Saving you

Jade lives with her 2 stepbrothers and her father. They've been raping her since she was young. One night Jade runs away to meet her friend but she gets persuaded to come home with 5 mysterious guys. Will Jade get out or will she stay?


39. I'm sorry if I say I need ya.

Jades POV

It's been 3 months since Harry has left and it's been terrible!! Louis is miserable, Kerry is having a hard time with Darcy and I'm secretly missing him. I don't know why but every thing about him seemed soo. Perfect. I love Harry Edward Styles. Ring ring. "Hello?" It's weird I don't normally get calls from randoms. "Hello is this Jade?" I know who that is id recognise it any where. "Harry?"

"Yeah it's me."

"I missed you soo much!" I hear him cry. "Awh same I missed you as well! How is every thing?"

"Good how about you guys?"

"Weellll now that you ask.. Louis is miserable, Kerry is having a hard time with Darcy and I-"

"And you what?"

"Nothing.." I sigh. "Where'd you move to?"

"I moved in with these weird 19 year old girls." He says sadly. "How are they weird?"

"They're like really flirty and stuff."

"Oh okay..." This awkward silence come upon us. "Jade please we can start our own family!! Leave Alex, Alyssa and Dearbhail with Niall and we can leave the country and get married!" I start to cry. "Harry I can't do that I love Niall, Alex, Alyssa and Dearbhail and the rest of the people I live with! I can't start a family with you and just leave them behind like that!" I continue crying. "Please Jade?"


"Just open the front door then!" I roll my eyes and open the door and there stands Harry with tears all over his face. "LOUIS! Someone's here to see you!" I shout and Louis walks slowly down the stairs with a miserable look on his face. "What!" He looks up and squeals, "HARRY!! Is that Harry fucking Styles?"

"yes go hug your brother!" They hug each other for a looong time. "Harry please move back in!!" Louis starts crying. And Kerry walked into the kitchen she didn't see Harry but Harry saw her and he bolted to her. "KERRY!"

"Harry?" She looks at him sad. "Look before you walk away.. I still love you soo much please forgive me and take me back I love you more than anyone in the whole entire world and id die for you!"

"Harry I don't know!" She starts to cry and by now her literally on his knees begging her. "Fine! I love you to." She helps him up and starts kissing him. "Get a room!" Liam walks in and laughs then he stops dead in his tracks and looks back and Harry and Kerry are having a make out session. "Is that Harry?" We all nod. And then every one comes down stairs because it's lunch they're all joking around and stop at Kerry and Harry. "Yes it's Harry." Niall comes and puts his arms around my waist. "Can we talk?" I whisper in his ear. "Me and Jade are just going to get Alex." We walk out. "Yeah?"

"Never mind let's just get Alex." I walk to Alex's room and decide to get all the kids. Once every one was ready for lunch we sat down and ate it. Niall was looking at me in the corner of his eye while he was eating. "I'm not hungry." I smile weakly and walk to me and Niall's room. I lock the door and walk to the bathroom and lock it. I love Niall soo much and id pretty much do any thing for him except make him a sandwich because he wants one every 10 minutes. I also love Harry soo much and I want Niall but I just can't stop loving Harry.. NO I LOVE NIALL JAMES HORAN AND ILL NEVER STOP! But I also love Harry and I start crying for hours I'm sitting and then I stop because I hear a weird noise out side of the door Niall's sitting on the other side of the door and do you know how I know? I can hear him chewing on his food. "Niall I know you're there."

"Fuck.." He whispers. "I heard that!"

"Can I come in?"

"No Niall I don't know what the fuck's wrong with me.."

"Nothing is wrong with you!" I keep crying. "I heard what you said about me and Harry I do not want a sandwich every 10 minutes." I said it out loud! WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH ME?"yes you do!" "Are you mad with me?" He sighs behind the door. "I guess not because he's sorta made you."

"Look I can tell in your voice you're angry maybe you'd be better off without me then?"


"Yes!" I get up and reach in the cupboard for a white container saying sleeping pills, helping you sleeping since 1999. I roll my eyes at the crappy bottle and I smile at what's inside. I pour half the bottle in my hand and then it's like soo close to my mouth when I drop them almost like something hit my hand. "Mum are you there? Why'd you hit my hand?" No answer. And then Niall busts through the door and he looks at me then at the floor the sleeping pills are all over the floor. I look at him and then I fall to the ground and start crying.

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