Saving you

Jade lives with her 2 stepbrothers and her father. They've been raping her since she was young. One night Jade runs away to meet her friend but she gets persuaded to come home with 5 mysterious guys. Will Jade get out or will she stay?


29. Zayn and Perries wedding!!

Zayns POV

I'm soo excited!! I got the boys to play rock, paper, scissors to see who the best man was. Niall won. But then I decided I should just make them all best man. (That doesn't normally happen)

Perries POV

Eleanor, Jade and Sophia are helping me with my makeup and putting on my dress and basically getting me ready. I told my mother I wanted it to be a surprise because she wanted to help me get ready I want her to be blown away by the way I look. "This is it it's your big day babe!"

"I know!!" We all squeal. "I better get ready now to walk down the isle with my brother now, you guys need to sneak into the altar you girls were supposed to be up there already." they laugh and walk out. I link arms with my brother and he takes me down the isle, I watch Zayn's face as I walk towards him. And finally I reach Zayn. "You look perfect." He whispers. I just blush. Once the ceremony was over I chuck the bouquet of flowers over my shoulder and turn around and Sophia caught it. Liam smirks and I laugh. Me, Zayn, the girls and the boys go in the limousine. "You look amazing Perrie!" Louis shouts. And they all agree. "Soo Sophia you caught the bouquet..." Liam holds her hand and she smiles really big.

Niall's POV

Right now we are waving good bye to Perrie and Zayns plane they're going on their honey moon. "Niall?" Jade whispers. "Yes?" I whisper back. "I'm pregnant!" She squeals. I pick her up bridal style and jump up and down to celebrate. The boys are all celebrating. "Why aren't you girls celebrating. "We've known for a week, idiots!" They laugh really hard and so does Jade. Next week there's another wedding it's Eleanor and Louis' why must we have soo much weddings? And then there's going to be Sophia and Liam's wedding. Which will probably happen in a few months.. Also the girls have moved in, now there are 11 people going on 12 living with us!

*skipping 2 years, yeah I suck!*

it's been 2 years since me and Niall's marriage (still together),2years since Alyssa was born (turning 2) , 2years since Alex returned (turning 8) and 2 years since I left hell. (Best friends with brothers) also Dearbhail (pronounced Derval) was born last year.

Perries POV

Hello!! Well yeah it's been 2 years since me and Zayns marriage we are still together, Max was born last year (our child) and I'm pregnant again.

Eleanor's POV

Me and Louis are married and expecting our 2nd child this year!! We have a little girl named Jazz and we're expecting a boy we haven't thought of a name..

Harry's POV

Guess what!!! I finally found a girl her name is Kerry and she's pregnant with our child, we aren't married yet and we don't know if the baby is a girl or a boy.

Niall's POV

Yeahhh so there's 12 going onto 16! That's a lot of people to live here. Every one wants to stay here. There are benefits to that though... The mums go off and have their time, the kids will all grow up to be best friends, all the men can do our own thing.. So it all works out. "AGHHH!" I heard a scream. "I'm coming!" I run to her, Eleanor's water has broke... "Louis!!" I shout. Louis sprints to us. "Quick we have to get to the car!" Eleanor takes a small step, "ouch it hurts too much I can't walk!"

"BOYS!!" All the men start carrying Eleanor to the car. Me and Louis get in and so do all the girls. "Liam,Harry and Zayn you stay here until she's given birth and then come down to the hospital with the kids once we call!" We zoom down the road. You can hear the girls trying to calm Eleanor down. "Shh it's alright honey!" They're all rubbing her head and her belly. Girls can be soo lovey dovey towards their friends it's not even funny. "I'm going to see Eleanor okay?"

"Sure buddy."

Louis' POV

This is literally soo scary for me I really don't like when El's in labour it scares me. Oh my gosh we are finally at the hospital! "Are you okay to walk?"

"Yes, just help a little.." Me and Niall let Eleanor put her arms on our shoulders so she can walk properly. The girls are soo excited so am I but they are overly excited.

**6/12 hours later**

Eleanor has finally had our little boy. "Niall can you call the boys to bring the kids?"

"Sure brah.." He puts the phone call on speaker. "Hey Zayn, come on the baby was born!"

"Awesome we'll be there soon!" They end the call.

"What should we call our little boy?"

"I dunno Louis you can pick!" Eleanor smiles. "Lucas?"

"That's a really cute name! Lucas Zayn Tomlinson?"

"You guys made me Lucas' middle name?" Every one looks up and there stands Liam ,Zayn and Harry with about two kids each. Zayn is carrying Max and Alyssa, Harry is holding Dearbhail and Jazz and Liam is holding Alex's hand. "Yes we did!"

"Thank you soo much!"

*3 months later, sorry I just didn't want to have to do more hospital scenes*

Harry's POV

3 months have passed and 3 children have been born and 1 marriage has happened. Okay well me and Kerry got married, Darcy Louis Styles was born (girl), Zoe Eleanor Payne was born (girl), Marie Jade Malik was born (girl) and we upgraded the house!! WHOO! Now it's 14 bedrooms!! Because there's a massive 19 of us.

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