Saving you

Jade lives with her 2 stepbrothers and her father. They've been raping her since she was young. One night Jade runs away to meet her friend but she gets persuaded to come home with 5 mysterious guys. Will Jade get out or will she stay?



'Knock knock knock'

"Guys wake up someone's at the door!" I shake the and Louis immediately wakes up and opens the door. "Heyy..." I walks up behind Louis ,stand behind him and poke my head out from the side of his arm. It's... Cody. "Hi I'm Cody I heard that Jade lives here and I need to talk to her.." I whisper so only Louis can hear me. "No ,no ,no I don't live here."

"No sorry lad she doesn't live here..." He looks at Louis strangely. "Jade I can see you, you know." And I run upstairs and screamed in my pillow. "Are you gonna put some clothes on?" Zayn looks away. "Nope I'm staying like this until I feel like going for a shower! Can you make breakfast pleasee?"

"Fineeee" he whines and starts walking out. Louis walks in. "Who was he?"

"I'll tell you tonight!" I say and laugh because we all slept half naked together. I slept in a short top and spandex shorts and Louis and Zayn slept I their boxers and no top... But Zayn had a top on I don't know why it's kinda weird he always wants to wear a top. "Are you gonna get dressed?" I put my hands on my hips. "If you guys can walk around like that I can walk around like this!" I flick my hair in his face and jokingly strut away. "BREAKFAST!!" I run down stairs to the table and sit next to my son. Zayn is an amazing cook I could eat his food all day but I'm too fat to do that. (Jade is actually the size of a model she's really short and extremely skinny and she says she's fat) "I'm done!" Alex shouts and runs up to his room. He's been obsessed with this soccer ball Niall got him for his birthday. I was about to get up when Zayn and Louis pulled my arm. "No, sit down we need to talk to you!" I sit down and stare at them. "You need to eat more you're killing yourself!" Zayn says really seriously. "I can't!" I lift up my shirt and stop so they can see my tummy. "Look at the fat!" I shout. "You're not fat you're beautiful and I can't believe you think you're fat look at your self you're nearly anorexic!" Louis says softly. "I'm not nearly anorexic!" I snap. Then Harry steps into the room. I forgot that Harry was here. "Please just eat more food." Harry says sadly. "No I'll get fat!"

"If you don't eat we will make you!" Harry shouts. "Don't shout at me you dick head!" I shout in his face, knock over the chair and run up to my room. There was a note on my bed with a diary. I picked up the note.

To dearest Jade,

Hi iv noticed you haven't been cutting that much. Well I got you a diary so instead of writing words into your skin put them on paper put the date and write how you feel honey.Also iv noticed the whole starvation thing why are you doing this it's silly look at your self it's not pretty being that skinny and judging how the boys you're living with are acting I don't actually thing they care about how you look or your weight. They love you for who you are. EAT!!!

Bye my darling daughter.

Harry's POV

"I'm going to say sorry.."

"I don't think you should go up there.." Louis says softly. "I have to!" I run upstairs and reach her locked door and I knock. "Who is it!" She shouts. "It's me... Harry." Please open the door please open the door.... "Harry!!" She runs out and hugs me, her head goes into my neck. "I'm soo sorry for shouting at you and knocking over the chair." She whispers. "I'm sorry as well I just don't want you to die of hunger..." I whisper back. "Okay I'll eat 50% more than I normally do." She whispers. "Thankyou Jade." Ring ring. She pulls away. "Oh it's Niall!" She answers the call. "hi Niall how's Ireland?" She puts it on speaker. "It's awesome I got to see all my family and old friends and Greg's wedding is tomorrow! I'll be back on the day after tomorrow!"

"Oh that's good I can't wait to see you! I'm with Harry right now. Say hi Harry!" I do as I'm told. "Hi Niall!" Niall giggles. "Heyy Haz don't try any thing on my girlfriend please!" Jade laughs. "Niall stop it!" She says and laughs. "Okay well I gotta go I'll call you tomorrow babe!" I got so jealous when Niall called her babe. "Seeya hun, love you!" She loves him what the fuck! "I love you to byee."

"Okay byee haha!" She hangs up.

Jades POV

Well I just got off the phone with Niall and I really needed to vomit so I ran to the bathroom and vomited in the toilet. "Woah are you okay?" Harry runs to me. "Yes." I hold my tummy. "Haha are you pregnant or something?" He laughs at his joke. "Actually yes I am!" He stops smiling and his eyes widen. "You're pregnant? WHOS CHILD IS IT!!"

"David, my step brother.." A tear rolls down his cheek. "I'm soo sorry.." I hug him. "It's not your fault it's mine for going back there." He hugs me back and we just start randomly crying. He's such an emotional person. "It's a girl.... I'm thinking Sydney?"

"I love that name it's beautiful I was going to call my daughter that but I'll call mine Darcy.."

"Okay hahaha Darcy's a cute name!" I pull away from the hug. He leans in to kiss me and I push him against the wall. "Harry remember what happened last time?" I walk out and sit on my bed with my diary.

March 26 2013

Dear diary,

Harry tried to kiss me today but I pushes him away I can't do that he kissed me a few days back it was gross. I'm pregnant with my daughter I think I'm going to call her Sydney I wish I was pregnant with Niall's child instead.. I miss Niall so much it hurts but I'm really happy I have Zayn and Louis they can talk to me without kissing me or trying any thing. Any ways I'm going to stop writing now.

Still jades POV

Yeah I pretty much spent the whole day in my room looking at all the stuff I got in my box. It was obviously night time ready because Louis and Zayn came in to talk. "Hey jade!" They came in and sat on my bed. "So who was that guy at the door?" Louis looks at me. "That was my old best friend I said I liked him and he said he had a girlfriend and I ran into that alley way and I suppose that's where I got taken by you guys.."

"Oh wow!" I nod. "Wait what did he say once I ran off?"

"He said that he's coming tomorrow at 10 to talk about something.." I roll my eyes. "I don't want to see him ever again can you pretend I moved out? Pleeeasee?"

"Okay!" He smiles warmly. And we turn to Zayn. "Soooo have you got a girlfriend." I laugh and elbow Zayns arm lightly. "Yes, her name's Perrie!"

"Really can I see a picture of her?" He nods and flicks through the photos on his phone and holds up one of him and this blonde girl with lots of makeup. "She's beautiful!" I squeal. "Yeah I know she is!" We continue to talk again and fall asleep together. I love this. Knock Knock. "SHIT! Zayn Louis! wake up!" Louis shoots up. "What!?"

"He's at the door!" Louis gets up slowly and puts on a top. "Wait. I'll answer it."

"Can I come with you?" I nod and we walk to the door. "Hi..." I look down. "Hi, can I come in?"

"No.." I look back up at Cody. "Look I'm sorry! I dumped her a week after you ran away from me.."

"we aren't friends any more! I don't care about you!" I shout in his face. Holding back tears. "But I love you.." Tears start to run down his face.

"I don't love you though. I have a boyfriend and I love him more than I ever loved you!" I slammed the door in his face. And ran upstairs into my bathroom. I lock the door and sit on the floor. "I love Niall,I love Niall, I love Niall." I repeated to myself over and over again. There's a little knock on my bathroom door. "What?"

"Can we come in?"

"No you can't!" I shout. "Please we want to talk to you!" Louis says quietly. I open the door. "About what?" They sit on both sides of me. "Look you have been acting strange lately what's wrong?" Oh they don't know about my pregnancy. "I'm pregnant with a girl.." They stare at me puzzled. "Who's baby is it?"

"My step brother David's.."

"Well then.." If gets awkward and then turns into silence. "Can I feel your tummy?" Louis asks. "Sure." I pull my top up so you can see my tummy. "Hello baby!" He starts rubbing my tummy.

Niall's POV

It's 8:30 in the morning and me and Liam are finally home "I'm gonna go check on Jade." I whisper to Liam because every ones probably still sleeping. I walk into me and jades room. She's not in the bed. My heart sinks where is she? I check in the closet and then I check the bathroom and I see Jade, Louis and Zayn in the bathroom sleeping like little children wrapped in each others arms. Jades mascara is running down her face she looks like she's been crying... Jades eyes slowly open. "Hi darling why are you in the bathroom?" She looks at me and slowly slips out of the boys arms and stands up. We walk into the bathroom and sit on our bed "I ran up to the bath room and the boys followed me." I look away. "Is there something you're not telling me?" I look at my hand while I fiddle with them. "Well that guy I used to like came to the door and I told him to go away and that's why I ran up to the bathroom.. I had fun with Louis and Zayn though." I smile.She smiles. "What about Harry where was he?"

"Okay I need to tell you something's else.." I stare at her. "Well we were all sitting at the table eating breakfast and Alex went upstairs to play with that soccer ball you got him and I was about to leave the table when Zayn and Louis said to sit down and they were telling me I need to eat more and stuff like that and then Harry comes in and starts telling me I'm beautiful and he shouts at me and then I shout at him and he came to my room and said sorry and we hugged and then you called and stuff and then after the phone call I ran to the bathroom to vomit and he found out about the baby and then he leaned into kiss me and I pushed him away and ran into my room..." My face went red with anger instood up and started walking out of our room. She followed me and I stood at Harry's door and opened it. She stood behind me. "HARRY GET THE FUCK UP NOW! I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!" I shout at Harry. Harry shoots up. "What did I do?"

"You tried to kiss Jade!" I jump on him and start punching him. Liam runs into the room and kicks me off him. Then Zayn runs in. "OY! Knock it off!" Zayn yells. Then Louis walks I rubbing his eyes. And he sees me punching Harry and flips out. "OY what are you doing!" He punches me in the head then Liam and Zayn pull us 3 apart. "Look what you've done boys!" We all stop and look at Jade rolled Ito a ball rocking forwards and backwards. "Oh my gosh Jade!" I run up to her and put her on my lap. "I'm so sorry baby I was just trying protecting you.." She throws her arms around me. "I love you." She whispers.

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