Saving you

Jade lives with her 2 stepbrothers and her father. They've been raping her since she was young. One night Jade runs away to meet her friend but she gets persuaded to come home with 5 mysterious guys. Will Jade get out or will she stay?


13. saving you

Jades POV

It's been a week since that whole fight thing and I'm getting ready for bed right now. "Jade me and the boys are going to nandos wanna come?"

"Nah I don't really feel like eating, thanks I'll stay here." I give Niall a smile and continue getting dressed. "Okay bye babe!" He kisses my forehead and walks out. I slip into bed as soon as all the boys leave. I close my eyes. My life is amazing right now. My thoughts are interrupted when someone yanks me out of bed by my hair. "Ouch what the fuck? Who is that!" I say annoyed. "Shut the fuck up!" He hits my head and every thing goes black. I wake up on a green sofa. I get off the sofa and walk around. I smell someone cooking so I walk into the kitchen. "Oh you're up honey! Here." He hands me some bacon and eggs he cooked. Oh you're guessing who kidnapped me last night? It's wS Cody. "Why did you kidnap me?"

"Because you're my girl!" He smirks and I roll my eyes.

Niall's POV

Me and are boys have been out all night looking for Jade. Louis, Liam and Alex stayed home incase she came home and me, Zayn and Harry went on the streets looking. "I can't believe we haven't found her yet!" I cry. "Yeah I know.." Zayn puts his arm around me. "The worst thing is she left her phone at home so we can't track her!" Harry cries. Ring ring. "Hello?"

"Hello this is the police come down to the station we have questions to ask!"

"Harry, Zayn we have to go to the police station they need to ask questions..." We all nod and drive to the station. "Hello officers." Harry said smiling. There was one girl and two boy officers. "Hello boys, take a seat." The police woman says and points to seats behind the desk. We sit. "how do you know jade?"

"Okay well there are seven of us living in our house jade, 5 boys our age and her 6 year old son."

"Okay so are any of you related to her?"

"Yes there is a boy back at the house right now his name is liam that's her brother and I'm jades boyfriend." The police think and whisper stuff. "Okay we need you to call down the boys."

"We can't what if Jade comes home while we're gone?"

"We'll send two police officers down into the house!" We all agree and i call Alex,Louis and Liam down. 15 minutes later all the boys walk in. "Hey Alex!" I call him over to sit next to me. "What happened to my mum?" We all look at eachother nervously. The police over sees us being nervous and quickly replied with. "She's gone on a holiday and when you go on holidays your family comes to the police station to answer questions.."

"Oh okay." And then another police walks in. "Alex hi do you want to come okay video games with me with your uncles are in here?"

"Yeah okay, is that alright Niall?" They want to take Alex so he doesn't know the real reason. Damn these cops are smart. "Sure go on Alex." Alex takes the police mans hand and they leave the room. "Okay so Niall you're jades boyfriend. How long have you been together?" Umm.. "We've been together about 3 weeks."

"Okay and are any of you related to her besides Liam and Alex?" We all shake our heads as in no. "Oh wait, she's pregnant with a girl!"

"Okay that's good but that's also bad the baby can get really hurt, also do you have any clue of who would take Jade?"

"Oh yeh there was this guy that came to the door two times. He was named Cody and he loves her and she said she didn't love him back because she used to love him but he broke her heart." Zayn nods a Louis. "Okay, do you have any idea where he lives?"

"No.. I'm sure he lives around here though.." The police officer writes down some stuff. "Okay you can go now, Alex is waiting in the front room." We all nod and thank the officers and walk out. "Hey Alex!" Louis calls. Alex stands up and walks over to Louis. "What do you say to the officer?"

"Thankyou for looking after me!" The police nods his head and smiles. We all walk to our van. "Boys can I talk will liam?" They all nod and walk to the back of the bus."Liam do I have your blessing to marry your sister?"

"Or course you do!"

"Thanks Liam." I hug him and we sit in silence until I breakdown into tears. "I can't believe this has happened I don't get it we were gone for 1 hour!" I shake my head. Liam puts his arm around me. "I know we will find out where he lives though don't worry!" I hug Liam. I just can't believe it I just want this all to be a bad dream but it's not iv been asking Liam to pinch me and he eventually gave up. "Niall it's not a dream it's real I don't want it to be real but I suppose this is life!"

"This is actual shit! When I find him I'm going to hit him 10x more hard than I did to Harry!"

"Niall you love her don't you?" I sigh at the thought of her sleeping next to me. "I love her with all my heart. I'd die for your sister!" I start to cry. "Are you okay bro?" He holds me tight. "I miss her! it's only been less than a day and I can't go one with out her. I just can't take it!"

"You'll get through it I promise!" He try's to cheer me up. It doesn't work I just miss her soo much! "Should we tell her step brothers?" I say in between sobs. "Yes, I think they will help with the case because I think they know him.."

"Oh yeah and don't schools keep records of your house address and your parents numbers?" My face lightens up. "We're going to find her!"

"And there's only one highschool in this area!" My face is now a huge smile. I walk up to Louis who is driving. "Louis we need to go to that highschool!" He nods and doesn't question me. 20 minutes later we reach the highschool it's about 11Am and all the kids are in their classes. All six of us walk into the front office. "Hello, can I help you boys?" This lady stares at us through her glasses. "Yes is there any one named Cody that graduated last year?" I give her a kind smile. She types up on her computer. "Yes there was one, why do you ask?" We ant tell her. "Well it's private it's for the police he has commuted a crime and we need to know if you still have where he lives?" She types on her computer again. "Here you go!" I can't believe she actually gave us the address she wasn't even suspicious. "Thank you soo much you don't know how much it means." I give her a huge smile and a wave and we leave. We hop into our van and head off to his house. I knock at the door and a woman that looks about 35-40 opens the door. "Hello what would you boys like?" She gives us a warm smile. "Umm are you Cody's mum?" She nods still smiling. "Well we need to tell you something." Her smile sorta fades away. Well take a seat she gestures us to the table at the front of her house. We all sit down and so does she. "Okay what wrong.."

"Your son has kidnapped my sister!" She looks at Liam shocked. "Really?" She asked obviously hoping we were joking "Yes where is he?"

"He moved out when he graduated.." She stars shaking and a tear falls down her cheek but she quickly wipes it away. "Have you got his address?"

"Yes." She gives us his address. "Thank you very much!" I do that huge smile and that huge wave. We quickly get into the van and Louis speeds down the street. *sirens* oh shit it's the police. We pull over to the side of the road. "Sir you're going too fast we need to give you a ticket!"

"No no no I have a reason my friend has been kidnapped and we know where she is!" Louis says really quickly. "Okay we'll help you might need to be accompanied because the kidnapper could be dangerous." He nods and the police runs to his car. We all speed down a few streets and finally reach our destination, the devils house.

Jades POV

"Honey, come over here!" I stay where I am. "JADE COME HERE!" I stay where I am. "JADE!" He comes down the stairs. He grabs my hair and pulls me to his room and chucks me on the bed. He somehow slides my top over my head and pulls my pants off. Now I'm only in my bra and undies. "Please don't!" He takes off my bra and smirks. He starts to kiss my lips and then he moves to my jaw. I scream really loudly.

Liam's POV

"Did you hear that?"


"Jade, I think she just screamed. "SHUT UP!" Some one from inside the house screams. "Harry you stay in the car with Alex, Louis Zayn you go around the back with that cop and me and Niall will bust down the door like pros with those two officers." We all nods and run to our places. The police officers break the door down and we get in. "Who down there!" We hear a deep voice shout from upstairs. "HELP IM UP HERE!" Me, Niall and the two cops run upstairs to the room and there's Jade covering up her chest with we hands. I take off my shirt and give it to her because her shirt was no where to be seen. Then I turn around and see Louis sitting on Cody and Niall punching him in the face. "Boys stop!" The two cops shout and handcuff Cody. Then Niall looks over at me and Jade. His eyes open wide and he runs over to Jade. He puts her on his lap. "Jade oh my God you don't know how much I missed you!" He cried and cried and then started crying and she hugged him. "I love you soo much Niall!" She kisses his lips. And pulls away. "OFFICERS CAN I HIT HIM?" She asks and I chuckle sorta. The police officers nod and she kicks him really hard in the stomach and kicks his shin 3 times and walk back to me and Niall.

Niall's POV

About 8 months have passed since that whole kidnapping thing she is soo close to having her baby it's not funny. "THE BABYS COMING!" I hear Harry shout from down stairs. I practically run faster than anything down those stairs until I reached Jade. And there's Harry calming Jade down while she standing next to a puddle of whatever comes out when a lady's water breaks. "BOYS! The baby's coming get in the van!" The boys come rushing out Louis hops in the drivers seat, Alex goes into the passenger seat and the rest of us sit near Jade. "Jade just breath." Harry says calmly. "This is actually soo embarrassing you know!" She screeches. I smile and stroke her hair. Harry continues to tell her to breath and Liam and Zayn are giving her a foot rub. "AGHH!" She's in a lot of pain I'd hate to be a girl. "OWWW!" She screams. We eventually get to the hospital and she gets rushed into a room. 7 and a half hours later we all get called into the room. "Oh my gosh I have a step daughter!" Every one stares at me. I laugh. And get on one knee. "Jade Payne will you marry me and be mine forever?" She starts crying and nodding like a crazy woman. I hug her and put the ring on her finger. "Now she's my step daughter!" I smirk at every one. "Niall she's your real daughter you're her dad because you're my husband to be and David won't be in her life any ways so your names going on the birth certificate." I smile. "Wow I have a daughter this is amazing!" I scream. "Do you want to meet her?" I nod. She hands me the baby. "Meet Alyssa Liam Horan." Liam hugs her. "Awh thanks sis my name is in your daughters name." He kisses her cheek. "What's Alex's middle name?"

"It's Louis." Louis looks at her weird. "But you didn't know me 6 years ago.."

"Yeah I always liked the name and I didn't want to name him after one of my step bothers." He nods and smiles. Then someone enters the hospital room.

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