Saving you

Jade lives with her 2 stepbrothers and her father. They've been raping her since she was young. One night Jade runs away to meet her friend but she gets persuaded to come home with 5 mysterious guys. Will Jade get out or will she stay?


24. strip tease

"Hi I'm Sophia Liam's girlfriend!"

"Hi! I'm Liam's sister!" We laugh and I move onto the next girl. "Hi I'm Eleanor Louis' girlfriend!"

"Hi!" She hugs me and I move onto Perrie. "I'm guessing you know who I am?" She laughs. "Yeah hahaha!"

"MOVIE MARATHON!" Liam shouts and we all walk to the couch. What will they think about me when they find out I have two children. "I'm going to get snacks for every one, Liam can you help?" He nods and gets up. We walk to the kitchen. "What's up?"

"What will they think about Alyssa and Alex I'm only 19 and I have two kids already!" I look down. "It's okay jade we'll hide then for as long as we can. I'll put them to bed you get snacks. "Okay thanks!" I get a whole heap of chips and snacks and drinks and I give then to every one. I can't help but think the girls only know about the 6 of us living at this house but really there's 8 of us.. Any ways we got about half way through the 4th movie and every one but me and Harry were sleeping. I decided to close my eyes and ignore the fact it was just me and Harry awake. "Jade!" He whispers. I close my eyes tighter. "Jade I know you're awake." He whispers. "Leave her alone." Niall whispers back. "I didn't know you are awake!" Harry says without whispering. "Shh you'll wake every one up." Niall whispers with attitude. "what haven't we made up or something?" Harry snickers"No you dickhead we haven't I don't forgive you!" He says without whispering and he picks me up and takes me to our room. "Why haven't you and Harry made up yet?" I say once we slip into bed. "He kicked you out that's why!"

"Why are you giving me attitude!" I say mad. "Sorry babey I'm really sorry!" He kisses my forehead. "Fine you're forgiven, goodnight honey."

"Goodnight babe." We falls asleep. I wake up hearing talking down stairs. "Where do you think they went?" I slip out of Niall's arms and go down stairs. "Who are you talking about?"

"Oh my god we thought you and Niall ran away!"

"No we went upstairs because something was annoying us." I try not to look at Harry. "WAAA!" Oh shit it's Alyssa. Liam runs upstairs to Alyssa. "Who's baby?"

"My stepbrother, David's." I smile. Harry,Louis and Zayn look at me. "Yeah haha I'm going to see Liam." I awkwardly walk off to Liam. Pfft that was close. "What did the girls say?"

"They asked who's baby it was and I said my stepbrother David's, the boys looked at me funny.

Perries POV

When Jade said that the baby was her step brothers the boys looked at her like she was lying. "Who's actually the parent?" Sophia says suspiciously. "It's her stepbrothers we swear!" Louis fake smiles. "Okay.." Sophia says. "It's girl time!" Eleanor shout and we walk up the stairs to Liam and Jade. "Jade come with us it's girl time!" Eleanor giggles. "Okay." She giggles and we all walk to the spare room and sit down on the bed. "Okay so we always do girl time when we get sick of the boys only the boys girlfriends get to do girl time so the max is probably 10."

"What do you mean 10? There's 5 of them!" Jade looks at us like we are crazy. "Yeah but Harry normally has more than 1 girlfriend!" Jades face is really shocked. "really?"

"Yeah, he hasn't got any girlfriends now though..." Jade nods and looks down. "Okay let's go around in a circle how's Niall is bed?"

"We haven't yet..." The girls giggle. "Eleanor what about you?"

"One word.. AMAZING!"

"Sophia?" Sophia smirks. "Well it's pretty long." We all burst into laughter. "And Zayn is just you know too gentle!" We all laugh.

Jades POV

Iv never had girlfriends before.. This is what they talk about? "Guys when does your period start?" This as well?

Liam's POV

Mum holding Alyssa when the boys come upstairs. "Should we wake up Niall it's 10AM?" We all smirk and come up with a plan. We all run to our rooms and get our girlfriends bra and undies, Harry gets one of the girls he used to date bras and undies . And then we get our girlfriends clothes on surprisingly we fit into it. I'm wearing one of Sophia's black dresses, Harry is wearing a black skirt and a red crop top, Louis is obviously the most stylish with Eleanor's Vomit coloured tops and Black skinny jeans and Zayn is wearing a black crop top and a white skirt. We all walk into their room. "Oh Niallllll!" Zayn says in a girly voice. Niall opens his eyes and we start to do a strip tease until we reach our girlfriends undies and bras. He just stares. "OKAY IM AWAKE!" He laughs and runs out of the room. We all walk out of the room and we hear girl laughing. "Nice g-strings!" Eleanor shouts. Eleanor walks passed and smacks Louis' butt.

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