Saving you

Jade lives with her 2 stepbrothers and her father. They've been raping her since she was young. One night Jade runs away to meet her friend but she gets persuaded to come home with 5 mysterious guys. Will Jade get out or will she stay?


7. so many things

Jades POV

"My baby?"

"Mum I'm not a baby any more I'm 6 tommorrow!" He giggles. "Where have you been all this time?" He smiles. "Iv been with you.." I stare into his big blue eyes. "You lived with my step brothers the whole time?" He nods like a goof. "where abouts in the house?"

"The room you were always told not to go in." It all makes sense now my step brothers told me my son was dead! I had to trust then because I wasn't aloud to leave the house."Why did I sometimes hear screaming and crying what did they do to you?" I shake my head. "Did you seriously hear it?" He nods again like a goof. "I'll tell you when you get a little older." I hold his hand and take him down the stairs to meet the boys. "Guys this is my son Alex he is six tomorrow and yeh." They all greet Alex except for Niall. Niall picks him up and takes him to the couch. "Hello Alex, I'm Niall I love your mummy very much I think we will get along really well." He smiles and hugs Niall. Me and Niall sit on the couch with Alex. "How did you get here?"

"Im not telling." He laughs. I shrug and move on to the next question. "So what kinds things did you hear?" His eyes go sad. "I heard you screaming and crying, I heard you shouting a few days ago at uncle David because he made you presgarnt and other scary stuff." I look at Niall. "Did you get the tests?" He nods. "Go into your bathroom I'll take you to their house to tell them if it's positive." I walk up stairs to my bathroom.

**15 minutes later**

All 3 of them are positive. "NIALL!!" He comes sprinting up stairs I have tears in my eyes. I put my head down and he hugs me. "It's okay let's go now." I don't think it's a good idea. I'm back at the door again I take a deep breath and knock. I hold onto Niall short so I don't get pulled in again. The front door opens David stares at me. "David, there's something you need to know." He smirks. "Did I get you pregnant honey?"

"Yes you need to help with the baby it's your fault." He shakes his head and smiles. "No can do sweetheart I need to find another bitch to fuck." He winks at me with the smiles still on his face. "Excuse me? You know what I'm actually gonna speak up for myself. You raped me and you gave me a son when I was 15 when he was 1 you took him away and said he died. He's at my house right now bitch fucker. Guess what in pregnant again it's your child so you're gonna help me raise it!" I shout at him. He looks at me and laughs. "So you do talk? I thought you just screamed and cried." My mouth opens. "I hate you!" He punches me in the tummy. Niall jumps in front of me. "you pussy you just hit the young lady carrying your child." He shouts at David. "So what I want it to die!" I start to cry. "Niall let's just go if I let David help with the baby he'll probably just teach him sexual harassment until he's a teenager then he'll teach him rape!" I say and get louder towards the end. Me and Niall walk to the car. I rub my tummy. "I'll find you a daddy." I whisper so only me and the baby could hear. "Jade?" I look up from my tummy still rubbing it. "Yes?"

"I know it's a hard time for you but would you like to go out for dinner tonight?" He looks at me nervous. "Sure, who will look after Alex?" He laughs. "Liam will he's really mature." Well I'm going on a date with Niall tonight I can't wait. "What should I wear?"

"Wear something fancy, you might wanna ask Louis he's like amazing with fashion! I'm not" we giggle. Before we knew it we were at home and there's an hour till our date. "LOUIS!" I shout. He come running into my room. "Hey slow down I just wanted to ask you something!" I giggle. "Yes?"

"Well apparently you know a lot about style so can you please help me get ready for my date with Niall?"

"Sure girl!" He pulls out this pink dress it wasn't a dark or a light colour it was in the middle then he pulls out these really pretty white heels. I shoo him out of the room and he waits out side the door and I put it on I admire my self in the mirror. "How's it going?" I snap out of my thoughts. "Oh yeh haha come in." He walks in and his jaw drops. "Wow you look amazing girl! Now get down those stairs Niall's waiting!" I hug him. "Id love to be a good friends of yours." I whispers in his ear and pull away from the hug. I walk down stairs and out the grit door to Niall car he's leaning against his car. "Wow, jade you look amazing!"

"Awh thanks!" I kiss him on the cheek and he opens the pass anger seat door for me, I get in and he winks. He closes the door and gets in. "So where are we going?"

"You'll see" two minutes later we pull up at nandos. "Have you been here before?" I shake my head. "How could you of not been here before?"

"Locked up in a house for my life I haven even been to the shops before I got home schooled by dad and my step brothers taught me about sex." Niall looks down. "Okay, sorry.."

"It's okay let's just go in!" I laugh. He go in and stuff about 15 minutes later we are eating and Niall says.. "You know this is my favourite restaurant."

"Same here." He giggles. "It's because it's the only restaurant you've tried silly." We both laugh and joke around until it's time to go. When we get home Liam has put my little angel to sleep in the spare room. I hug Liam and me and Niall walk to my bedroom. "Well goodnight Jade"

"Good night Niall, sweet dreams." I stare into his beautiful blue eyes. I think I love Niall. Once Iv got ready for bed and stuff I get into bed and lie there I had an amazing date with Niall. "Hello love can I come in?"

"Sure." He slips into my bed I turn to face him we smile. He kisses my lips for 5 seconds and we pull away. "I love you Jade" he whispers. "I love you to." I whisper and we fall asleep together in peace.

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