

As the light started getting brighter, I opened my eyes. Why was my head hurting this badly? I looked around in the room, and noticed a boy on my right side. Oh my god that's Tyler. What is he doing here? While I was thinking, I realized where I was. I'm in a fucking hospital. What the fuck is going on? "Maddie?" That name sounded so familiar. Oh fuck that's my name. "Yes?" I looked up at him. "Do you know who I am, princess?" I nodded a little. "Yeah you're brother." "There's been an accident and you and mom and dad was in a car crash and...they didn't survive.." I was a little confused about what he was saying, like I hadn't realized it yet. "Wait..are you serious about this?" He nodded a little and then said: "Yes, you're gonna live with me now. Get some more sleep beautiful, and I'll pack for you." I did what he said and when he woke me up later everything was ready to leave. Tyler took my bags and used one hand to hold mine. Is it weird that I don't miss them? I mean I am probably the most selfish person ever, but I love Tyler so much. He's not only my brother, but also my best friend. I don't know...I just hope he'll let me start homeschooling. We walked out into the car, and as soon as we got in I asked: "I don't wanna go back to school..." Tyler looked at me for a while. He was clearly thinking, but I knew the smile on his face very well. He finally said: "I guess I'm gonna have to find a teacher for you at home. I tried convincing mom and dad that forever." Finally. I've wanted to get out of that stinky school forever. I looked down at my cuts and then my happiness left fast. I wish I could just stop. People don't get it's not that easy. We arrived at the house and the hours passed by. At around seven he knocked on my door. Him...the wonderful Jason McCann. He's my brother's friend, and I've had a crush at him for as long as I can remember. "Come in." I couldn't stop smiling as soon as he walked in. The door opened and in he came. He had his usual wonderful smell. Like a sexy masculine smell but at the same time vanilla. His eyes..oh his eyes. I could write a novel about his eyes. They were like a chocolate nutty brown. Like a pool of chocolate you could just swim around in. I wanted him. I wanted him so badly. "Ms. Declaire." He sat down on my bed and gave me a book he had in his bag. I looked on it and right away, I put it down. "Mr. McCann." He looked at me and smiled that cute smile, which I love. "So the only reason I said yes to doing this, is because it's you. You know I'm not educated or anything" I laughed a little and said: "I know, but thank you so much like if you weren't here, I would have to go back to those freaks." Jason smiled at me and then said: "You deserve way better than them." I could feel my cheeks blushing. He started teaching or well that's what we called it. Really we were just laughing and talking all day. Tyler is going to kill me if he finds out I have feelings for Jason. I guess I'm just gonna have to be quiet about it, but what's the worst that could happen? well he could actually kill me, but he wouldn't do that. Maybe he would get into a fight with Jason and I wouldn't want them. I just...ugh "Madeline? Madeline are you there?" Oh fuck I got lost in my own world again. He looks so mad at me...shit shit shit. "I'm so sorry oh my god, Jason." I didn't want to seem like I didn't care, but school has just never interested me. I think he knew how scared I was. Jason put his hand around my waist and kissed my right cheek. "You gotta concentrate, beautiful." The next thing I knew he kissed me. "What are you doing, Jason?" "I just couldn't resist anymore after all these years." 

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