Saving you

Jade lives with her 2 stepbrothers and her father. They've been raping her since she was young. One night Jade runs away to meet her friend but she gets persuaded to come home with 5 mysterious guys. Will Jade get out or will she stay?


40. the truth

He doesn't say any thing he just sits down and holds me tight. Im guessing about an hour later he says something, "Jade?"


"Why'd you do it?"

"I feel like iv ripped every thing apart for all of you.."


"Well before I came you wouldn't of had to worry about someone constantly cutting, you wouldn't of had to worry about a child or me because I was pregnant, you wouldn't have to worry about a emotional person always crying and you and Harry would still be friends." I start to cry into his shirt. "Yeah but your crying and cutting doesn't determine what kind of person you are. Every one cries I like to have a good cry sometimes and sometimes people cut every single one of me and the boys have cut at least once I'll tell you now their scars are way worse than yours. Without Alex, Alyssa and Dearbháil I wouldn't have much responsibility and you need that as an adult I need you guys to survive now and I'd rather starve then to be with out you. I love you no matter what even if you love Harry."

"You know what I don't love Harry any more I love you! Niall James Horan." I kiss him passionately. We start having a heated make out session and Louis comes in. "Dinners ready!" He sings through out our room. And he pokes his head through the opened door. "I'll come back later." He slowly backs away and walks back in. "Wait a sec are those sleeping pills?" I roll my eyes and sigh. "Let's just have dinner." I pull Niall down stairs to eat. "Hi." I smile awkwardly because every ones staring at the makeup all over my face and Niall's shirt which is drenched with tears. "Are you alright?" Sophia looks at me and then evily at Niall. "No it's not Niall's fault it's mine." I explained and Louis looks at me and back at his food. "I'm not hungry!" He runs upstairs crying. I run after him and he falls down to the ground once we get to his room. "What's wrong?"

"You know what's wrong? You! Look at these cuts from years ago they're scars now they're disgusting I used to get bullied at school and I cut! And when I saw you and Niall kissing I saw the sleeping pills on the floor. Jade we all love you soo much and if Niall didn't catch you doing that you wouldn't be hear with us. I can't live with out you! You're like a sister to me!"

"Do you know why I was going to do it?" He shakes his head. "Because you guys don't need me! Niall was probably having a good time without me and the kids, Harry and Niall wouldn't have soo much problems with each other and Louis you wouldn't of been crying right now." He looks down. "No if you weren't in our life I wouldn't have 2 beautiful nieces and an awesome nephew, I'm going to tell you something to never repeat." I nod and swallow my spit. "Niall always cut before you came he tried to commit suicide 3 times and he cried almost every day until we took you. I know it sounds crazy I don't know how he got rid of the scars but all he said was he needs to look after you now... And now you and Niall are looking after Alyssa, Alex and Dearbháil. You need to stop cutting right now."

"What about you and the other boys?"

"Well I guess you could say we were all troubled at a time. Harry cut and tried to commit suicide once, only once but he did start drinking a lot, Zayn didn't talk to anyone but Harry for a year but only when Harry was drunk, I burnt my self with cigarettes and cut my wrists and Liam got severely bullied in school he cut and tried to commit suicide once." A tear escapes his eye. "How did you guys move in together?"

"Like how the kids are now... All our mums and dads lived in a house together we all grew up together, the parents all moved out us boys had the house to our selves and found girls then we had kids and once they get older we're going to move out and the kids will live together."

"Wait so you've planned out their lives?"

"Yeah pretty much." He chuckles. I smiles and jump in his back and he gives me a piggy back down the stairs to the table.

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