Saving you

Jade lives with her 2 stepbrothers and her father. They've been raping her since she was young. One night Jade runs away to meet her friend but she gets persuaded to come home with 5 mysterious guys. Will Jade get out or will she stay?


9. of course

I woke up to a small finger poking my nose. It was Alex's obviously. "good morning!" I say in an extremely tired voice. "Good morning mummy." He smiles and looks at Niall who's still sleeping. "Why is he with you?" I look at Niall. "We went out last night and we fell asleep together."

"It's somebody's birthdays today." I hint at Alex. Alex shouts with joy as I hand him his presents and he runs down stairs with them. I'm so happy Niall took me from my old house. I can imagine what would be happening to me right now if I stayed there. "Niall wake up I need to ask you something." I shake his shoulder. I shake it again and finally his eyes open slowly, very slowly. "Yes what is it darlin?"

"How did you get them to let you in?" He giggles. "Well one day me and Harry were in the hospital we saw your two step brothers and Harry was trying to avoid them and I walked up to them and started a conversation they gave me their number and I called them so I could come over and they wanted me to join in so yeah." I look at him weirdly. "Why did you start a conversation with them if you knew they were bad people?" Niall puts on a serious face. "Because we knew we had to save you even if it took a few of years." I hug him and them I realise something. "Why were they in hospital if my son wasn't there?" My eyes widen. "Niall get in the car and drive me to their house." Niall's shakes his head. "No you got hurt last time!" I roll my eyes. "I want to know why they were at hospital!" I snap. "Sorry" I say calmly. "It's okay love." We smile at each other and get dressed. "Guys we're going out for a while we will be back soon." I announce as I kiss Alex on the cheek and walk out with Niall.


Arrived at David and Chris' house and knocked again. I held onto Niall's shirt again so I don't get pulled in. The door opened really really slowly and there's was David and Chris standing at the door. "You're not really gonna have that thing are you?" I felt like shouting again but I didn't I just said. "I am and I will raise it and if you want to see it you can see it." I breathed out. "There's something I want to-" he cut me off. "No I can't be your boyfriend sorry we're step siblings." I look at him evilly. "Why were you guys at the hospital 5 years ago?" He smiles. "I'm glad you asked sweetheart! Come in." I look at Niall he nods and me and Niall's both walk in. I hold Niall's hand and keep squeezing it. David sits down on the couch and so do me and Niall. "Well do you really want to know?" I stare at him blankly. "Der that's why I asked idiot!" He rolls his eyes. "Well your mum died and we had to go to the hospital to visit and shit." He shrugs. "What? my mum died when I was 7!" He laughs. "That was my mum dumb bitch you thought your mum was your step mum and my mum was your real mum?" A tear rolls down my cheek and I quickly wipe it away. "Y-yes I did..."

"I'll be right back I'm gonna give you something.." He walks up the stairs. About 2 minutes later he comes down with a huge box. He puts it on my lap. "Take it home."

"Okay thanks bye." Me and Niall left and I couldn't wait to see what was in the box. David wasn't really ever that bad of a person even though he raped me the most he still is the nicest out of him and Chris. When me and Niall get home I squeal and try to pick up to box. "Can you help me please?" I blush. Niall chuckles and picks up the box and puts it on my bed. He sits down next to me. "Jade?" He says nervously. "Yes Niall?"

"Will you be my girlfriend?" I was soo excited because he was my first boyfriend and I actually love Niall. "Yes, of course!" I hug him. "Shall we open the box now?" I giggle. He nods and we rip the sticky tape of the box and I look inside. It's some of my mums perfumes, pictures of her, contact details for all my family, my birth certificate and a note. The first thing I do is pick up my birth certificate and read it 'Jade Rose Payne' "Niall look it's my real name!"

"JADE oh my gosh!!!" He looks at me shocked. "What?!" I ask because he suddenly freaked out. "You're Liam's sister!" He smiles. How can this be I have no siblings... "LIAM!!!!" He calls really loudly. Liam's comes sprinting up. "Yes?" He hands him my birth certificate and looks and me. "You're my sister!" He squeals and jumps up and down and claps his hands. "Aren't you supposed to be the mature one?" Niall laughs. "Right.." Liam stops celebrating and brushes off his jeans. I cough. The boys look at me. "Should I?" Niall's mouths to Liam trying to hide what he's saying. "Niall can I have a word with you?" Liam pulls him into the cupboard. I continue looking at every thing and I pick up the note.

Dear Jade,

I wrote this note to explain your life to you. I died years ago and I let your father take care of you and I'm sorry iv been watching and I know they've raped you and they will get karma don't worry baby. Your son is not dead darling he's perfectly healthy and well fed he lives in the 'forbidden room' the boys teach him about sex and stuff. See how your father got karma really fast he died:) Chris is next. Oh you're wondering how I wrote the note while I'm dead? Well I'm a ghost I can walk around but no one can see or hear me I can leave objects for you. They call us Alive ghosts only the 'special' families can do this. Only you,Niall and Liam can see these because you guys are family. Yes I called Niall your family because I know you guys are going to get married. Please stop cutting your wrists it's killing me inside. Honey I hope you enjoy life with your new baby by the way it's a girl and she will look like you more than David. You'll be getting more notes seeya baby.

Wow my mum is the awesomest ghost. She's an alive ghost.

Niall's POV

"Are you going out with my sister?"

"Yes.." Liam puts on that face he does when he's going to tell you something extremely serious. "Look you're like a brother to my but if you ever hurt her I will kill you!" I look down and look into his eyes. "I'd never hurt her I will never let any thing bad happen to her again she's my beautiful angel and I love her." I blush. Liam squints at me and hugs me. "Thanks I know I can always trust you just look out for Harry." And he walks out of the cupboard and out of the room. I lay down next to Jade on the bed. "I love you, you know!" I blush. "I love you to!" We start hugging while lying on our side.

Jades POV

"We can't sleep together tonight because me and Liam are flying to Ireland tonight for my brother Greg's wedding he picked me for the best man and Liam knows his wife to be. We'll be there for about a week okay?"

"Yeh okay sure I don't mind!" I give him a weak smile. "Awesome I'll start packing now I have to leave in an hour.." I don't want Niall to leave because I don't really know Zayn that well, I don't even want to know Harry and well I think Louis is my only friend right now. An hour passed and Niall and Liam are now driving away I watch as the car gets smaller and smaller as it goes down the street. "Jade I think we should all go to bed it's getting late. I put Alex to bed!" Zayn says because iv been sitting on the couch for hours staring at the off tv screen. I'm get up and ignore him. I preceded to my room but he follows me. "Why are you being soo sad I just wanna be your friend.."

"Sorry it's just that I found out Liam was my brother today and Niall and Liam are gone now. I feel like I don't have any one but I have you and Louis and I need to accept it because right now you guys are the only one here for me." He puts his arm around me and we sit on my bed and we're talking and joking around for hours until Louis walks in and sits on the bed with us. "What are you lads talking about?" I put my hand on my hips and jokingly say. "I'm not a lad!"

"Oh sorry love.." The 3 of us stay up nearly all night but I can't remember falling asleep when I wake up I'm in between those two and they have their arms around me so I'm in a sandwich.

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