Saving you

Jade lives with her 2 stepbrothers and her father. They've been raping her since she was young. One night Jade runs away to meet her friend but she gets persuaded to come home with 5 mysterious guys. Will Jade get out or will she stay?


23. you're back?

It's the engagement ring...

Louis' POV

Niall has been crying for 3 days straight! He's been eating in their room an he's been pretty much a dick. Harry's back he won't talk to any one but me. "Hey Niall." Harry smiles as he walks to the fridge. He's not crying only a few tears are coming out. "Fuck you." Niall mutters and gets a whole heaps of food and brings it to their room.

Zayns POV

"Niall?" I lightly knock on his door. "What?" He says between sobs. "Can we talk?" He sighs. "I suppose.." I walk in and sit next to him. "You should go visit her."

"I can't!"

"Should I visit her for you?" He nods and hands me a note. "Give that to her please?"

"Sure!" I stand up and walk to my car. The drive was pretty boring I guess but it went fast. Knock knock. "Hi?" David looks at me. "Hi I'm here to see Jade I'm her bestfriend.."

"JADEEE!! Someone's here to see you!" He shouts. How rude why can't you walk up to Jade and tell her? "Hi Jade.."

"Hi, why are you here?"

"Look Niall really misses you he cried for 3 days straight he won't talk to Harry or Louis, Liam's miserable and Louis is just broken. Also I miss talking to you you're my bestfriend..and you haven't been here to talk about my break up with Perrie.." I look at the floor. She hugs me. "I'm soo sorry, I can't go back Harry and Louis doesn't want me there!" I mentally roll my eyes thinking about Harry and Louis. "Louis is literally pulling his hair out beside he felt so bad I don't know about Harry he hasn't come out of his room since you left! He only came out to have food and he has a bathroom joined to his bedroom so be doesn't come out for that." She shakes her head as I say Harry. "Any ways, call me. Niall wants you to have this." I hand her the note Niall wanted me to give her. and I walk off to my car.

Jades POV

I run upstairs and sit in my room and open the note and something falls out it's my engagement ring! I pick it up and hold it in my hand. I read the note.

Dear Jade,

I love you please don't leave me! Please get married to me you don't understand what iv been going through these past few days! And I can't imagine what you've been going through just getting kicked out by someone you thought was your friend. I miss you and I can't take it I have been crying nonstop. Please just come home please I'm begging you, Put the ring back on and let's have our wedding!


Still jades POV

He really was crying because I can see the little marks from tears dropping in the letter. Okay I'm going home. "David!" I shout. He walks in. "Yes?"

"I'm going home!" He comes up and hugs me. "Alright take care and come and visit when you can!" I nod and start packing my stuff. "Can you tell Alex to pack him and Alyssa's stuff please?" He nods and walks out. 10 minutes later we are all ready to come home. So I text Zayn. "Hey don't tell Niall but I'm coming home I want it to be a surprise!" Zayn instantly replies with. "AWESOME!! I'll pick you up now!" Around 5 minutes later Zayns car pulls up I hug Chris and David and we all get in the car. So right now me, Alyssa, Alex and Zayn are in the car and I feel great to be coming home. "I'm going to scare Niall when we get home. Zayn chuckles and pulls into our drive way. I run out of the car, open the front door and run up to our room. I see Niall in my corner crying. So I decide to do a dive onto the bed. "Oww!" I laugh and he looks up, his eyes go wide. "Niall!" I run to him. We hug for what feels forever but we finally pull away. "Niall ?"

"Yes?" He replies. I smile big and hold out my hand. He stares at it for awhile and realised I have the ring on. He kisses my lips for 10 seconds. "Thank you soo much babe!"

"I'll be right back!" I laugh and walk to Harry's room. "Harry?"

"JADE?" He flings the door open really fast and jumps on me. "Sorry!" He helps me up and hugs me. "I'm soo sorry for what I did I feel really bad!" I hug him again. "It's okay Harry, I'm going to see Louis now okay?" He nods and smiles. I walk over to Louis' room. "Louis?" I knock on his bedroom. He opens his door slowly and he stands there. "J-Jade?"

"I'm soo sorry for what I said! I was being pathetic and rude." He starts to cry. "Louie don't worry I understand you wanted Harry back you guys are like brothers." He smiles. "Are you me and Zayn still talking every night?" I nod. "I'm going to go see Liam now okay?" I hug him. "Yeah okay seeya later!" He walks back in his room with the typical Louis smile. So now I'm walking to my dear brother, Liam's room. Knock knock. "Liam?" He flings the door open and hugs me and automatically starts crying. "Jade!"

"I'm sorry I shouldn't of left like that I can't imagine how stressed you were loosing your sister." I say sadly. "It's okay you're back now and that's all that matters!"

"Awhh! Well i'm going to see Niall now bye!"

"Byee!" We let go of the hug and I bolt to me and Niall's room I left him alone for 15 minutes haha. "Niall sorry it soo Lon I went to see Harry, Louis and Liam. "Okay." We just sit thee hugging. "Niall is it alright if I go to Louis and Zayn now for our nightly chat?" He nods and let's go. I walk to Louis' room and Zayn's already sitting with him. "Hey guys!" I walk in. "Okay what are we going to talk about tonight?"

"Me and perries b-breakup.." He says with sad eyes. "Well let's start how long have you guys been going out?"

"3 years and then she left me because I didn't see her that much!"

"go and get her back then show her you care about her because I know you care!" I hand him his phone and he calls her. "So what do you wanna talk about?" I stare at Louis. "I don't know, how are you and Niall going together?"

"Well I don't know iv only been here for an hour.."

"Oh okay" he smiles. "Guys we're back together she's coming over now!" I laugh. "Yay now I get to meet her! I'm going to do my hair I want to make a god impression!" I run to the bathroom and check my hair. "Oh my hair is fine." I whisper. I walk to Liams room and tell him to bring his girlfriend over and same and Louis. 10 minutes later Liam, Louis and Zayns girlfriends are here. "Okay every one meet Jade, Niall's girlfriend." I smile.

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