Saving you

Jade lives with her 2 stepbrothers and her father. They've been raping her since she was young. One night Jade runs away to meet her friend but she gets persuaded to come home with 5 mysterious guys. Will Jade get out or will she stay?


3. I'm not hungry

Niall's POV

"Niall where are you lad?" I here Louis in my room and then he walks up to Jades room stands in the doorway. He chuckles and walks away. She opens her eyes slowly and smiles. "Morning"

"Hello" haha I love how she says hello instead of good morning. We lie in bed for a while and get up. Louis made breakfast for us! I pull out her chair for her and push it back in and sit down. Louis serves her. She picks up her bacon and takes a bite. "I'm not hungry." She gets up and goes up stairs. I stand up and take my food with me to her room. She's in tears curled into a ball in the corner. I drop my food and run over to her. "What's wrong?" I put her on my lap. She just keeps crying. "Why are you crying?" 30 seconds pass and she finally talks. "I can't eat food I'm too fat!" My eyes widen. "You're beautiful! You're not fat you're like me we eat and don't gain a pound."

"I'm not beautiful I'm an ugly whore see." She holds out her wrist and in scars it says ugly whore. A tears rolls down my cheek. "Jade you are not an u-ugly whore. You are perfect. I-I love you."

Jades POV

"I-I love you" Oh my God I love him as well. "Niall, I love you to." I hug him. "Why did you cut?" He whispers. I pull out of the hug. "I don't know..."

"There has to be a reason." I sigh

"Okay you know how my brothers and my dad raped me?" He nods. "Well I had enough last year because they starved me because I wasn't her enough to rape so I only got dinner and a little snack during the day.... I got really depressed because no matter how skinny I was they said I was still ugly so I cut 'ugly whore' Into my arm." Niall hugged me really tight. "I'm really sorry I couldn't imagine eating so little..."

"What else did they do?" I don't think I can fully trust him yet. "I don't wanna talk about it." I get off his lap and walk into my bathroom and close the door I don't lock it though. Don't worry I'm not cutting... I get into the shower but don't bother taking off my clothes I just sit in the freezing cold shower crying and shivering. The memories are traumatising.I think of the last time I got raped.

**flash back**

"JADE COME HERE!" I was sitting in my room listening to music when I hear my pathetic step brother calling me. I roll my eyes and walk into his room. "Yes sexy?" I have to call him sexy his real name is Chris. I have to call my 2nd eldest brother hottie but his real name is David. I have to call my father sugar babe. Eww. "Oh hello sex buddy" you mean rape buddy? "Come closer to me." I mentally roll my eyes and take a step closer. "CLOSER!" I take a few steps so I'm about 2CM away from him. He raises one eyebrow. David walk it and smacks my butt. I look at him and he smirks and walks into the bathroom to take a shower. 5 minutes later Chris is already trying to rape me and undo my bra. Chris walks out of the bathroom with a loose towel around his waist OMG so got I mean he's not my real brother.. "Oh do you need help?" He walks up to Chris and helps him undo my bra. I scream as my bra slips off. I put my arm side ways over my boobs big mistake it made then look bigger David looks at them with wide eyes and a smirk. He then pushes Chris out of the room and locks the door. "Nice." He continues smirking. Once he's done with his business they always say the same thing. "Don't tell a soul or we will punish you really bad." he chucks my clothes at me and leaves me to cry.

**end of flash back**

I burst into tears thinking about the memorie and bury my head in my knees. I'm freezing but I deserve it. "Jade are you okay?" I hear Niall from behind the door. I don't answer so he opens the door. He doesn't say a word he hops in the shower and sits down next to me. (With his clothes on of course) he puts his arm around. "I'm here for you." He's such a caring person but he doesn't know me that well he can't be there for me. I move away from him a little bit. "Please tell me what they did to you"

"I-I can't." I stand up and get out. Niall finally leaves me alone I get time to my self. I'm getting out of here as much as u hate to say this but I have to get home.

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